Fucking Like a Grown Up

Last post before the holidays and I should be thanking you guys for a great year, wishing you a warm holiday season with your family, or remembering the reason for the season and all that nice stuf...


Shit Girls Say”

I’m not much of a YouTube watcher. Although much of my professional decisions are made based on the univer...


Trini Christmas Is De Bes


Ask Max: All About Oral Sex

Ask Max is my weekly advice column where I respond to readers’ sex, dating, and relationship questions and the max-logic fam weighs in with their own advice. If you have a question that you n...


How Not to Cheat

As you guys know, I’m often asked for advice. It’s one of my favourite things about being a blogger. Whether it’s dealing with bitchy family members to overcoming shyness to how t...


If It’s Broke, Fix It

The great thing about being in a relationship is being able to share our feelings with our partner. Be it good, bad, or ugly – having someone in your corner means having someone in whom we ca...