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If there's one thing that is definitely true about me it's this: I'm a fucking weirdo. Anyone who knows me or has spent any amount of time with me knows this. And while I'd love to be a smooth, sleek, calm, non-hyper normal person, at this point in life I've resigned myself to the little peccadilloes that make me me. So today we celebrate idiosyncrasies - mine and hopefully yours.

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The LDR ain't for everybody. I think I was born to be in one - boo'd up though I may be, I'm still a lone wolf and I relish the space I get. Being far away from your SO makes for a kind of clarity that you don't always get when you're in the thick of your relationship. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make it easier to cheat - if anything it makes it harder. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, my LDR works for me.

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But when it comes to Christmas, I am firmly Trini. Because we just do Christmas better than everyone else. And since most of you will probably never experience the singular joy of a Trini Christmas, today I'm going to give you a taste of what a Trini Christmas is like.

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Fucking Up


So yeah, Max is failing at life these days. It happens - it's not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. And I'm okay with that. It's just so tiring sometimes being on top of things. I am so tired! It takes so much work and energy to be a functioning adult and right now I am just burned the fuck out.

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In the last two years I've taken more pleasure trips than I've taken in my entire adulthood. And I've only been on like 4. And while I won't say that I've learned to love travelling and appreciate broadening my horizons, I will say that it's not as horrific as I previously thought it was. And because I've learned to not detest travelling, my pie in the sky list of travel destinations has come to seem a lot less lofty. And since I like nothing more than sharing my randomness with you, I thought I'd share with you some of the random ass places I'd like to visit (or re-visit) in the near future.

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Under normal circumstances, I'm a watch no face kinda girl. I'm not one to covet what anyone else has because I have no idea what they did to get it. But ever since I got my little workout groove on I've had a serious case of body envy. Despite the fact that it's utterly ridiculous for a normal person (well, kinda normal) to try to achieve the fitness results of celebrities who have all the time and resources in the world at their disposal, there are just some women whose bodies I would like to snatch and invade.

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I don't believe in permanence. Call is learning from past experience, call it pessimism, call it yet another example of my craziness, but I just don't ever expect anything in life to last. Whether it's a perm in my hair or a friendship or a job, I never go into anything thinking it's going to last the test of time. Even while I'm in the situation and enjoying it, a small part of my brain is looking ahead to life after it's over, because I just know it's not going to be there forever.

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Way back when Purple Rain came out, my sisters and I went apeshit over the song When Doves Cry. I remember a day when the three of us were pissed at our mum for something, and we all crowded together in my older sisters room to bitch about it. My sister Marisa put on her Purple Rain LP and we started singing. And when we got to the line "maybe I'm just like my mother/she's never satisfied" we screamed it at the top of our lungs. We did this over and over until Mummy burst through the door and slapped the needle off the record and told us off. She knew we were singing about her and she was not happy.

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What else do you do on a birthday?

Here's what a typical day in the life of max looks like: I wake up, suck down a bottle of water, and head for my laptop. I check out what's going on in the world: Twitter,, and I shower, deal with my hair, and come back and check the weather online. I get dressed and head for work; tweeting or foursquare'ing my whereabouts along the way.

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