She called her boyfriend.

He answered.

Him: Hey.

Her: Hey, whaddup?

Him: Fuckin.

Her: Yeah right.

[insert muffled screams, and her subsequently wet panties]

Her: oh. Oh. OH.

Him: You should cum come.

Her: Errrrr. Wait. Huh?

Him: You know the address.


She could make up all kinds of excuses for why she was considering going… but none would be as true as because she’s a freak.

She sat in her car for what seemed like hours… waiting… gathering her nerve… wringing sweaty hands.

Finally, there was no more waffling she was willing to do… she was either going to go see this, or she wasn’t.

She walked up his stairs.

The door was cracked.

She could hear a thwacking sound.

She took 2 steps inside the apartment and looked to her right.

There she was, his lover, on her hands and knees on a mattress set on the floor, face to the wall… yelping every three or four thrusts.

There he was, his hands on either side of her hips, pounding his dick into her, a sweaty thwack every time pelvis met ass.

He looked up.

They locked eyes.

He kept pace.

Her eyes widened, and her hand flew to her mouth as she watched him pound his lover over and over and over again.

He picked up the pace, never taking his eyes off of her, standing there, shocked.

It was one thing to know he had a lover on the side… it was another thing entirely to watch him fuck that lover 10 feet away from her.

But she never looked away… she rarely even blinked.

His lover began to moan…

That was the first time she ever looked at the woman’s face; there was such ecstasy there… painful ecstasy. The woman tried to put one hand on the wall, leverage she supposed. But he smacked her hard on the ass, causing her to jump and quickly take it down… trained, she seemed.

His lover began to shiver, her voice ascending from contralto to soprano and she began to pull away, body apparently sensitive post orgasm.

But his eyes were still on her… his girlfriend.

“D!” His lover screamed.

He snickered and began to pull out slowly… inch by inch… all nine… plus a half inch more for good measure.

His lover flopped over onto her back and exhaled, still not noticing his girlfriend had arrived.

He got up and walked over to her, dick hard and swinging like Tarzan in the free jungle.

He held out his hand for hers.

She looked at it, and then up at him, and finally shook her head “no.”

He left it hanging out there, and said, “You don’t trust me?”

His lover startled at the sound of his voice and turned to face them, seeing her for the first time. She smiled brightly.

That was enough to allow her to accept his hand, and he led her across the hall to the bedroom.

He stood her in front of an over sized chair in the corner and started to remove her clothes.

She stopped him.

“I gotchu, relax.”

She closed her eyes and stepped out of her flats. She stood there as he removed her pants and her panties.

He threw a towel on the chair and told her to sit.

She did not attempt to disagree, there half naked and vulnerable.

He walked back over to his lover, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed, and she began giving the most intense oral his girlfriend had ever seen.

He chuckled and rubbed his hands through her hair while she ducked in and out of his pelvis with the rhythm of a Janet Jackson rhythm nation dancer circa 1989.

He let his head fall back, moaning without parting his lips at all. Stifled moans. Manly moans. He was the picture of perfect posture, still and composed, albeit leaning slightly backward.

Seeing her man’s body there, naked, strong, big… being served by another woman…

Turned her completely on.

Suddenly she understood why he had taken her bottoms off.

Her fingers found their way between her legs and she inserted her middle finger into her vagina, hooked it a little and pulled cum down to use against her clit.

In slow, wet circles she rubbed herself until the scene in front of her was only a blur… an out of focus porno she was watching.

Through hazy eyes she saw him look at her and smile approvingly. She moaned.

He grabbed his lover by her hair and pulled her head away from him, slowly. He gently rocked her so she was on her back on the bed. He got on his knees, grabbed her legs with his hands behind her knees, then flexed her legs back and wide open.

Between her thighs went his face, his chin and cheeks disappearing and reappearing just as rhythmically as she had bobbed on his dick. She, however, was not as composed as he had been- she tried to scoot back often… she writhed in pleasure, called out to someone who must have been her Jesus.

He did not relent. He flicked his tongue against her clit quickly, then engulfed all of it and sucked gently.

As his lover’s voice grew louder, his girlfriend’s fingers moved faster. Two fingers of her previously free hand were now in her own vagina, stroking her G-spot, while her other hand worked her clit.

Eventually his girlfriend’s moans joined his lover’s moans, and they came together… one calling on the deity apparently in charge of orgasm, the other screaming “FUCK!” in a way that suggested she knew no deities at all.


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