Until fairly recently, I wasn’t much in to travelling. As a matter of fact, I’ve been fervently anti-travelling. I’m a creature of habit and a big sucky baby when forced to deviat...


Don’t Call Me Baby (Remix)

Last night, after making a valiant attempt to write a post called “Tunde: 600 Words of Awesome”, I had an urge to write a post about pet names. As those of you who know me in real life ...


What You Won’t Do for Love


The other day during a lovely chat, Mr. Max mentioned that he wanted to get a Bottom Bitch Theory t-shirt. For t...


Ask Max: I Don’t Know What He Does

Ask Max is my weekly advice column where I respond to readers’ sex, dating, and relationship questions and the max-logic fam weighs in with their own advice. If you have a question that you n...



Come with me. I want to take you on a journey. A journey to a place where sex is free of encumbrances. Where all you need is a dick and a pussy and a dirty mind.