You can blame @Streetztalk for this. I was doing an alright job of sitting things out until he posted this week that he was accepting the challenge. And something about  the way he described it…as a rebirth, a reboot, a renewed commitment (go read his day 1 post. It’s dope.) that made me want to do it…because that is exactly what I and this blog need. Then @BrazenlyVirile threw his hat in the ring and it was a wrap.

So here I am. Attempting to get back in the saddle of writing regularly. Am I going to post daily for 30 days straight? Nope. I’m taking weekends off because I am old and tired and with child (hey did anyone notice some ignorant dude commented that he hopes I’m giving my babies up for adoption because I’m a “loose” woman and the world doesn’t need another baby mama? He was blacklisted with a quickness). But I will post Monday to Friday for a month.  Some of the posts might be shitty, lots of them will be about pregnancy, but hopefully after that we’ll have found our groove together and I’ll get back into some kind of regular schedule. I miss writing and I miss my readers.

And yes, I know I always say this shit and nothing changes. But I always mean it!

So to kick things off, because the 3rd anniversary of this blog came and went and was forgotten by all (including myself), I’m going to give you guys a retrospect of some of my favourite posts over the years. Hopefully that will have us all waxing nostalgic for the good old days of max-logic and get us ready for the good new days to come.

Ew that was corny, wasn’t it? Blame the hormones.

Talking to You and Hearing You Answer

The title of this post gives me the warm and fuzzies because I absolutely love the line it came from. And the two men that it’s about are two of my favourite people ever.

The Zipless Fuck

I had to school my girl yesterday on the dopeness that is Fear of Flying by Erica Jong. If you haven’t read it, get your life in order and then come back and read this post that was inspired by the book.

Don’t Do Boyfriend Shit

There are sooooo many #shotsfired in this post I laugh my ass off every time I read it. There are even shots against myself in there!

Eff Yo Video Game

The mens weren’t feeling me too tough after this post, but I still maintain my stance – get your house in order BEFORE you turn on COD and you’ll have a happy life.

The Biggest Panty Meat Move Ever

I just love the expression Panty Meat. And I thank @emti for introducing it to me.

Subliminal Questions, Failed Tests, and Non-Answers

This was inspired by a real-life back and forth with a man I consider to be pretty intelligent and I’m still salty that he didn’t see my point. I’m right though. Of course I’m right.

Max & The Corny Dudes

I love these stories. I still cringe inside every time I think about those goddamned Jesus sandals. That’s it! Who’s ready for day 2? I am!

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  1. StreetzTalk says:

    LOL… Sorry?

    Good luck max. Write out posts in advance if you need help. It works.

    Its made me like writing again… Great challenge!

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