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As some of you may remember, a few months back the lovely people at Lelo sent me a Mia to review. The Mia is a cute lipstick-sized vibrator that is powerful enough to induce a screaming O in under 5 minutes but small enough to be kept in your purse at all times. I highly recommended it and if you haven’t checked out the review, go over here and get yourself caught up.

A few weeks ago my friend Claire at Lelo hit me up and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their new line of couples’ massagers and of course I jumped at the chance. So she sent me the Tiani which is basically a wireless wearable massager.

Let me tell you guys – this thing is amazing.

You can watch the video for a more in depth review, but basically this is how it works. It comes in two parts – a vibrating arm that is meant to go inside the woman’s vagina (leaving more than enough room for the man to join the party) and a wireless remote control. The remote is built with Lelo’s SenseMotion Technology which means that the speed and intensity of the vibration is controlled by movement – turning or tilting the remote will change the speed and mode.  The best part is that the remote also vibrates so it’s essentially an instrument of pleasure all on its own.

The vibrating arm is designed so that it stimulates the clit from the outside (#win) and the g-spot from the inside (#winwinWIN) and please believe me when I tell you that it takes fucking to a whole other level. Please believe that. And like everything that comes from Lelo it comes with extras like a packet of lube, a carrying case, a wall charger and a 10 year guarantee. TEN years. That is seriously amazing. And of course it comes in a beautiful black-on-black box that I may or may not have left in my living room one more than one occasion without drawing any attention to the fact that there’s a vibrator on my coffee table.

Seriously this thing is awesome. The one caveat I have for you is that reading the instruction manual is a must. The first time I used it I just dived right in and didn’t get to experience it to its full capacity. But once I sat down and read the manual and realized what the Tiani is capable of the second time was a whole other story. Like I said in the video, the Lelo Tiani is wholeheartedly max-approved and I strongly urge you to go out and get you one.

And don’t let the fact that it’s a couples’ massager thwart you if you’re single – believe you me you can have a lot of fun with this by yourself.  A LOT of fun.

Enough talking – go out and try this and come back and tell me how much you love it. So what do you guys think? Have you used a couples vibrator before? Think you’ll try out the Tiani? It’s Friday – overshare with me in the comments.

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  1. Malik says:

    You look very pretty in the video Maxie Max.

    1. Krystal light says:

      I agree! Very pretty Max!

    2. Krystal light says:

      That looks like a good valentine’s gift!

  2. JusMe says:

    I wanna try it!! Def just sent a text to my bf… Let’s see how long it takes him to respond lol

  3. Larry says:

    Yo, does that TV in the room even still work? Do they sell flat-screens in Canada yet? lol!

    I kid, I kid.

    Great post. Interesting product there.

    1. MR. SD says:

      I was gonna ask the same thing..lol

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