Black Greeks for Dummies


Up until fairly recently I  knew next to nothing about Black fraternities and sororities. I mean I saw School Daze and I watched A Different World so I kinda knew they existed, but it didn’t seem like something real people did in real life.  Then I became a blogger and made friends with all these Yanks, and all of a sudden it’s prophyte this and neophyte that and this one’s son and that one’s crossing and I’m just completely stymied by it all.

For the past few months I’ve been lowkey obsessed with Greek Life (while simultaneously bemoaning the fact that I cannot join a sorority) and I’m slowly starting to get a handle on things. After months of informal research in the form of bothering people with asinine questions, I’ve come up with a handy dandy little guide to Greeks that I’m pretty sure is at least 60% complete bullshit. But I’m going to share it for my readers who are baffled as I once was so they can gnash their teeth along with me.

Okay! Let’s start with the ladies:

Alpha Kappa Alpha

When I think of AKA’s, two words come to mind: Whitley Gilbert. Ask anyone about these girls and you will hear that they are stuck up, prissy, bitchy, full of themselves, and stare in the mirror all day long. Sounds like my kinda woman to me! But in addition to being pretty (or thinking they are at least), apparently these ladies are smart and keeners and closet freaks (#win). And of course when you’re talking about any woman who is pretty + smart you know what that = right? High maintenance.

Zeta Phi Beta

I’m getting conflicting reports about Zetas. From some people I hear that Zetas are big girls, country girls, homely girls. They seem to fade into the background. But then I also hear that they are pretty and sophisticated. But what I hear from both directions is that they are sassy. And judging from the one and only Zeta I know in real life, that sounds about right. Either way it seems like these are the nicest of all the Greek girls.

Delta Sigma Theta

I get the warm and fuzzies when I think of Deltas. Like these are the girls who give really good hugs; even if they’re rolling their eyes while they squeeze you. Word on the street is that Deltas have a bit of an edge. They’re down to earth, smart, and classy but they can get ratched behind closed doors. These are the independent ladies who don’t need men for much other than an occasional oiling of the parts and from what I hear, if you’re going to wife one you better be on top of your game and man enough to handle real life situations. Word to OutKast.

Sigma Gamma Rho

I’m sorry but I just started pissing myself laughing the minute I thought about SGRhos. Call me a bitch, but I think of these girls and I think of kitten heels, flowers in hair, and ill-fitting clothing. I’m sorry! I know I’m a bitch! But I can think of at least one person who feels me on this, right?? These girls are sweet and funny and they would be cute if they just….were a bit more cute. But AKA’s and Deltas love them because they make great fan clubs.

And the mens:

Alpha Phi Alpha

When I think of these guys I think of that really smart boy that Vanessa dated on The Cosby Show….you know the one with all the keys? I forget his name; but that seems to be pretty typical with Alphas. They’re smart but awkward and seemingly disinterested in women. They do well in life and treat women nicely but they’re kinda boring. Aka the man we all should want but never do.

Phi Beta Sigma

These dudes are kind of mysterious in that when I ask about them I don’t get much information. The general consensus is that they’re kinda corny and don’t really fit in anywhere but with each other. They’re kinda tough but also kinda pretty, but not enough of either to really be all that compelling. They seem to be the ones women take a rest with when Kappas and Omegas have tired them out.

Iota Phi Theta

I affectionately call Iotas the “who, what nows?” because I always forget about them and so does everyone I ever ask about Greeks.  The most common description I hear about them is lame. Which makes me so sad. I apologize if any Iota’s are reading this right now, I’m just telling you what I’ve heard!

Kappa Alpha Psi

No matter who I ask about Kappas I always hear the same thing: pretty boys. These are my #LookieLooky boys and lord knows I love em. Don’t even get me started. These ones have everything you want – they look good, speak well, and you can stunt on every heaux in the club if you have one on your arm. Unfortunately from what I hear they’re also maddening and full of themselves. Oh and they wear bowties. (is this why @sdotwalton is always wearing a bowtie in his photos??)

Omega Psi Phi

Outside of TV and movies, the one thing I ever heard about Black Greeks is this: Ques are amazing at eating pussy. Unfortunately I have yet to be eaten by a Que so I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I know I have enough Omega readers that one of them will be by soon enough to speak on it.

Anyway, from what I hear, Ques are the rowdy boys. They’re tough and brolic and they always have pictures of their brands on Facebook. Which may or may not be a good thing; depending on said brand’s resemblance to a worm. If my male friends were Greek they would be Omega’s – they’re charming as fuck and slay nuff heaux but do not expect a phone call the next morning. These seem to be the unruly motherfuckers that give you that thrilling feeling of butterflies in your stomach, until you realize that that feeling is better known as anxiety and throw him back for a nice little Alpha boy.

And there you have it. Greek life from the eyes of an unwilling GDI *cries*

What do you guys think? Are my takes on the Greek flavours on point or have I been tragically misinformed? Fellow Canadians are you interested in Black Greek life? Speak on it in the comments.


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  1. BP says:

    Maxie!! You and Candy both said you thought I was an AKA….does that also mean that you think I am high maintenance? LMAO! I mean I am a little…but…

    1. Flyy says:

      I mean… BP, you were the only one to keep up w/ your facial routine while we were living like homely people over the weekend… *shrugs*

      1. BP says:

        Clear skin is of upmost importance to me, even on vacation….ahhhh nevermind, you’re right. LMAO!

  2. Melissa says:

    Honestly I didn’t read past the first paragraph because it all looked like gibberish to me. I’m pretty sure there is a Canadian Greek contingency (at u of t for sure) altho I think it’s less established.

    I never had a desire to join a sorority. Being around that many women all the time scares me.

    Btw, what’s pandora?

    1. fundd-raiser says:

      its a music app for those of us who can’t afford downloading from itunes.

      1. Flyy says:

        It’s kind of like Genius on iTunes in that it plays selections like your first choice, by voting them up or down. It’s free.99 and it’s awesome.

    2. keisha brown says:


  3. Ashley says:

    As a member of AKA, I must say I am a tad bit high maintainance, however I’m well worth it 😉

  4. Lady Ngo says:

    Im black, Im greek, but im not a “black greek”. Im actually in a multicultural glo. I know there are Greek orgs in Canada, though probably not as big as in the states. I don’t know about NPHC specifically.

    Anywho, You’re descriptions are pretty much on point with what are considered the stereotypes lol. There’s a lot of stuff that you’ll hear about different orgs thats kind of regional instead of national. Like, If you asked me about a Sigma, my first thought will always be “country as all hell” but thats because of where i came up in the Greek World. Every org has chapters with different reputations.

    I will say that um, that bit about the Ques and their skill with dining on the southern cuisine…yeah, maybe you wanna go out and find you one girl (hint hint, wink wink)!

  5. Harlemdimp says:

    As a member of phi sigma sigma a (non divine 9 sorority). I think your descriptions are the same as I would see them. I always what it would be like if I went the traditional divine 9 route.

  6. Shaynanigans says:

    “But AKA’s and Deltas love them because they make great fan clubs.”

    Girrrrl, this had me cracking up. I know a lot of great (and well-dressed) SGRhos but even before joining a divine 9 organization that was the exact same consensus I got.

    I must admit I was a little worried about where this article was headed but I think you did a great job. Each group has a stereotype and a majority that made people create one about them. And I always find it hilarious when they ring true.

    And I dated a Kappa for three years…and they for sure have you running for a bruh when it’s time to break loose, then a Alpha/Sigma when it’s time to settle down. Smh, that shimmying, cane twirling and excessive ‘K” usage will give you motion sickness after a while.

    1. Flyy says:

      LMAO @ excessive K usage.

  7. Harlemdimp says:

    *I’ve always thought about pledging a divine 9

  8. Malik says:

    Black Greeks are like 70~80% narcissists.

  9. Nicole says:

    Lol this was funny. As a fellow GDI who attended Howard University, I have seen all these things you described come to life (stereotypes or not)….and all those traits were amplified because I was at Howard, where 5 of the 9 orgs were founded (Alpha Chapters). Oh and from my gathering S. Walton is an Alpha so that shot your bow tie theory lol

    1. As a Fellow HU Alum, I have to say that guuuurrrlll you ain’t lying! Amplified is an understatement! lol But I do have friends in most of the D9 orgs and they all don’t fit the stereotypes. For example, I know some non-lame non-country Sigmas, some model-esq Zetas, an Alpha that’s still in undergrad 6 years later, and some very unreckless Ques.

  10. Dewan says:

    The stereotypes are hilarious. What’s more funny is when the members try to live up to them. But I found interesting, and maybe a bit disheartening as a member of a BLGO (Kappa Alpha Psi), is that outside of black America the “international” organizations are pretty much unknown. I lived in Denmark and remember people thinking my Kappa t-shirt was a soccer shirt. Apparently there’s a soccer/football brand of the same name. Oh well, I guess were big s**t among the 19% of African Americans over 25 who have a college degree.

  11. Max!!! I love you. haha

    I’m a Delta (hope that gives you warm & fuzzies!)

    And The Beau is an Alpha!!!! Hahaha Oh I can’t wait to tell him you thought he was a Kappa! haha

  12. Slim Jackson says:

    I’m a Que. I’ll just say that I can’t really disagree with your description at all. I didn’t get branded because I didn’t wanna end up with a creature hanging off my arm, but everything else…yeah. **bark noise**

    1. **insert eye roll here**

      This was hilarious max. I’m not greek at all but I had a really close friend in every single D9 sorority and those descriptions are pretty close to spot on.

  13. Reecie says:

    I wasn’t sure where this post was gonna go, lol. This reminds me of the conversation we had at brunch “help me, what is a prophyte?” LOL.

    But I’m glad to see good things about my lovely sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. *warm fuzzies to my sis JG above* Some stereotypes are true, but not all. I have love for everyone but yea…”and they would be cute if they just….were a bit more cute” made me scream! bwahahaha! One of my really good friends is a SGRho, and she’s gorgeous tho. For the frats I’ve pretty much at some point dated them all but the Iotas, but I will say I’m drawn to those that don’t take on their orgs stereotypical traits. Except Kappas. I love stereotypical Kappas. #dontjudgeme

    1. @ Reecie *Elephant Hugs & Crimson Kisses!*


      1. Shaynanigans says:

        warm fuzzies to both of my beautiful Divas

  14. Um, about that first Omega paragraph.. NO!! However, Kappas eat it up, and lick the plate clean, if you know what I mean. At least, that’s what I heard. I have no experience in that whatsoever. I’m as pure as the driven snow…

    Funny post, Max.

    1. Flyy says:

      NIA… Ionno I’ve dated an Omega or two and I have to say… *ahem* *walks away from this before it is tooooooo late*

      1. NinaFontaine says:

        raising my hand with my head down – I have dated a couple of Que’s (almost married one)

    2. Reecie says:

      *whistles* *walks away*

    3. LaLaBakir says:

      Look ma, no words

      1. C’mon, LaLa. Sharing is caring… lol.

    4. @Flyy – I’ve only dealt with one Omega, and he sucked. But made up for it in other areas.

      @ everyone else…
      While I’m on my single and ready to mingle kick, I guess I need to hook-up with meet a few more Omegas… damn, I knew I shoulda hit up DC last weekend.

      @Most… I didn’t say anything…

      1. @Nia I didn’t say anything either.

      2. Reecie says:

        @ NIA, I am following you. neither one slump I guess, just depends on who you’re dealing with. I guess some never heard of the unoffical meaning of NUPE, lmao.

        1. I was a freshman in high school and in church when a Kappa told me the unofficial meaning of NUPE. Thought God was gonna strike me for how my mind wondered for the rest of service. SMH

            1. My homie lover, friend told me about that unofficial version. All I could do was agree that he was, indeed, a Nupe. lol. Yessiree…

  15. LaLaBakir says:

    I may as well be Canadian b/c I am not well versed in Greek life. At all. *sighs*

    1. emti says:

      we’ll gladly have you!

  16. Krystal light says:

    I dreamt of becoming a Delta! My grandmother and aunt are Deltas and my grandfather is an Alpha. The descriptions you gave for them are spot on as far as I know. What’s sad is I don’t know any young greeks. Anyway, I attended the rush (I think that’s what it’s called) and found out joining was expensive plus at the university I went to, they weren’t actually present on campus. That’s an unfulfilled dream but I still think about it. If I’d gone to a bigger college, perhaps the experience would’ve been worth it.

    1. Krystal light says:

      Oh I forgot to mention that I was in a sort of high school sorority called Xinos. It’s a national organization but hardly anybody has heard of it. I was the local and regional president so I was really proud of myself. This experience is probably why I was so gung about joining a sorority in college. Alas that dream didn’t come to fruition. Oh well.

  17. Flyy says:

    Ok… now that I’ve done all my lil side comments… LOL… lemme just say that I was sad that I was robbed of the experience of being greek by going to a small private PWI. WHOMPS. Ah well… alls well that ends well I guess.

    “If she’s Greek, she’s definitely an SGRho.”

    *consoles Max*

  18. I think your descriptions of AKA and DST are spot on.

    As most of you know, and as many of you might have guessed, I’m an Alpha and very proud of it. I love my organization and I love all of the Divine 9 organizations. I think of us all like one big family. So the Alpha’s are my brothers, the AKA’s are my prissy little sisters who I always have to look out for. Ques are like my crazy cousins who I call when I wanna get the party started. We don’t get together often, but when we do, it’s epic. Deltas are like my cute, feminist, militant cousins who I sometimes like to play house with. Kappas are like my cousins who are kinda cool, but always wanna be down when me and my Que cousins get together. Sigmas and Zetas are like the cousins from down south who you’re cool with, but not that cool. Not that there’s any animosity, but they’re from the side of the family that calls the other side bougie. They think you think you’re better than them, when really you don’t. SGRhos are the cousins who you always forget to invite to the family BBQ, but they’re not offended, they still show up happy with enough potato salad for everybody, extra paper plates. They compliment the other girls on their cute pink and green, or crimson and cream outfits even though those girls are talking about them behind their back. And, on top of all that, they still stay late and help clean up. The Iotas are our much much younger cousins who always wanna tag along but instead you just kinda mush them aside and tell em “maybe when you get older.” Then you feel bad about it later.

    I wanna talk more about the stereotypes of each org when I get back.

    1. max says:

      This comment is the post I should have written. Dopeness.

    2. Melanie says:

      So! not surprised about you being an Alpha… and hence the brotherly love I get from you… which is simply emphasizes the accuracy of your Divine 9 Family Tree… lol.

    3. Trish says:

      Oh well, look at you pulling a read..

  19. I’m an AKA and I have Ques, Sigmas, Deltas, and Kappas in my family. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. All of this stuff started from somewhere and evolved (for better or worse) over the years. Interesting read. I’m sure before the day is over, somebody will get salty about something you said, though.

    And the guy with the keys, was it Dabnis Brickey (I know I probably butchered the spelling)?? I think he had all those keys because he was a super, right?

  20. Melanie says:

    Hmm… I’m an AKA. So for me… I can be prissy, bitchy, and in the mirror given the situation. And who wouldn’t want to lay claim to being “smart and keeners and closet freaks (#win)”? So, I’ll take that, too. I’ll even own up to having an “air” about me (that I’ve tried to shake relentlessly since adulthood). However, I attribute the “air”, a protective mechanism, to being gawked at as a child and not due to the fact that I became an AKA and thus became stuck-up. Can’t call myself high maintenance though. So I guess for the most part I fit your description.

    BUT, in my defense I come from a family of AKA’s. Aunties, sisters, cousins, in-laws, all of us are AKA’s. I identified so strongly with my family I never even considered the others or the stereotypes that are in play regarding any sorority. On the male side of the equation… the men are Alpha’s. To my knowledge there are only 2 exceptions (one male – one female) and I feel for them, my Aunties/Uncles don’t play – they will brutally kick them out of the pic when they attempt to represent. But hey, you can do that when you’re the oldest members of the family.

  21. RP14 says:

    I’m an AKA and while we often play up to these stereotypes it is not always the case! This was a cute read because it brings back memories from college.

    Side Note: Kappa’s are better at it than Ques… as I walk away!

  22. emti says:

    this was all greek to me (see what i did there)
    but maxie…Pam was the one who had the nerdy one with keys on the Cosby Show.

    1. max says:

      Yeah I got your text this morning. But thank you for putting it on blast for the world to see. Damn – accurate Cosby Show references are of the utmost importance to you huh? 🙂

      1. emti says:

        you didn’t respond the text so I figured you didn’t get it
        and yes…the cosby show reference is important to me:-)

        1. I’m glad I checked this thread again! My expertise in Cosby Show facts appears to be anything but…

          1. emti says:

            LOL – his name was Aaron.
            Points if you can name the other popular show he ended up being a regular on

  23. Now, about those stereotypes… I think the description you’ve given of Alpha-Men is accurate but only from the perspective of a woman who’s far enough removed from black greek life that she’s never actually dealt with one.

    The thing about Alpha is that the bulk of us take a great deal of pride in our reputations. We want the world to believe that we are exactly as you’ve described us above. If a chick gets done dirty by a Que or a Kappa, she’ll tell the whole world how the Ques and Kappas ain’t worth a damn. If a chick gets done dirty by an Alpha, for some reason, she’s usually not capable of bringing herself to disparage the name of our organization. It’s the sly jedi mind trick we’re taught when we pledge. So, I guess what I’m saying is, I think there are probably alot of Alphas who are exactly as you’ve described, but there are a lot of alphas who have spent a great deal of time cultivating a reputation that appears as you’ve described, when the reality of who they are might be quite different.

    My second favorite frat after Alpha is Omega Psi Phi. They are in many ways, exactly like us, but they just carry it different. We both pride ourselves on success and pushing the race forward, and we both, historically have been extremely productive in doing so. Alphas carry their success with a more Michael Corleone type swag, Ques got that Sonny swag.

    My next favorite frat are the Sigmas. I like Sigmas because Sigmas dared to be different. Alphas, Kappas and Omegas were founded to be elite. Our goal was always to pick the best of the best and use them to bring everybody else up. Sigmas were like eff that elitist bullsh*t… everybody should be able to be down. I think that’s noble in its own right.

    Kappas are my least favorite of the frats because they want to be elite, but always come up short. #NoShots. I got love for Kappas, but for me, historically, there’s too much of a gap between what Kappa Alpha Psi aspires to be, and what it actually is so they just settle on being the prettiest. There are anomalies here and there, Kappas who break the mold, but overall Kappa has been the least productive of all of the first 8 organizations. They say you’ll never lose women chasing money, but you’ll lose a whole lot of money chasing women. That’s the difference between Alphas, Omegas and Kappas to me. Alphas and Omegas chase success and get women along the way. Kappas chase women, but lose out on success in doing so.

    In terms of the sororities my two favorites are AKA and Delta. I love them both the same even though I am of course loyal to my sorors. AKA’s are like the marrying kind while Deltas are the ones you had that passionate, tumultuous 4 month relationship with. If I have daughters, I want them to be either AKA’s or Deltas. I think those two organizations, as far as the sororities are concerned have the most defined personalities. No matter where you go across the country, they usually kinda fit into those stereotypes. The other sororities vary from chapter to chapter. Rho’s get the “homely” tag in the NorthEast, but on the west coast they’re all bad (bad meaning good). Zetas, same thing… vary chapter to chapter, region to region.

    All that said, I love all of the organizations and joining them is a good way to preemptively accent what will usually be a successful life.

    1. Krystal light says:

      Is Mrs Most in one of these organizations?

        1. Teflon Mom says:

          You’re a smart man, Most.

    2. L says:

      @Most i think your farternal discription is regional. Out west (I live in Los Angeles) Alphas and Kappas are neck and neck on achievments, strides and community involvedment. Where as Sigmas and Omegas are not really heard of or even do much. All of this could be simply a numbers game there are alot more Alphas and Kappas than there are Omegas and Sigmas.

      I always like to hear how GDI’s describe BGLOs and everyone got a fair shake at the sterotypes. I have to admit as an individual I’m not the sterotypical AKA but when I’m with my sorors… *flips hair and walks away*

      1. NinaFontaine says:

        Interesting take – Not sure how old you are but I am from L.A. and **cough cough** up there in age. In my time Alpha’s were THE achievers and Kappas and Sigma’s were neck and neck to be the party frats. The Sigma’s actually ran the yard at UCLA and San Diego State where the step shows were usually hosted. You are correct though Que’s were few and far between but they happen to find me for some reason LOL mainly from UC Riverside. But again I maybe considered a generation older than you lol

      2. For the record, when I was talking about achievement, I meant as organizations in totality from their founding till now.

    3. NinaFontaine says:

      Your e-demeanor makes total since now with this revelation. You are an Alpha man indeed!

      1. Trish says:


    4. The Janitor says:

      That’s certainly one distorted opinion about the Kappas, but I suppose to be expected from an Alpha. *jab*

    5. Good_Lawyer says:

      @ Most: I know this conversation is settled but I have to chime in. I’m an Omega and I have to say thanks for expressing my sentiments. The “Omega Man” — the brilliant, successful, and serious Que — and the Alpha are really one in the same. The “Que Dog” stereotype gets a lot more air-time but that’s because that type of Bruh is presents a compelling image (i.e., an athletic, aggressive, down-for-whatever-hypersexed-college-fratboy). Thanks for speaking the truth.

  24. legitimate_soul says:

    Love and hugs to everyone. This Delta enjoyed reading this!

      1. legitimate_soul says:

        Hey, Soror! Glad I got to give you a hug in Toronto! 🙂 (tall sistah, curly hair, with Cheekie and MissPatterson at Soul Kitchen on Friday)

        1. Shaynanigans says:

          I know!…Wish I knew we were sisters then tho, would’ve gave you a little extra squeeze. I’m really sad I could’t hook up with you all more but glad I got to atleast hug everyone once.

          And LOVE your hair…big hair is every little thing

          1. legitimate_soul says:

            Awww, Thank you! (e-hugs)

  25. Larry says:

    All I know is that I remember when I was helping a buddy pass out flyers in college at an Iota Pro Show there were quite a few Delta’s there passing out flyers for their upcoming events. I talked to a couple of them and they were the nicest you could be.

    Afterwards a large crowd gathered in the hallway and I heard someone say, “Oh b!tch no you didn’t!?!” …I turn and look and it’s two Delta’s straight up going to town on some girl. Next thing I know there’s a wave of crimson and cream flocking from all different directions to the spot of the fight….and they started going to work…it was like 12 on 2…serious butt whooping. A lot of dudes had to rush in and break it up. lol. After all of that the group of Delta’s were all gathered in the street walking backwards away from the building talking mad trash, smh.

    I always wondered from that day on if all Delta’s were gangsta like that…or if it were just the ones there on OSU’s campus, lol.

    1. Krystal light says:

      Are you talking Ohio State or Oklahoma State?

      1. Larry says:

        The Ohio State University

  26. NinaFontaine says:

    This is so funny and so how I remember college.
    I didn’t get to pledge while in college because the AKA’s were on probation the year I was going to pledge and then kicked off of campus completely my senior year ……(long story) and pledging grad chapter just didn’t seem right.

    Great post Max!

  27. MsEsquire says:

    This post cracked me up! I’m a Zeta and my man is an Iota. I haven’t been active since college but he supports his chapter and most of his closest friends are frat.

    The descriptions have some merit but in my experience each organization has a little bit of everything: freaks, nerds, wallflowers, princesses, etc.

  28. Amos Banks says:

    Your AKA comment is right on. My wife, mom and grandma are all women of AKA.

  29. streetztalk says:

    LOL My bat-signal went off!

    Max I;ve heard you struggle with understanding greek life, so i appreciate your post.

    Most broke down a lot of stuff that I don’t have to touch on.

    Fact of the matter is, a lot of dudes will fit into the stereotypes you mentioned above. With Alpha, we just aspire to be greaer than our greatest and hold others (no matter who) to that same standard. There’s a bunch of BS stereotypes, and I love being one of many dudes who show that we are just winners.

    Biggest thing I liked about Alpha, you are one before you join, the letters just reinforce and publicize it. Also we have a lot of diversity too in the types of dudes we have: the thugs, the athletes, the nerds, ladies men, corny cats, intellects, millitant, comedians, politicians, reverends, old souls, young at heart. such a good look!

    Good post!

  30. Teflon Mom says:

    AKA here, but I wouldn’t really call myself the stereotypical AKA. I am really (really) not high maintenance. I crossed at a small PWI so we didn’t have a lot of room for rivalry or social events. Matter of fact “secret societies” were banned on campus and the only greek life we had were the Black orgs that were chartered through the town not the school. My mom is an AKA, and my dad is an Alpha but most of the women in my family are Deltas. My hubby and brother are both GDI’s. My people all took the stance that affiliation was second to achievement, so we never have more than some good natured ribbing when BGLO’s come up.

    Gotta admit though – I loved your descriptions. When I was a freshman some dork told me that I should pledge Delta because I “looked” like a Delta. He said, “you know, you’re brown and you’re kind of a hippie.” Umm, ok playa!

    1. max says:

      Tef Momma I’ll admit that based on your e-personality I had you pegged as a Delta for sure!

  31. Hershey says:

    I went to a small hbcu but I did not pledge (couldn’t afford it lol). I think your descriptions are pretty accurate. I just had to comment because i did a double take of the pic because I know the sigma on the right, thought I went to the wrong page for a second lol.

  32. keisha brown says:

    i was never really curious til i started interacting with people via the blogs.
    i get a tad bit envious, because from what it seems, you have connections nation/worldwide forever!!! that’s awesomeness! i’d be travelling every damn weekend! lol

  33. The Janitor says:

    As I stated on the FreshXPress article, Max did provide the crucial disclaimer that this Black Greek report “is at least 60% complete bullshit.”

    Just so long as everybody reading this (both Greek* and GDI alike) are clear on that point, then I think we should all be able to appreciate the humor of the post. I got a good laugh reading the Kappa description, and this is coming from a proud Kappa Man (but I don’t have any bow ties though, sorry).

    I think Black Greek* stereotypes are exactly that: STEREOTYPES. By definition, they are not an accurate description of reality, so no need to get upset when we hear somebody else repeat them in public.

    BTW, I’ve been in the bond for over a decade (I know, old school right?) and it has been my consistent experience of the years that the biggest perpetrators of Black Greek stereotypes are people who are NOT Greek. Which makes sense b/c once you get into an organization, you immediately see first hand that about 90% of the stereotypes are not true. It makes further sense when you consider that Black Greek Leadership organizations are essentially as diverse as the Black community which supplies them, so how could there possibly be one uniform description for any organization?

    Appreciated the humor.


    *[I use the term “Greek” or “Black Greek” loosely b/c, as we all should know, many of the symbols used by ancient Greece were stolen from Egypt]

    1. Kofybean says:

      @The Janitor: The Greeks did indeed adopt their alphabet from another nation, but it wasn’t Egypt. You might want to recheck your history on that so you don’t get called out on it in public someday.

      1. The Janitor says:

        @Kofybean: Actually yes it was Egypt, also known as Kemet. So before you try to correct somebody YOU might want to check YOUR history. You can start by reading “Stolen Legacy” by George G.M. James.

  34. Janelle says:

    I can totally see the humor in this post. I know some of every one in each org who flagrantly defy each stereotype. I even know a mild-mannered Que (it’s a shock to me as well). As an SGRho, I was like “hmmmmm…” Maybe the stereotype is a regional thing, I have no idea. NYC (generally tri-state) Sorors are so damn high maintenance. I can’t even keep up with the heels, the hair, the makeup, the parties. I’ll be the last to do any of it but def not in “kitten heels and flowers in hair”– I can’t even imagine LOL!

    It’s probably regional. We all got a different flava.

  35. james collins says:

    whoever wrote this was a lame dont know shit about anything

  36. 1906 says:

    Not all alphas are boring I’m speaking for myself and I love to party I and I actually prefer the AKAs.

  37. Prettyboy191 says:

    *excessive use of Ks*

    Kappas are definitely preferred over other frats because Kappa men are eloquent, charming, sophisticated, intelligent and notably very attractive too. All this Kant be pleasing to the ears of an Alpha boy who decided to write an essay on how Kappas aren’t where they are supposed to be – interesting he is in his organization and kan fully observe every detail going on in Kappa Land – fan much? Interestingly enough, the richest black billionaire is a Kappa man – certainly must have pursued and ACHIEVED success as opposed to the idea Mr most is perpetuating. Kappas always have love for every Frat and Sorority the thing is EVERY frat always has something to say ALL THE TIME about Kappa. How many times have you heard a Kappa man open his mouth to down another org – 0 to none. How many times have you heard an Alpha/Que/Sigma?? and Iota????? say something – almost always.

    Summary is, Kappa is the one org everyone loves to talk about, the favorite everybody loves to hate, yet you can’t keep them off your lips. Ladies know a good thing when they see it and they damn sure know that’s a Kappa man.

  38. Adjimah Young says:

    You are Exactly Correct. You nailed it and I actually need more. Please respond plz>


  39. Definitely imagine that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be at the web the simplest factor to consider of. I say to you, I certainly get irked even as other people consider concerns that they just don’t realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and defined out the entire thing with no need side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thank you

  40. Superque says:

    Being a GDI (Canadian no less), I sooo wanted to trash your description of black Greeks but hell, for the most part you nailed it! Good job.

    1. Made1911 says:

      The SGRhos don’t agree /

  41. bluemagic says:

    Most of this is B.S. and everyone has their fan clubs!I’m a Sigma and always heard from women I can’t believe your a Sigma. You should never let your letter’s make you. I believe the man makes the letter. (The Janitor) Hit it on the nail about Kemet! At the end of the date we all joint for Brotherhood/Sisterhood and we should not let outsider define us. These organization all have high standards like gpa,fees,culture, and service. If your a women talking about how many Greeks I have sleep with in same organization your a télos! I also took the time out to google the Brothers of these organization and we all stand on the same ground of achievement so in essence we are all the same thing pushing different polices. Now, back to your stereotypes the REASON they call us country boys : first black fraternity to go south of the Mason-Dixon line (Beta Chapter-Morgan College, Wiley College). That is the REAL reason they call us country boys! We are also First Fraternity to have dog (we dropped the tag shortly after Omega copied it from us). We are also first fraternity to step and also first Fraternity to step with a cane (later imitated by Kappa). Oh then the First Fraternity to be offered a merger with another Fraternity: (1915: Kappa Alpha Psi, formerly Kappa Alpha Nu…Thanks, but no thanks!!!) Now, just think the Nupes wouldn’t have went bankrupt cause we also where first Fraternity to own and operate a Credit Union for its members. So been a Sigma I have stock in the company! lol! Better yeah I should just give you a list of first! But I got a kick out of this! History says at Howard that the Sigma and Ques were the first and second Black Greek-Letter Fraternity to be recognized by Howard University April 15, 1914 ( Omega wasn’t until October 28, 1914). So the moral of the story is most women will always start with the pretender or no class bad boys until she figures out she needs balance and that will always be a Sigma or maybe a Alpha, gigolo will always be pretty whores and Dog’s will always be Dogs! Plus a Que is a pledge that has not cross the burning sands a real Omega man is not a Que!
    In closing A Delta true love is a Sigma because we are in the middle of her heart, SGRhos will always put a Sigma first, Zeta’s are here to stay u know we got that paper work to prove it! Oh and I almost forgot AKA’s well always hold a spot on her Ivy leaf because they know we have the knowledge to the Sun,crescent and star’s. Oh for you want a bee’s the root of these organizations and their ritual is based on Freemasonry and witchcraft. You can learn that from any Metaphysics book store! Symbols,ritual,chants,candle magic,oaths,stepping in circles, but most Greeks are so uneducated in what they pledge. Egyptian Mythology and Greek Mythology are at the heart of each group symbols! But I’m not a religious person so this doesn’t effect my belief system like it would many of you! Blue Phi!

    P.S. Don’t try to say this is not true Ques god is the dog Anubis, Sigma is Horus, Nupes are Thoth, Deltas Minerva, AKA Quetesh, Zeta’s like them cats Bastet and So on down to the colors and candle magic! U know!

  42. Wanda says:


  43. Yolonda Singleton says:

    I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated. Know your facts before you start writing garbage. I am pretty intelligent and I am a diva and my close fit!!! People like you make me angry. What I like about my sorority is that you cant stereotype us and we never have had a stereotype. We come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and different personalities. Also, what you failed to mention was the history of all the divine nine and how they were started. In each sorority I know girls whose clothes could not fit and who were not pretty. Don’t classify or judge unless you know!!!

    1. Blue Esssence 13 says:

      Don’t be upset soror… it’s pure ignorance. People who know the least always have the most to say!

  44. Liyah says:

    As a PROUD SGRHO!!! Let me just say, I didn’t even know what a “kitten heel” was until I read this article and Googled that mess! (Stiletto QUEEN on deck – you betta’ ask somebody!) LMAO. This hoe is dumb! Get yo’ life!

  45. Blue Esssence 13 says:

    LMBO… I couldn’t even be mad b/c this shows how ignorant people are. I am a proud SGRho and very pretty and my clothes fit by the way. Everything she said was based off what she saw on TV or heard. NPHC orgs were founded to make life better for our communities and the world via service… People in every org live up to the stereotypes, but they do not represent the organization as a whole. she has definitely been misinformed about what NPHC orgs really are.

    1. Golden SGRho says:

      Thank you for setting the record straight Blue Esssence 13…We are not here to be ANYBODY’s fan club. We are professional, cute, and stylish. P-rho-haps someone needs to do a bit more digging before publishing such incorrect descriptions. 60% incorrect…not…sounds more like 99.999999999% incorrect.

  46. Courtney Renee says:

    I find it funny that GDIs have the most to say about Greeks. No matter how much “research” you do, no matter how many people you talk to, you will never know enough to have an educated opinion about Greek Life. You have to live it. It is never the same being on the outside looking in. With that said, as a lady of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., I’ve never conformed to or really even paid attention to said stereotypes of my organization and I find it sad and pathetic that there are Greeks who choose to do so. I’m all for Greek unity so to also see fellow Greeks fueling the fire is disheartening. Please believe not everyone in every org is attractive no matter what the stereotype is. Not everyone is intelligent. Not everyone is classy. Every org has their fair share of unattractive idiots. Let’s keep it real.

  47. Bella says:

    Good afternoon Max-logic,

    I am a Canadian, born in Scarborough, ON, raised in Port Coquitlam, BC, graduated from Ottawa, ON PWI (Predominantly White Institution) Carleton University, and currently live and work in Toronto, ON. I was raised by my mother and father who emigrated to Canada from the islands of St. VINCENT and St. KITTS respectively. At no point in my life was I raised south of the border. I did not know about Spike Lee’s movie “School Daze” until I graduated uni in 2006. I did not watch A Different World, and have no memory of being intrigued about HBCUs or BGLOs until I was well over the age of 25. I am a thoroughbred Canadian woman whose upbringing was ignorant of most collegiate and professional life south of the 49th parallel.

    I gave you all of that history to say this:

    I am a very proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. I am a member of Canada’s very 1st chapter, Lambda Nu Sigma. I became a member of a graduate chapter of this incredible COMMUNITY SERVICE organization because I am an alumni of a 4-year, degree granting university program. I am a honest, hard-working, classy, intelligent, beautiful Black Woman who is more than happy to sit and speak – nay – educate you on the expansion of “Black Greek Life” in Canada.

    I am happy that I read your blog today. It motivates me and my chapter to reach out even further into our community and let youth and seasoned professional people know that Sigma Gamma Rho is here.

    I hope you will continue to do your research about Black Greek Lettered Organizations. I believe that my organization, along with the 8 others which make up the Divine Nine (*hint* look it up *hint*) have made significant strides to break down barriers for people of color (a group of which I assume you identify with.) I believe that those efforts have allowed you and me to live in our respective homes and work in our respective jobs and go to our respective schools without facing the stigmas of discrimination and stereotyping. I hope that you will realize that stereotyping extends to the content of your blog post.

    If you have any questions about Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., or want to speak with me or other members of Toronto’s Lambda Nu Sigma chapter, I encourage you to reach out via email or FB: GTA1922 at yahoo dot ca or search for GTA1922 on FB.

  48. max says:

    My goodness everyone this was just a bit of fun. Totally not intended to offend. I mean, I said myself that it was mostly bullshit, so please do not take it to heart. The point of the post was that I admire Black Greeks and desperately want to be one of you. No need to get so up in arms!

    1. Made1911 says:

      Max, one thing you forgot to add is how touchy greeks get when you get on their organization. No matter how many disclaimers you put up. LOL.

      Don’t sweat it.

      Yo yo to the pretty ladies of AKA, DST, ZPB and of course, my indies SGRHO. Yo!

  49. Deuce Club says:

    Wow!!! It is utterly amazing that someone that is truly a non-factor could write such garbage. You say this was all in fun well Max you failed miserably. You want to be one of us – we don’t need any more people to the likes of you in either of the Sororities. The organizations get enough negative press as it is and here you come to make “fun” of the stereotypes but yet you want to be a part of it. You sound as dumb as your post. Every organization has their fair share of “uncouth idiots” who may be physically attractive but their behavior is straight gutter. I find it to be very non-sisterly/brotherly for any Greek to contribute to this post and co-sign its shenanigans. That is no way to speak of your respective orgs or any other.

    I am a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated and I wouldn’t change it.

    So Max I suggest you find what little life you do have and use it to find some real business.

  50. Helene Julian says:

    This article is bull shit. Get a life…

  51. Donny says:

    This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read today. And even dumber are the stupid AKA, DST, Omegas, etc agreeing with this foolishness from a non-factor seeking attention, just because she paid you what was viewed by u as a compliment…smh. How does any educated women agree with someone calling their org bitchy…but anyway maybe you are not as smart as this person seems to think u are. I know many SGRhos that can put any AKA or Delta to shame in the looks, intelligence and bedroom department, for that matter! I also know many ugly AKAs and Deltas. I say all of this to say that no Greek should feed into the negative depiction of any other Greek org just because your org was not insulted because in the next stupid post your org can and will be insulted/disrespected too. So lame please get a life and stop throwing dirt on BGOs when you don’t belong to one and by this post, never should. Now that I’ve wasted 10 minutes of my life, I leave this ignorance for the ignorant…

  52. Sunny says:

    …..what SGRHO pissed her off? lol

  53. Ashley says:

    As I would suggest to anyone who is interested in joining a greek letter organization, do your research. And by research, I don’t mean word-of-mouth stereotypes, I mean REAL research. History, actual facts, founding principles, community service initiatives, etc.

    With that being said, my first instinct was to tear into you for insulting my organization… but I’m not going to do that. However, I will correct you in the nicest way I possibly can. As a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. I joined my organization not only because of the REAL research I did myself, but because of the fact that we do NOT fit a stereotype. No one should seek membership into an organization just because they feel they fit the stereotype or because they want to become that stereotype. Join an organization because you want to make a difference in your community.

    And as far all my greeks who have commented on this post, be mindful of what you say. I was taught that when I joined my sorority, I became more than just myself, I became a walking talking representative of my organization. I was taught to ALWAYS put my best face forward because you never know who is watching what you do. You have your right to RESPECTFULLY disagree. However misinformed individuals are about our organizations, it does us no good to insult them and belittle them and make them think even worse. It is our job to proudly stand up for our organizations and educate others rather than calling them outside of their name.

  54. Jay says:

    Why are all the SGRhos sensitive? And Sigmas are corny, lame, and one of them defined them as this :

    “Smart like Alphas, Tough like Omegas, and Pretty like Kappas”


  55. TheGOLDENTrewf says:

    jay… dear, we SGRhos are not sensitive. we are simply protective of our beloved sigma and become baffled at why the greek community supposedly hates us so much but finds it so hard to keep our letters out of their discussions.

    nothing makes my blood boil more than reading terribly written posts and comments about my organization that i worked so hard to become a member of, and am still working hard for, by people who went through a 2 week process and paid money or had no process at all for that matter. i know for a fact that my letters were earned (and i know ALL of my LSs names, bdays, shoes sizes, etc.), and to have someone sit behind a keyboard and slander them is just outrageous and somehow hilarious at the same time! 60% of the greeks commenting on this post can’t spell their founders names correctly and have no clue what a service project is *rolls eyes*

    black greeks truly disgust me. you complain about the GDIs being to into greek business but you encourage their slanderous antics … FOH! your founders are undoubtedly disgusted with you all.


    ps- max, you should scrap this entire article, dear. this can’t be your best work, and for some reason i want to like you. but with this article standing in the way. i just can’t rock with you. smh.

  56. Jay says:

    You assume the greeks here can’t spell their founders. I don’t see other organizations getting all worked up, does DUKK2 offend you too? He’s indie and still slanders SGRhos on his videos.

  57. cutie2 says:

    Ha! I love how all of the greeks who were treated(cough cough sgrhos) have their panties in a bunch! Let me guess, an SGRho stumbled across the article, was salty,and emailed it to her soros. now they’ve all decided to respond to this post to set everyone straight. Newsflash! This isn’t the Huffington Post. No one of importance will read this so why respond?! And yes, your sorority is pretty homely. Yes,most of the girls rock those country flowers with those plastic country blue and yellow pearls. Sure,you might recruit one cute girl,doesn’t make up for rest of you. Just saying…oh, and btw,your angry responses just prove you must hear this all the time which is why you’re upset in the first place. Might as well scream “stop calling us the ugly chicks!” Ummm NOPE!

    1. Blue Esssence 13 says:

      lol… More ignorance

  58. Sqr98 says:

    Interesting read. I’m new to Greek life and have had limited interaction with orgs other than the noble Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. I will be attending a Divine Nine get together in a few days and was reading up on stereotypes. Just setting a subjective baseline to bump stereotypes off of one another when I get to the event (all in. People are often surprised to find out what I do for a living, because I don’t fit the stereotype. It was fun reading the stereotypes and most of the injects. Can’t blame the women of Sigma Gamma Rho for taking offense to what was written about their organization (whether said in jest or not). How sad would it be if they all remained silent and just took the jab…just sayin’… I do have a question though, why do the Iotas seem to get the short end of the stick? I’ve never met one and every time I hear about them there’s always a slight or a jab thrown. Is it just the burden of being new or has everyone been underwhelmed whenever they have came across an Iota? The question is not meant to be underhanded, I sincerely want to know what the deal is.

  59. EEYIP says:

    As a new member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Innnnnnncorporated I must say I was not offended. It does seem however that ALOOOT of you all (writer included) are missing the point. Being in a D9 shouldn’t be about things like sexual prowess (or lack thereof), looks and the like. We all prize Sister/Brotherhood, Scholarship, Service and similar values above all things. We should not encourage non-greeks’ foolishness like this. Point them to your website (, teach them some history, something!
    Anyway it was funny to me! I just remember everything Mary Lou taught me!! EEEEEEEEEE-YIP!!!

  60. Justin says:

    As an Iota it’s easy to get the lame title placed on us because we refuse to operate within a norm. We don’t pride ourselves on a historical figure like Martin Luther King Jr, act ignorant cause our letters have a rep of doing so, or accept being called pretty. To step OWt and be different and pledge a frat that most men won’t pledge because they’re afraid of what people are going to say, that’s building a traditionm not resting upon one.

  61. GDI-4-Life says:

    HU alumna here, all I got to say is that my first experience with the Greeks was my freshman year, Baldwin Hall, hearing loud BARKING every night from the street. Barking at the fresh meat.

  62. DF says:

    Ok yes, finally a website that gave me the info the way i needed to hear it lol thank. you. i have been researching trying to figure out where i belong but im only getting the boring history on the sororities not really telling me about them personality wise or being real with me, and you know if you ask any soro or frat on campus they get suspicious with you smh. but this is greatly appreciated even what you said about the men is right on cue and put just into perspective lol. Awesome site you have here.

    Your Reader.

    1. Blue Essence 13 says:


      Please don’t buy into this ignorance. The Divine 9 orgs were not founded to compete with one another or to be better than another. In the early 1900s men and women of color came together to better our communities through service. Each org is very similar but has a different emphasis. For example my org was founded by 7 teachers so we focus a lot on educating people,especially children.
      Even within one certain organization the chapters can be very very very different so don’t allow to someone who has no idea about what our orgs are about convince you to pick an org based on stereotypes.

      I pray that you would do your research about when the organizations were founded b/c the legacies of the orgs have slightly changed through the slavery mentality of humans today. For example, when these 9 orgs were founded they had criteria to get in but no one was getting beat up or hazed to get in, that would defeat the mission of lifting up our people. Please rethink following behind this ignorant and hateful blog because it’s all based about opinion and stereotypes. If you want to be Greek meditate on why and how you can give back because each org is a business that takes a lot of work. If you join for the wrong reasons I promise you’ll either regret it or go inactive not too long after joining.

      God bless!!!
      sincerely ,
      Blue Essence 13

  63. rea says:

    It is not my firdst time to pay a visit this web page, i am browsing this web page dailly and get good information from here everyday.

  64. alyssa says:

    I have been eaten by a Que and honestly it was okay. I have had better so yea that’s a stereotype. The AKA and Kappa stereotypes are true from what I have been exposed to. Also the ladies of sigma gamma rho are beautiful. Where the fuck have you been? Also you are a GDI.

  65. This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Thank you!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  66. the man says:

    What you said about the Iotas is bullshit. But one thing that I do agree upon is only a dummy would believe anything on this damm site. God is good!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  67. BluChyna says:

    I truly enjoyed the read! As a member of Zeta Phi Beta, I can concur with both stereotypes! I was always mistaken for the Pink and Green and that is when I had to show the SASSY side!

    Love my ZPhiB!!!

  68. Eriam20 says:

    If there are any truth to the stereotypes, they are definitely regional. I’m GDI but I have 2 close friends who one pledge AKA and the other SGRho. I helped them out A LOT during the weeks they pledge ( side note: this was what helped me made my decision not to join a sorority). Hands down the SGRho process was the most difficult and the ladies of that chapter ( and those from visiting chapters) were the most uppity-stuck up-group of women I’ve ever come across. Definitely not homely (nor were the AKAs- but they were more “approachable”) or wannabees of other organization. In regards to AKAs stereotype of mostly being paper- again, Not true from my perspective seeing what my friend went through. But I don’t go to an HBCU which it seems where all this type of talk come from- so things may differ at PWIs. I also want to say all 9 orgs are highly represented and respected at my university. They do the most community service, social/political events, they’re usually at the forefront of all movement at the university and have the highest GPA. I know the stereotypes are at a superficial level, but it should never be supported by D9 members. Remember there’s only 9 of you –that in itself should be respected.

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