However, there is one thing that annoys the entire fuck out of me about twitter. And that is #judgeytweets.

Lord I hate a judgey tweet. And unfortunately twitter is nasty with them. Not a day goes by when I don’t see at least three tweets that throwing shade at someone. Or trying to make someone feel bad about themselves. Or trying to drag down someone who is tweeting something positive. It drives me nuts. But since tweeting about it would make me guilty of judgey tweeting myself, I had to write a post about it instead.

Although #judgeytweets take many forms, I see one of the following most often:

1. Judgey tweets about someone’s spirituality i.e “At least 80% of the women at church this morning had some dude’s dick in their mouth last night”

2. Judgey tweets about someone’s attempts to be great i.e. “smh at people tweeting how they’re letting go of negativity for the new year. It’s just another day your whole personality isn’t going to change”

3. Judgey tweets about what someone like you is doing i.e. “unlike other bloggers, I don’t feel the need to RT every compliment I get”.

This kinda shit drives me apeshit. And if I wasn’t so epically lazy I would unfollow every last asshole I ever catch tweeting some shit like this. Can we just let people live? Why must we waste 140 characters watching face? (you guys remember what watch face means right? I already schooled you on this). Can we just let our fellow tweeps be great?

I really wish I could understand the point of view that leads people to tweet shit like this. Like really. So what if the woman getting up and going to church right now can still taste the seeds in her mouth? How is that your concern? How about if we just be glad that she’s going to church after she clearly had quite a lively night? And of course you realize that if you’re tweeting that shit, you’re likely not at church yourself so….to quote another famous Max “that don’t make you better than nobody”.

Just one time in my life I’d like to meet the kind of person who tweets shit like “it may be a new year but you’re still the same old loser”. Like honestly – who didn’t hug you when you were a child? Why can’t people try to do better this year without you defecating all over their good intentions? Really why?

I find judgey tweets so incredibly tiresome. I really do. It’s just so easy for some people to get on their high horse when they’re behind a keyboard and no one can see what they do. But if their actions were being scrutinized, would they really come out a winner? I doubt it.

If you’re starting to wonder what the point of this post is, let me tell you. I want to understand. No really I do. I want to get inside the mind of someone who tweets shit like this and understand the thought process. Is this a “doubt them so they’ll want to prove themselves” kinda strategy? Or are you really as big of a hater as you seem?

So tell me dear readers, do you hate #judgeytweets too? Does this shit litter your timeline or am I following the completely wrong people? Are you a judgey tweeter yourself who wants to explain it to me? And finally, does writing this post make me just as bad as the people I’m writing about? Speak your piece in the comments.


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  1. Flyy says:

    Can the church say AMEN?! I hate judgey people in general. No one cares for you to shout your opinion on the next person 24/7. Keep that shit to yourself.

    And apparently Max, they call it “keepin it real” but real talk, WHO ASKED YOU?!

    1. Chucc Taylor says:

      It should be called “When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong.”

  2. keisha brown says:

    no writing this post doesn’t make you as bad because there isn’t judgement – but a genuine quest for knowledge.

    i’ve seen them, and depending on who it’s from i either keep scrolling or unfollow. life is negative enough without people adding extra sodium to your your life.

    everyone has moments (i know i probably have thrown shade), but there are people that do it consistently.

    in regards to the NY resolutions, i couldn’t believe the amount of negativity written. it’s a new year. you literally need to change a calendar – why is so hard to believe that some people just want to take advantage of the clean slate and renewal that is happening around the world. companies start the year fresh whose financial year ends on Dec 31st, so why can’t people? sure, is there going to be a complete overhaul of personality? no. but let people try, fail and try again! That’s LIFE!!

    woosah. sorry for the long comment. this gets my goat.

    ps: we need to use watch face more often.

    great post.

  3. elle says:

    Judgey Tweets are the worst. I can’t believe the audacity of some people. But again, anyone can be gangsta behind the keyboard right? Ugh!

    ps..what does ‘watch face’ mean?

  4. MariposaDRG says:

    THANK YOU!!! And you saying it on twitter would not be judgey tweeting. It’s stating the fact and that’s what twitter is… Just say your piece and keep it moving. I do not understand why all this “hating” is going on.

  5. ncvirgogal says:

    I’m not on twitter but I see this a lot on facebook. I will say the facebook preachers and facebook love birds get on my nerves….so I’ve had to use the “hide” feature on a few people.

  6. ncvirgogal says:

    I’m not on twitter but I see this a lot on facebook. I will say the facebook preachers and facebook love birds get on my nerves….so I’ve had to use the “hide” feature on a few people.

  7. fixedwater says:

    I see a lot of these kinds of tweets as well. These Kinds of tweets aren’t my style but then I don’t really tweet that much. I mostly retweet and LMAO at others’ tweets, during boring meetings.

    IF however I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that these tweets are in response to the Righteous Fakers. The RF are the ones who are constantly tweeting how righteous and devout they are, but they livin the same life as those they look down on, or try to pretend they are better than. I’m sure you’ve seen this before: the one who was bragging bout him breaking her back just 5 tweets before giving glory and honor to God in the choir. I think it hits along the lines of those who say they don’t attend church because of all the hypocrites, instead of recognizing that church is supposed to be for the sinner. But I think I digress. The “I’m better than you” tweeters don’t share their dirt but secretly enjoy the ratchet tweets of others (they watch the same reality shows you do they just won’t tell). Both are Righteous Fakers.
    So when it comes to #1 and 2 those judgey tweeters are likely tired of the RF, just as much as you are tired of the JT.

    As for #3, I don’t know maybe they aren’t getting enough love or they want to make sure others know that their policy is not to RT compliments so you don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t get any. Or they are too lazy to RT compliments, thinking that it might appear like bragging and when they see others do it it appears as in poor taste to them. Idunno

    Either way, I’m sure none of these JTers realize how these kinds of tweets make them really look to others. But it don’t make me no nevermind IJS if I had to guess…

  8. G_Russ says:

    Not gonna pretend that i haven’t had a judgey tweet or two in the past, but i agree. What the next person is doing is none of my damn business, and “what they eat doesn’t make me shit”, so i’ve tried to be less judgemental when reading people’s tweets.

    However, when people put their lives out on a forum like Twitter, is it really wrong to pass a judgement on them?? I mean if they didn’t want to be judged why expose themselves like that?? I sound off a lot on Twitter, and sometimes people laugh with me and some times they laugh at me…but that’s just the way it goes…

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