An Interesting Take on Manscaping


My theory on manscaping has always been very simple: Do it. Or yes please. There is no reason for you to have your woman choking or pulling hair out of her teeth when she’s trying to do you a solid, you get what I’m saying? Handle the top, handle the balls, and while you’re at it, handle the crack too.

The boys went on to lament the perils of cock-region hair removal and I laughed inside at the idea that a bunch of people who will never experience a Brazilian could possibly think they had it rough. Being a half Indian but still hairless female, I had tips to share, but they fell on deaf ears. I quickly grew bored and switched to half-listening mode until one of the boys dropped the bomb that he doesn’t shave down there.

What I said: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?”
What I thought: “So what you’re basically saying is, you don’t get head.”

He went on to explain that he doesn’t shave his chest hair so there’s no point shaving his balls & trail. If you’re hairy up top, he says, then in looks weird to suddenly be hairless down below. According to him, you can’t do one without the other.

This blew my fucking mind. Not because it’s necessarily so smart – the jury’s still out on that – but because I had truly never thought about this before. There’s actually a really good reason for this, but it’s very un-PC and you guys will judge me if I tell you what it is.

My theory on manscaping has always been very simple: Do it. Or yes please. There is no reason for you to have your woman choking or pulling hair out of her teeth when she’s trying to do you a solid, you get what I’m saying? Handle the top, handle the balls, and while you’re at it, handle the crack too. There is no good reason for a man to allow his money spot to be cluttered up with wiry unsightly hair. ESPECIALLY if my shit is bald as a whistle.

However I have no such policy on chest hair. I’m not mad at it and have been known idly run my fingers through it once or twice in my life. Whether it’s a little or a lot, chest hair is okay in my book. And the truth is I can kinda see old dude’s point. If you have chest heair that leads down to your treasure trail, which leads down to your money spot, it probably does look weird as fuck to have the hair abruptly stop. I get that.

Trouble is that I can also see that men have an uncanny ability to rationalize their way out of normal considerate behaviour. And could there be a better way to scam yourself out of grooming your privates?  Not that I can think of. So maybe that statement was just that dude trying to rationalize his bush.

I’m torn. I want to believe but part of me is convinced this guy is just trying to get one leg over on me.  And I .don’t want to buy it,

So as ever I put it to you dear readers. Do you agree with homeboy here that if you’re um, depilating the money spot you also have to deplilate the rest. Or do you have a firm – no hair on your dick, balls, or anything down there policy like mine? Speak your piece in the comments.

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  1. Lady Ngo says:

    I don’t like body hair, period so i’d prefer my dude to be clean shaven from neck to toe if its possible! As for your friends “excuse”…doesn’t really hold water to me. Manscaping doesn’t (have to) equal clean-shaven, it just means keeping it manageable. So unless he looks like a freakin Yeti about the chest and abdomen area, no one’s gonna die if he trims the jungle growin around his richard.

    1. Krystllyght says:

      No shots but ya’ll sound slippery!

      1. Danielle says:

        It is slippy. LOL

        1. Danielle says:

          That was supposed to be slippery.

  2. Streetz says:

    Manscaping is a must for me. However,to be bald in my nether regions will never happen unless Im offered a contract to model some shyt that requires me to be hairless. THats just weird to me. I’ll shave my chest here n there, and def keep the lower regions tight. Bald tho? Nah… Funny my boys and i always had a funny talk about that. I even put that on Twitter once and the responses were hilarious!

  3. indieblack says:

    I believe in keeping things managed, which means that I don’t want to wake-up with a hair in my eye, or in my mouth, for that matter. But I wouldn’t like a man who was completely hairless down below, that’s too “I like little boys” for me.

    For myself, I used to partake of the Brazilian wax. They say that over time you get used to it, but she NEVER got used to it. She is quivering at the thought of it, ha! Except for the butt crack, waxing was really painful, so–though I liked having a clean crack–I manage my own nether’s now.

  4. Krystllyght says:

    I agree with your friend, chest hair with no hair below just seems so upside down. I can get with hair below but no chest hair. As for me, I don’t really have a preference but I do really really wish that there was some sort of product marketed to men as a pube softener or something. lol I haven’t been able to convince my boo to use conditioner down there without my help.

  5. Danielle says:

    I am fan of hair. We don’t need to take it back to Africa but I don’t want a naked mole rat either. I like the way hair looks and feels. I’m fine with a nice trimming. And I do not wax unless I have to wear a bikini. The fire ants that seem to find their way into my panties 1-2 weeks later is so not worth it. There’s no cream that will make that intense, agonizing itching go away. Also it’s too suction cup feely/too slick for me when there’s no hair down. It’s awkward. And then when it grows back it’s feels like Velcro and it looks like a plucked chicken and everything starts sticking to you. It’s just horrible. And the one last thing, body hair for me is a sign of maturity and I don’t want to fucking anything that reminds me of my 7 year old. That’s just my humble opinion.

    1. max says:

      LMAO fire ants! What a perfect way to describe it!

  6. Krista Joy says:

    @Danielle, I come from Africa and well taken care of, so as to majority of us!! It doesn’t matter where someone comes from, what matters is what one prefers.

    Maxie I totally agree with you. Fully and totally!!

    1. Danielle says:

      @ KristaJoy, I apologize. I should have simply said a more natural state. And bald penises look sad and lonely. And cold. lol

      1. max says:

        You think so? I so looooove the look of bald ones.

        1. Danielle says:

          My face is turned as I write this at the thought of my guy with a baldie. When I think of it, the image of Russel Simmons pops up in my head.I have no why I’m correlating the two. And I don’t want my man’s d*ick looking like Russell Simmons.

          1. max says:

            Not even Russell Simmons’s dick should look like Russell Simmons.

  7. Okay I see his point on how that would look odd…but STILL!!! That’s bad hygiene and just nasty. I know as a woman I would refuse to put my face in a mound of hair. JUST NASTY. UGH!!!

  8. Good post. I will be facing some of these issues as well..

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