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Are You Ready? (A Nasty Friday Guest Post)
  • August 31, 2012

    This week my homegirl @JustLissen graces with a Nasty Friday guest post. Let's all thank the non-pregnant folks out there who are still fucking and want to write ...

  • August 10, 2012

    The homie @_chunk_ is blessing us today with a Nasty Friday guest post because my pregnant ass is too tired to even think about fucking. Enjoy!

    That Time I Fucked Him Deaf
  • June 6, 2012

    By special request from @GoldieDuVall, Nasty Fridays comes to Wednesday. Hope this helps you guys over the hump day.

    Adventures in BDSM (The Return of Nasty Friday)
  • June 1, 2012

    Disclaimer: I'm a good girl who doesn't talk about her sex life (anymore) . Because it's private. So let's just assume for the sake of argument that none of what I'm ...

  • February 10, 2012

    I've always been a girl who likes to be free. A lone wolf, a rolling stone, a bird that can't be tamed. Ever true to my indecisive Libra nature, I need options in ...

    The Acrobatic Fuck
  • February 3, 2012

    You've been circling each other for months. Both attracted, both eager to fuck, but neither one in a rush. You know it's going to happen when the time is right. You ...