[dropcap]U[/dropcap]ntil fairly recently, I wasn’t much in to travelling. As a matter of fact, I’ve been fervently anti-travelling. I’m a creature of habit and a big sucky baby when forced to deviate from my routine, so any situation that means I don’t get my Tim Hortons coffee and my Cavendish home fries in the morning is a situation in which I am a whiny, crabby bitch.

But in the last little while I’ve befriended a bunch of Yanks and – despite my best efforts – I cannot get them to just come to Toronto every time I want to see them. So in order to make sure I get my face time with my Laureeny and Cheekerz and Nickerz and Lalerz and Stephie I’ve actually had to get up off my duff and venture outside the 2km radius in which I normally live my life.

In the last two years I’ve taken more pleasure trips than I’ve taken in my entire adulthood. And I’ve only been on like 4. And while I won’t say that I’ve learned to love travelling and appreciate broadening my horizons, I will say that it’s not as horrific as I previously thought it was.

And because I’ve learned to not detest travelling, my pie in the sky list of  travel destinations has come to seem a lot less lofty.  And since I like nothing more than sharing my randomness with you, I thought I’d share with you some of the random ass places I’d like to visit (or re-visit) in the near future.


I have no real reason for wanting to visit Philadelphia. I don’t eat meat so I’ll be missing out on cheese steaks and I’m lactose so I can’t eat the cream cheese either. But I blame Jennifer Weiner, because most of her books are set there and I’ve read them all so much that I have vivid images in my mind of what it looks like. And I want to run those steps that Rocky ran on. And no sales tax sounds like the move after all these years of paying double-digit tax on every fucking thing I buy. Problem here is that I have a serious hatred for the state of Pennsylvania. But the minute I figure out how to get to Philadelphia without going to Pennsylvania, I’m all over it.


Blame Danielle Steele for this one. I haven’t read all of her books – nor would I admit it to you if I had – but each of the ones I have includes the characters taking off to Carmel to retreat from a bad relationship or a romantic getaway. It seems like the perfect place to go on a vacation when you want to do nothing but fuck and see beautiful scenery. And you can never go wrong with that.

San Francisco

Now most normal people who want to visit California want to go to LA. This girl here has zero desire to ever go there but I’m chomping at the bit to see San Francisco. It just seems like it has so much personality. And for a character such as myself that’s perfect. And plus it dovetails nicely with my desire to go to Carmel.

New York

This falls under the category of a revisit. I’ve been to New York for a total of about 8 hours and while I spent those hours doing the most important things – visiting Harlem, spending time with the homey @MrSpradley, and celebrating my birthday – I know I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I didn’t even go to Barney’s for God’s sake! This definitely requires several do-overs.


Another re-visit. DC is my favourite city ever and it was even before I ever went there. The first time I saw it, it was like my soul sighed and just said “yes. Here.” I can’t really say why I love it there so much, but I do. The problem is that some of my most favourite people ever live there so when I go I don’t really see the sights. I know I should, but I’d just way rather spend time with the awesome people than see all the awesome things and that will probably never change.


This is the original entry on my “places to visit some day” list. And if I had to choose only one place it would be Israel. I’ve wanted to go to Israel as long as I’ve known there was an Israel and I blame my fascination with Jewish people and the Hebrew language for it. Because g-d knows there’s an abundance of both. Plus I have always always wanted to spend a summer working on a kibbutz….even though I’m sure I’d hate my life about 15 minutes after I got on it.

South Carolina

Many moons ago I had a boss who lived in Myrtle Beach (she ruled me via telephone) and I was obsessed with her. She was just so feminine and stylish and scary and her accent was to die for. Throw in a couple of books set in the Lowcountry and you’ve got yourself a burning desire.

And that’s my random list of places I’d like to visit some day. What say you guys? Am I missing any can’t-miss places? What’s on your list? Share with me in the comments.

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  1. Lady Ngo says:

    I just did a pretty identical post a week or so ago. My list is pretty much all international travel…I want some freaking stamps in my passport!

    London & Paris (will be makin this trip in a month & a half, yay!)
    Cancun (so i can be on Girls Gone Wild lol)
    The West Indies (probably a cruise..or 2, or 10)

  2. Melissa says:

    I consider myself a bit of a travel snob.. I don’t consider anywhere in north America traveling. Same with All inclusive vacations.

    This is Probably because I’m lucky enough to have been to places that ppl have on their bucket lists. What I have learned is that certain destinations just click with you or they don’t. Many places that I had apprehension about visiting, I ended up loving. Other places I had high hope for, didn’t live up to my expectations.

    Places I love love love:
    Hawaii – i know how it sounds when I say I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there, but that’s how much I love it
    Florence, Italy – I had no real desire to go here, it was just on the itinerary, but I connected with that city the second I got off the train
    Portugal – its Spain’s ugly little sister, but that’s part of the appeal.
    London, uk – I love London. That is all.
    South of France – was only there for 2 days, but loved it

    Rome, Paris, Spain – been there but didn’t love so much
    Been to places in Asia when I was younger, but probably need to revisit as an adult

    On my list :
    Somewhere in Africa, so I can go on a safari
    Thailand (been here when I was a kid but dont remember it other than almost being stung by a jellyfish)

    1. morocco. forgot about that country. i also want to visit.

  3. Malik says:

    Dominican Republic

  4. quiche says:

    Don’t forget to add Barbados 🙂

    1. max says:

      Um, no disprespect to all my Bajan fam, but I could never visit there because I absolutely detest the sound of Bajan accents. They just kill me dead.

  5. SnarkyChic says:

    As a resident Philadelphian I feel like you should definitely give the city a whirl. Philly is truly the only reason to stop by PA. Some might argue Pittsburgh but I don’t subscribe to that magazine. Don’t miss out on a Philly experience because of all PA’s other bastard cities like Blue Balls. Yes Blue Balls is an actual city in the state of PA.

    Anywho the places I’d love to travel before I leave the third planet from the sun:
    South Africa
    St. John (revisit)
    Brazil (revisit)

  6. Cheekie says:

    *beams at the word “wanderlust”*

    Some places that got me wanderlusting (never been to any of them)

    LA (the obvious yes, but it’s a screenwriter’s/filmmakers DREAM. can’t wait to go next year)

    Just to name a few. Each of these things have a little something that makes me wide-eyed. Well, figuratively. You know dayum well I can’t get wide-eyed, literally, Maxie.

  7. Amos Banks says:

    Stop by Chicago on your way from Philly to SF.

    1. keisha brown says:

      i approve this message.
      love chi-city.

      1. Cheekie says:

        *also approves*

        Not that I’m biased or anything…

  8. I like your list. I would like to visit Philly, too, especially given that I currently live only a couple hours away.

    I’ve never heard of Carmel but now I’m intrigued so I wanna look into it.

    I went to San Francisco last year for my birthday trip and loved it. It is definitely a city for foodies and it has a rich culture and history. There were ethnically/culturally distinct parts of the city that have their own unique art, restaurants, shoppes, neighborhoods, etc. The city is very spread out and very hilly, so be prepared to be a little sore at the end of your trip from all the walking. And the weather there is very different from LA and other parts of CA which surprises a lot of people. It can be COLD right up til July/August.

  9. keisha brown says:

    awww at this post.

    i vote you add north of bloor to your travel list.
    no currency exchange required. HA!

    you will love philly. im so overdue to go back.

    my travel bucket list
    north american cities remaining
    new orleans
    san fran

    west indies
    trinidad AND tobago (lol)


    japan (this is brand new..i never had any interest in flying for more than 6 hours before).

    guess i should start saving my pennies (that or making friends in all these places)…

    PS: LMFAO @ trying to figure out how to get to Philly, PA without being IN PA.

    1. Malik says:

      Go to a Saints or LSU game if you can.

  10. i have an extensive list of countries/cities i want to visit. outside of dallas/houston none of them are in the united states.

    -south africa
    -russia (in the summer)

  11. Flyy says:

    Hmmm… let’s see.

    Inside the USofA I only wanna visit Texas. I have no idea, but something in my soul tells me I will love Houston/Dallas/Austin, so I need to get there asap-edly.

    Internationally speaking:
    South of France
    Central America – all of it
    South Korea (re-visit)

  12. Most says:

    Was awesome seeing you in NYC Max. Absolutely awesome!

  13. ncvirgogal says:

    Great post!!

    I’m going (back) to Europe-well..Paris. I spent a week in Paris ten years ago and I need to go back now that I’m legal to drink. (I was 15 back then) I want to visit Spain and Italy-seems so rich in culture. I want to visit the West Indies and Central America. Being a southern gal, I love the west coast-it’s just so beautiful! I’ve been to California two times and going back a third time in a few months. I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo too. I’m trying to travel as much as I can now and even after I get married with my husband. Maybe that’s why I don’t want kids…lol. I want to travel a lot.

    FYI-South Carolina has nothing on North Carolina 🙂

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