The Easiest Thing (You’re Not Doing) To Make Your Girl Happy


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f I have one great talent in life it’s knowing how things should be done. I can walk into just about any situation, get the lay of the land, and say “here are all the things you’re not doing right – do this instead” and save people hours of thought. Even if it’s something I’ve never done before, even if it’s a situation I’ve never been in, I fucking rock at telling people what they should do.

The problem with being great at giving advice is that you have to wait for people to ask you for it. If you just run around giving unsolicited advice all the time, you’re just a bossy asshole. And no one likes a bossy asshole.

But this is where having your very own blog comes in handy. Because while in real life, offering advice unprompted is not a good look, here at max-logic it’s my prerogative. Word to Bobby Brown.

So gather round, dear men, I have something for you today. I know you’re struggling; trying to understand the women in your life. I know we are some baffling creatures at times. I know. I know you feel like you’re doing all you can to make your woman happy and sometimes it seems that the more you try the less happy she is. I know you all get to a point where you feel like you might as well just do what the fuck you want because it’s impossible to please the bitch no matter what you do.

Don’t give up hope, my dear men. There is a way for you to make your girl happy and it isn’t even difficult. It won’t cure all the problems in your relationship and it won’t make her stop getting mad about the toilet seat. It won’t last forever and you will have to do it repeatedly but do you want to know the one thing you can do (that you’re probably not doing enough) that will make your girl happy?

Tell her she’s pretty.

That’s it. It really is. All women – no matter how pretty or ugly they are – love to hear that they’re pretty. And most men do a piss-poor job of remembering to say it. I can count on less than one hand the number of times any of the men I’ve been involved with in my life have told me I’m pretty, and most of the women I know feel the same way. And really it’s just the simplest thing.

Just like sex is the grease that keeps the gears of a relationship running smoothly, feeling validated is the grease that smooths the cogs of a woman’s brain. And nothing makes a woman feel validated like telling her she’s pretty. When you tell a woman she’s pretty, she softens and curls up like a docile kitten. It takes the edge off her. When a woman feels validated she stands a bit taller, puts an extra little switch in her step. She’s more even-tempered and less miserable. And the easiest way to make a woman feel validated is to tell her she’s pretty.

It’s so simple. And yet men so rarely do it.

Do it properly though. Don’t interrupt her when she’s in the middle of giving you shit for letting some random fast ass heaux rub your bald head by saying “you’re so pretty”. That’s doing it wrong. But when you’re lying next to each other in post-coital bliss and her hair is everywhere and her makeup is smeared over her face? Say it then: you’re so pretty. Don’t give her a flippant “oh you know you’re pretty too” when she busts you eye-raping the chick who just sashayed past your table at the restaurant. That’s not doing it right. But when she gets out of the shower in the morning and her face is freshly washed? Kiss her on the cheek and say it: you look so pretty.

Men, believe me when I tell you that the key to keeping your girl happy is not to blow her back out regularly. It’s not bringing home a fat paycheque or taking the garbage out before it starts to stink. It’s not letting her have the last word because “women like the last word” and it’s not remembering the anniversary of the day you asked her out on your first date. It’s not paying for plane tickets or walking on the traffic side of the street.

It’s as simple as this: tell your girl she’s pretty. Do it early, do it often. It will make her happy. Just trust me on this.



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  1. Malik says:

    This makes sense. It’s simple. It doesn’t sound forced like going on and on about how beautiful she is because then it looks choreographed to get on her good side.

  2. This absolutely works! Max you are giving up the goods on this one. LOL Simple & totally effective. When I call & he picks up, his first words are “Hello Gorgeous”. When I wake up in his arms, he says to me “Good morning Beautiful” at the most random times when we are riding in the car, or thrift shopping together(like we love to do), I will catch him looking at me & then he will smile and simply say …”pretty girl” & even though my Beau consistently opens doors and carries my bags & even cooks for me, it is the simple verbal affirmation that makes my heart leap when I hear his East Coast accent utter these simple words. I don’t know if this makes me totally vain or what, but it has truly endeared me to him.

  3. Slim Jackson says:

    I thought this post was gonna be about eating cooch or hitting the

    But I must say, men should take this advice. They don’t even have to say that exact phrase. It could be anything that conveys the same idea and it’ll work just as effectively.

    1. Danielle says:

      It could be “I love watching you get ready.” Or “I love your hair.” Anything with Love and You in it. Works for me.

      1. Starita34 says:

        Hear! Hear!

  4. Elle says:

    Simple and sincere advice. Love it Max.

  5. Tele Kendall says:

    I had to explain to my bf recently that him telling me I look pretty, is all I really want. B/c he lives in Chicago and I in Atlanta, we only see each other once a month so i NEEEEEED him to tell me in person. The constant staring at me isn’t enough. I need him to tell me I am pretty. Not sexy all the time. But pretty.

  6. Wild Cougar says:

    This right here. The world would be a better place if men did this more. Dudes……LISTEN, tell me I’m pretty and I wont feel like arguing with you about the amount of time you spend with the XBOX, it won’t bug me so much that you left your sneakers in the middle of the floor, etc…

  7. JusMe says:

    Love it. The guy I’m with now tells me I’m pretty almost everyday. Randomly. Watching tv. Talking about my day. Yesterday I was busy texting and he said it and I was just like I look like shit. He laughed and said not from where I’m sitting. (Awww lol) And it took me a while to accept his compliments cause none of my previous bfs really just genuinely told me how pretty I am like he does. “When you tell a woman she’s pretty, she softens and curls up like a docile kitten.” Lol seriously. It really does make us feel good.

  8. Krystal Light says:


    I like the variations of pretty too like “gorgeous” and “good” and “beautiful” but something about “pretty” actually does hit me at my soft center and I’m reverted back to my good ol’ days. I think I like it so much because hearing a manly man say the word pretty sounds off and uncharacteristic so when he does use it, I know he means it and it’s just for me.

  9. Starita34 says:

    “But when she gets out of the shower in the morning and her face is freshly washed? Kiss her on the cheek and say it: you look so pretty.”

    I’d. Just. Melt.

    1. max says:

      Right? How sad it is that the likelihood of this happening to us mere mortals is about slim to none.

      1. HLBB says:

        playing some serious catch up on this blog btw…

        I can’t think of a single man I’ve ever been involved with that said these words. Wow.

        Guy friends have done the “you know you’re pretty” thing. But *thinks long and hard* nope. I had one boyfriend insist on nicknaming me beautiful (gag), but it felt forced and never genuine. Like some boyfriend handbook said “nickname her beautiful”.

        But just saying “you’re pretty”?

        You nailed it Max. Simple. Truth. Insanely effective.

  10. emti says:


  11. mims says:

    If your man is fairly smart and he’s not doing this simple ass thing–drop that nigga. I’ll give idiots the benefit of the doubt, but any nigga who’s perceptive about most things but is not complimenting your appearance is probably an asshole.

  12. MR. SD says:

    Good advice Max. We men can def forget to acknowledge and compliment our SO’s. Ive been guilty of that. Maybe part of the reason was because I thought she was way more sexy then pretty.. Pretty fades but sexy last forever! still i know y’all need to hear it.

    1. suedoenim says:

      I’d much rather be told I’m pretty than sexy. I didnt know men held sexy in such high regard though…

  13. Cheeky says:

    This is so true! I am dating someone right now who has told me I’m pretty ONCE! (I’m not ugly) I’d like to know that my man continues to find me attractive and is proud to be with me. It’s not asking too much.

  14. Ashley says:

    The truth has been spoken! I could be pissed at my boyfriend, ready to go off, or sad out of my mind but if he tells me I’m pretty it all goes away. So how then do I share this bit of info with my boyfriend without him feeling like I’m “fishing for compliments?

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