Ask Max: I’m a Short Dick Man


Hey Max Love your site! You seem to be a very liberated woman with regard to sex. My issue stems from the fact that I think I have a small penis. I’m 24 and never had sex. I feel like as a Black man, I have a penis inadequacy compared to what Black women want or are used to. My whole life the only penises I’ve had to compare mine to were the Tiny’s, Justin Slayer’s, Lex Steeles of the world. I read scientific surveys, a few other websites, and even a funny post about another Black male and him “suffering” with an average penis. My question is can you have a real sex life with an (sub)standard six inch penis? Will women similar to yourself give a smaller guy a chance? I hope I can overcome my hang-up regarding this, sometimes I feel like life isn’t worth living, never being able to be intimate with a woman.

Buddy, in a few minutes you are gonna be so glad you asked me this question.

See, the politically correct thing for me to say is that there is no reason for you to feel any type of way about your dick size. The proper thing for me to do would be to spout all kinds of statistics about how the average dick size is 3-4 inches from tip to base (source) or some such reassuring figure. If I were a bit better behaved, I would tell you that the nerves in the vagina are concentrated in the lower third and most women have very few nerve endings and therefore very little sensitivity in the upper two thirds, thus making a big dick a waste.

But lucky for you I’m lawless and that means I’ll tell you the truth.

The truth is that – whether it makes physiological sense or not – most women care about dick size. Some women consider a big dick to be the sexual equivalent of winning the lottery, a few crazy women prefer something small that is not going to make her feel like her organs are being shifted. Either way, a woman who has plans to fuck you is waiting with bated breath to see how big your dick is and she’s sighing when she finally sees it; either in relief or disappointment.

So yeah, if you do in fact have a small dick, women are going to think something about it. But only the most unreasonable of women are going to refuse to fuck you because of it. So while I definitely don’t think you need to let the smallness of your cock make you sit out the sex game, I do think you need to take steps to mitigate your circumstances.

Step 1: Get over yourself

Boy, the thing women like more than anything else is confidence. So please get over your little complex and start believing that – small dick or not – you can blow backs out with the best of them. Women are lemmings and the easiest way to get a woman to want to fuck you is to act like you already know that she wants to fuck you. So you just strut around like your 1.5 inches are the most powerful 1.5 inches since the Lelo Mia and you’ve won half the battle right there.

Step 2: Get your peripherals in order

I’m gonna tell you a secret: some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life was with a man who had a small dick. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. Because although he lacked the ability to give me that filled to bursting feeling that comes with a gigantic cock, everything else about the sex was in order. He knew how to talk dirty like no one else and dropped the magic line at exactly the right moment. He was rough in exactly the way I like to be roughed up. He could bring me to bust just with some artful fingering and he ate pussy like a fucking champ. By the time he stuck his dick inside me I was so open I didn’t even notice how big it was.

Step 4: Assume the position

There are certain sexual positions in which men with big dicks stay winning. For example, if there is a single greater experience in life than the missionary position with a man with a giant cock, I’ve not experienced it yet. But by the same token, there are certain other things that just don’t work with a mammoth dick. So my advice to you is to master the positions that best showcase the advantages of your small stature. The good folks over at break it down over here, but just as a for instance I would advise you to become a master of doggie style fucking. Because nothing says I’m about to choke to death like getting fucked hard from the back by a giant dick.

At the end of the day, the most important thing I can tell you is to stop letting your reservations about your dick size stop you from living your life. You need to get fucked my friend! Immediately! Just give it a shot and you’ll see that – while I’d never lie to you and say that size doesn’t matter – the size of your dick is not as big a deal as you’re making it out to be. And even if it is, you should always err on the side of fucking. Always.

That’s my advice – what say you readers? Women how much do you care about the size of a man’s dick? Men – I know just about none of you are going to participate in a discussion about another man’s dick size so I guess I’ll just see you in the comments tomorrow.

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  1. Malik says:

    Bruh, unless you’re rocking a micro, it’s really not that serious. I mean that sincerely.

  2. Lady Ngo says:

    Unless you have no girth whatsoever (which might i add is significantly more important than length and a force to be reckoned with when accompanied by length) ain’t nothin wrong or shameful in having a 6 incher.

    1. Girlsixx is ChloeRayne516 says:

      Quadruple Cosign on that girth!!!

      But um 6inches is considered small?? I thought that was average and beyond that was considered packing #bbm”Surprised Oh” face.

    2. max says:

      Do you really think girth is more important than length? That is so crazy to me? I’d take a needle over a sugar bowl any day of the week.

      1. suedoenim says:

        there is nothing I hate worse that a long skinny one…NOTHING. Girth wins everytime. Girth evenly caresses the walls…long skinnies just poke annoyingly. ugh. I’m getting mad thinking about it lol

        1. Yoles says:

          long and skinny is the DEVIL.. it is the most evil of all penis sizes.. it ends up feeling like being stabbed with a butter knife.. to this day i have no idea why long and skinny always leaves me hurting/bleeding/cramping etc but i stay clear now…

  3. jas says:

    Get your confidence up, nothing worse than an insecure man. Length is fun but girth is magic (aka ‘beer can cock’)

  4. Ray. says:

    First of all, if you’re comparing your dick to lex steele and justin slayer you’re alrdy going in the wrong direction. Fcuking is their job for a reason. Secondly, you didn’t go in dick-mart and pick that off the shelf yaself. You better use what you got to get what u want.

    Maybe u should look at amateur porn or something. It’ll probably give u a new perspective.

    1. CHeeKZ Money says:


  5. TaurusNY says:

    The best sex I every had was with also with a man who a smal penis. And the worst was with a man who had a nice sized, thick penis.

  6. I was in a great sexual relationship with a man whose size was subpar, to say the least. It was about confidence and as they say the “motion in the ocean”. He didn’t have a problem brewing a tsunami. Don’t let the size discourage you from a healthy sexual relationship. Obviously you don’t know the potential unless you try. You might even surprise yourself and the person you’re with. But by all means, get your head game up if it’s that serious.

  7. ncvirgogal says:

    Like someone said above-step your head game up! I don’t think 6 inches is too small, that’s fine with me. I’m a black woman with a flat azz…so I feel your pain :/

  8. suedoenim says:

    Different sizes are good for different things AND every woman’s Gina is different. I, as opposed to Max, prefer doggie style from a long and thick one…doggie style from a smaller size, not so much. Like Max said, be confident and get comfortable with flipping that woman around in different positions until you find the one that makes her hit a high note…thats adivice for all penises, big and small…

  9. Reecie says:

    I thought 5.5- 6 inches was pretty average and normal. There is nothing wrong with that. As someone said before, if its girthy, it fills a woman up and gives that “big” feel. lengthy but thin really doesn’t mean much, But the combination of the two at the extreme can actually be too much for a woman.

    Everyone’s preferences have to do with their favorite positions and own canal/sensitivity to certain areas.

    I’m sure there are lots of woman that will love what you are working with, just be good at it!!!

    1. GirlSixx says:

      “I thought 5.5- 6 inches was pretty average and normal.”

      So did I — well 6 at least. *shrug*

    2. Prettykeety says:

      “But the combination of the two at the extreme can actually be too much for a woman”

      YES. You can marvel at the magnificent view but at the end of the day, that ish hurts like hell.

  10. Rae says:

    Ahhh what a great post! I now have new perspective on dick size…

    But yes, my number one advice to him is confidence; that can make or break the sex. The actual aspect of penis-in-vagina can play such a minimal role in the overall sexual experience, so don’t let it get to you.

  11. Ray. says:

    He shoulda got in the game a long time ago when the girls he would have been dealing with didn’t have as much experience. Now that he’s 24 and never even had a taste, but the women he would deal with now have experience, its gonna be a wee bit harder to pull it off if it is that small (which I’m just guessing that its more like average than small, bc of whom he’s comparing himself to). But that’s on the past now so, u better find Ur niche baby boy! Perfect ya overall sex game. Head, stroke, fingers, sexual menu, dirty talk, all that good sh*t. But most importantly learn the yssup and get Ur confidence up.

  12. average chick says:

    “I’m a black woman with a flat azz…so I feel your pain :/” – You are not the only black woman with a flat ass. I don’t think that 6inches is that small. I can work with all sizes but for me the bigger the better. I like alittle pain with my pleasure.

  13. chunk says:

    Get a pillow under her butt and grab them hips strong during the thrust my friend.

    Or choose a flexible gurl and take her legs out and back near her head- spread eagle style.

    I’m not a fan of smaller penis from the back, but in that case, try with her knees farther apart, and her chest/shoulders/arms/face completely flat on the bed.

    Those are the positions that seem to give you more reach when needed.

    1. Yoles says:

      not to be crass but small penis from the back doesn’t reach anything… after bypassing butt cheeks, labia then finally entering the actual vagina if he didn’t have some length there is nothing left to give… IJS

      1. Girlsixx is ChloeRayne516 says:

        Lmao @ yoles…

        Sounds like you got a point though especially if she got a pHatty Gurl. #welp

      2. chunk says:

        Yeah but that’s my point, if you take those steps you actually do move some azz out the way by sheer opening it up, lol.

        Plus, he has 6 inches, he’ll be fine.

  14. Yoles says:

    if you think your penis is small as compared to porn stars i think its safe to say you are fine, seriously… anything 5″ and above should be ok for any woman that you come across.. be confident and wield the penis with pride and determination… become well rounded in all aspects of sex, keep and open mind and you will be a great lover and that is what really matters

    if you do indeed have the medical diagnosis of “micro penis” my suggestion is to hone skills in oral and manual pleasure giving and join some of the groups.. there are people out there that love everything and you will find the woman that actually likes, enjoys and prefers that…

    good luck and happy humping

    1. Ray. says:

      Hehehe….happy humping..

    2. chunk says:

      Well slipped fingers do work. Not everyone can get away with it, but man…..

  15. streetztalk says:

    Co sign everything above… Confident and technique get you VERY far son.

  16. I agree with everything above. At 6 inches, you will be fine. Get some confidence, and hit your girl with something new, you’ll be fine. Porn is not reality, so don’t trust it.

    1. CHeeKZ Money says:

      can I be honest?

      I waited all day for you to comment…. this was not the tone I was expected from you, my e-crush.

  17. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Let me just say…

    I think all the woman on this blog are handling this topic with great understanding and class. And I wish when the topic was about female body types I could act as maturely as you do, but we all know I am a pig and I lack maturity.

    I’ll just say, PAUSE. I think this do needs to get to know his body. Honestly size can really effect what you are able to do in the sack. You have to know your bend, know your stroke.

    Your jawn is like a new electronic gadget. You can either take your time and read the manual, or you can just start using it right out the box and pick things up as you go along.

  18. Danielle says:

    After having kids I realized my body changed and it’s doesn’t like the Mandigo Warriors.Six inches is fine. My main concern is that he knows positions to get into to hit the G-Spot, it’s not far in. I prefer the size that is comfortable (6-7 in) and not one that is trying to tear a hole in my cervix. Not a fan…

  19. D says:

    I would like to thank you max, and everyone who commented on this this subject of mine. to give more insight i used to be 350+ and since last year i’ve been losing alot of weight, currently at 230 🙂 i’ve heard that losing weight will free up some much valuable real estate and i can tell. however for as long as i could remember, all women ever talk about growing up was how they needed a dude with the biggest penis imaginable, so i always thought pornstars were the average run of the mill black penis since they were the only others i could look at, but i now realize they are not average . i felt like as a black man i just wasnt measuring up. i also read and today they had a post regarding wang size, and again all women seemed to pefer was those mammoth cocks. i guess i will have to learn that im normal and stop stressing over it, i hope with my continuing weight loss, i will also gain some much needed confidance, over not only my penis but my body as well. lastly it is encouraging to hear women pefer girth to length cause i always felt that was the good thing regarding my penis. just wished it was as impressive longer as its is thick. thanks again

  20. ‘I intend to make our male organ bigger’ does this assertion problem for your requirements if you’re men whom moves regularly to the gym often, then your affirmation ‘make my personal penile …average penis length

  21. Qhie Bhow says:

    According to online surveys performed simply by condom organizations, the common manhood dimension is estimated to become with regards to six inches in total resulting in search of inches within girth.average penis length

    1. Chi Moore says:

      Honestly I love long and thick dicks. I have to have that. My ex penis has me spoiled and I haven’t met a man to fill his shoes. Any position was satisfying me. So yes most of the time size does matter. I like the after feeling…

  22. heynow says:

    I have had the best sex with men of average or below average size because they take time to make live to me or ensure that my needs are met. Whereas with guys with big dicks although thy can fuck they don’t take care of my oust the same way. I will take a small dick with skills over a huge oust sore maker any day.

  23. Huh What says:

    I say this is the dumbest post I have ever read! Only a true “hoe” would say such a thing! It is total “spin” and you should be ashamed for writing such a short-sided (pun intended) piece of crap. It is tantamount to a woman without makeup or a push up bra…ridiculous!

  24. i wana die says:

    daam dude dont feel bad man am barely hitting 5 inches and am black also am 35 years old single and can keep a woman due to my dick size ive been cheated on like 4 times back to back because of my small size every woman say size dosent matter if its 5 inches and above so that leaves out putting me in a suicide possition witch is probally my only option but you man enjoy youre life

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