You and Your Dick Pics


At some point in relatively recent history I made a bet with a man. It was one of those bets that you know you can’t lose so I made the stakes ridiculously high. If I lost I would have to send him a video of myself painting my nails – something I would only do for only the most ultra of the ultra ultra VIP’s – and if he lost he had to send me a picture of his dick. Not because I really wanted to see his dick, but because I wanted to make him show it to me. He and I were both so full of confidence (mine absolutely warranted, his completely misguided) that we agreed to the outrageous terms and set out to win.

He lost.

You can only imagine the glee with which I rubbed my hands together when I realized victory was mine. I sent an assholey a triumphant text message declaring myself the victor and demanding my spoils and then sat back and waited for the bounty to come.

It never did.

What I got instead was a bunch of bullshit excuses for why a penis picture was not on its way to me. Wanting my spoils, I attempted to shame this dude for failing to keep the terms of our agreement,. Then I assured him that it was not a big deal and the world would not come to an end if he sent me a picture of his cock. Then I refused his multiple invitations to “come and see it in person”. And then I gave up and moved on with my life.

Prior to this incident I’d heard discussions here and there about men refusing to play quid pro quo when it comes to private part pictures. In fact I believe I once got into a debate about this with the homey @LincolnABlades at some point about this very subject. But I never really paid it much mind because it had no relevance in my life (I’ll leave it up to you guys to conclude whether it had no relevance because I don’t need or want dick pics, or because I’m getting them on a regular and the shit is the bomb). But in the last couple of weeks I have received three different emails from readers complaining about this very phenomenon. It seems all over North America (and possibly the globe, but I never get emails from readers outside North America so I cannot be certain) men are refusing to send women cock shots.

Is this a crisis?

Now I’m the first to admit that way back when I had my own objections to boudoir photography. But over time I’ve come to recognize it as a part of foreplay and seduction. In the right circumstances of course.  And it seems that the ladies of the world have evolved with me because I swear I do not know a woman who is grown and comfortable with her sexuality who refuses to send pussy pics. And yet the number of women I know who have ever received a dick pic can be counted on just one hand by a mathematical retard such as myself.

What the fuck is wrong with all the men in the world?

Men, I’m here to beg  you in the name of smut and fornication to please stop being so stingy with your dick imagery. There is nothing at all wrong with sharing the beauty of your cock with someone who wants to see it; in fact to refuse to do so is nothing short of criminal.  Not to mention the fact that you are missing out on a prime opportunity to get your woman open without really having to do much.

Listen men, when a woman wants to see your meat she’s not interested in your bullshit excuses. Oh you don’t think it’s sexy? Well she does, so get over yourself. Oh girls talk too much? Let me clue you in – the girls who talk too much will still talk too much whether you send the photo or not. At least take this opportunity to boost your street value by having your very own PR agent going around talking about how huge your dick is. And to those of you who are worried about your dick ending up on the internet, I can only suggest that you try to surround yourself with more trust-worthy women. Or better yet, get something you can use to blackmail her with.

But if despite all this,  you still adamantly refuse to send a woman a picture of your dick, I suppose I can respect you…if you’re not receiving pics in return that is. If you are a man who asks for and/or receives pussy shots and does nothing to reciprocate, you are a selfish prick. Period.  That’s  like coming over to a woman’s house and getting a hand job, busting on her couch, and not even tweaking her nipple before you bounce.  It’s just rude. So either you share and share alike or you forfeit the epic beauty of the coochie shot.

Darling men, I’m going leave you with a parting thought. Have you ever seen a woman’s face immediately after she receives a (welcomed) shaft shot? The widened eyes, the moist parted lips, the heaving chest? Now matter how grainy or small or blurry it is, when a picture of  pedro slides into my inbox, it just makes me want pedro to slide into my other box.

What better reason do you need than that?

But what do you guys think? Ladies are you still encountering men who want pussy shots but won’t give up the dick pics? Men do you refuse to send pictures of your cock? Speak on it in the comments.


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  1. Yoles says:

    i have never in my life had a man refuse to send a cock shot before… i usually get more than i ever asked for aka the unsolicited cock shot.. maybe ole boy didn’t send because he is a sore loser and just partakes in overall poor sportsmanship?

    in closing, i happen to enjoy receiving the above mentioned pictures and i will keep my eyes and ears peeled for men that don’t ante up when they are supposed to

  2. Malik says:

    Refuse? What? I’m actually far too unabashed when it comes to sending pics. I’m far less likely to send of picture of my face than my junk actually. Granted my readiness to send pictures has far more to do with wanting feedback than me being narcissism. I will not send pictures however to Ms. Cool though. I would like some enthusiasm, even just a little, otherwise I view it as a waste of time.

  3. Nightfall says:

    If you ask for it you need to be ready to give it out too. I see nothing wrong with that.

  4. Adonis says:

    OFF Topic

    I finally got around to listen to you & GI in the Menage A Talks

    It was meh… But it had star studded cast, so I had to listen in…

    My takeaways was this…

    Fellas, Never seriously date a woman who travels alot @goddess_I #BlogTalkRadio (Screams of a high ranking slut)

    That traveling slut made a fantastic (albeit obvious) point

    Keep an Open Honest Conversation In Your Relationship #Win!

    Other than that, the show brought some humor to my soul…


    I don’t do d*ck pics… Now body pics… That’s wavy…

    Men can’t demand anything they want from women without giving nothing in return… & vice versa… And I wouldn’t have it any other way…

    Enjoy Your Morning Guys

    1. Honestly My Nigga…Watch Your Mouth About Who You Decide To Style Up As A Slut…

      I’m Not On Some E-Gangster Tip, But Fuck Off With The Frowsy Sucka Shit…Hopefully This Bullshit Comment Will be Deleted By The Time I Check This In The AM

      1. Adonis says:

        Well Good Morning LAB…

        Nice for you to defend b*tches honor… I stand by my comments…

        Don’t test me nigga, I’ll come out to Toronto & smack a nigga if I have to… You only a passport away… Stop sleeping on niggas

        That being said, enjoy your morning… & I will still continue to read & enjoy your blog…

        Just shut your mouth when you are talking to me…


        1. e-gangsta much? i don’t know either one of you but you are not going anywhere to smack anyone.

      2. max says:

        I’m leaving the comment here so that if anyone asks why Adonis is blocked they will know why.

        Everybody say goodbye to Adonis!

        1. Thanks Max… this dude Adonis got way too comfortable around these e-streets.

        2. Nightfall says:

          I just now saw this and was about to speak on it as the person in question is my peoples in real life, but Max handled it. I see these Internets turn everyone tough…..

        3. keisha brown says:

          Everybody say goodbye to Adonis!

          *best comment in the history of blogs

        4. Adonis! says:

          @all Man please, y’all ninjas need to fall back,

          Just because we are on the Internet, doesn’t mean I am anyless formidable…

          I stand by my comments, thanks Max for letting me rock so long, I will still read, but won’t comment…

          Enjoy Men & Women, it has been fun…

          @KB you are mean for that, but I still love you though, I hope everything is well…..

  5. well i don’t have a problem sending dick pics. i have a nice body and a nice dick so if a woman whom i’m into wants to see a pic then i have no problem obliging. never heard of this phenomenon. most times i hear women complain its because they received pics unsolicited.

  6. MissTJones says:

    I’ve never had a male refuse a cock shot either! Then again I haven’t asked too many because chances are I’ll just go take it myself…

    I have a friend who has a full all out folder in her phone of cock shots. Some sent to her (and you can see the creative direction of the pic trying to make it more than it really is…), others that make youu glad that you didn’t take it in person because you would have all out laughed hysterically and then there are those bad boys that you’re so pround you took yourself and your happy to somehow find a way in the pic to let it be known that “I was here” (like an Asian tourist who comes across a really tall person) and that you conquered it like those who take pics on mount everest or kilimanjaro…

    GUYS JUST SEND THE DICK PIC IF WE ASK! chances are if we ask chances are we’ve already decided we’re gonna ride the ride… If we haven’t already done so anyways.

  7. Krystal light says:

    Oh my! You youngsters today! How deep into the relationship do you send these things? I attempted to send a pucci pic to my husband a couple of months ago but when I realized how hard it is to get good lighting down there, I just gave up.

  8. I don’t believe in sending d*ck pics, but I do believe in reciprocity. I never ask for a vag close-up as it is not appealing to me in the slightest, so, I would never expect a woman to ask me for a close up of my homey. I much prefer a shot that frames her whole body, or at least say, a particular 30% of her body. I’m just not a fan of close ups.

    1. Krystal light says:

      I’m with you. I think I’d rather get a face or body pic. My reasoning is when we’re doing the do, it’s going to be deep inside where I can’t see it anyway but I still have to look at your face (he’s a dark chocolate, the light has to be on for this) that’s something I should have a pic of. *shrugs*

  9. Stj says:

    Been readin the blog for a few months, NC17’s blog hipped me, but this is my first comment.
    I gotten a few dick pics over the yrs. I got one on saturday that was hella weird. A guy I slept wit once almost a month ago n hv no interest in sleepin wit again sends me an “im horny” text to which I reply “good for u.” About 30 mins after my less than enthusiatic reply, he sends me an unsolicited dick pic but the killer is that my man denied any knowledge of said dick pic. Im lik wha in tomfoolery-ville is goin on in his head. Its bad enough he sent an unwanted dick pic but then he had the unmitigated gall to deny it n make it seem lik I was crazy.

    1. max says:

      I’m confused as to how exactly one can deny having sent a dick pic…it’s pretty easy to prove isn’t it?
      Either way this guy sounds like an ass.

  10. KeepItMovin says:

    I was just talking bout this with one of my girls the other day. Seems like I can get unsolicited pics all day from dudes I have no interest in. It kills me! I dont want to see your weenie wacker. I didnt ask for that. But let me actually ask the boo thang for one? His reply…”you have to see him in person.” NO, I want to see it now, right now! But I digress. He wont send so neither do I.

    Good reads Max, good reads.

  11. Kema says:

    I’m with the others… I have received too many D pics. Maybe the guys you hang around are shy. *shrugs*

  12. Phidelity15 says:

    I have no problems getting pics from guys. There might be a delay in receiving it because they are not properly groomed and want to show me only the best, but for the most part if I ask for one, I get one.

    And I don’t send any below the waist shots. There won’t be any pics of me out on anybody’s phone, email, desktop background. None of that.

    1. max says:

      So you’re accepting dick pics and not reciprocating with pussy shots? Shame on you!

  13. Reecie says:

    I’ve never had a problem NOT receiving the pics. I get them solicited or not–mostly not but I always enjoy them either way. and I absolutely don’t share them–whether I plan on knowing its owner in the biblical way or not, but especially if I do. I’d probably only share a pic of a total stranger, like those we encounter on twitter during #wangwednesdays.

    1. SmartFoxGirl says:

      how I enjoy wang wednesdays and the pic you circulated. lol and how uncomfortable the men got, the same men who retweet @ss shots on thong thursdays lolol

      1. Malik says:

        Wang Wednesday is inappropriate, exploitive and demeaning.

        1. keisha brown says:

          and #tittytuesday is…. -.-

  14. Reecie says:

    oh, and I assume if a man doesnt want to send a pic, he’s not working with much. I’ve NEVER known a man to not want to showcase his goods. NOT EVER.

  15. NicknotNikki says:

    My homeboy tried this swindle on me.. Saying that women are to be admired and that’s why coochie shots should be coming forthwith…
    I told him “Nice try”..

    the stalemate continues…

    1. Malik says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with your homeboy.

      1. NicknotNikki says:

        I have a favorite saying… what is it again?

        oh yeah, “hell be strong..”

        *holds up black panther fist..*

  16. Yaya says:

    I’m with a bunch of the other women on here, I never really have a problem getting a man to send me a dick pic. And it doesn’t even have to be a guy I am talking to or tryna get with. A lot of men will just send a picture unsolicited. I recently got 2 videos from different guys as well. I’ve gotten so many I actually have a “Dick Book” in my phone. Its under lock and key, so I’m the only one who can access it.

    I only had one incident w/ a guy I was getting to know and I actually requested a picture. He gave me such a hard time and requested I sent him a pic. I refused and he said he didn’t want to be one of the many that sent me pics or be part of my collection. I responded, “Thats fine. Don’t send me one. I’m not going to have a debate with you over why you should or should not send me a pic. Do whatever you want.”

    And after that, he sent me pic.

  17. NinaFontaine says:

    My first time commenting here – I hope you don’t mind if I make myself comfortable! I have to get caught up on what I’ve missed.

    I think the sore loser mentality takes precedence in why the pics are not being sent and that would piss me of too! You lost pay up!

    Now on the other hand the unsolicited peen shots is what I take issue with.
    I with Most – normally i don’t want to just see it I want to see abs and those deep lines of your pelvis I like to call the treasure trail and top of thigh! That’s a beautiful pic!

    1. muze says:

      that whole last paragraph. #win.

      ken doll cuts are the awesomest. lol

  18. I prefer partial body shots, rather than the close-up pics. I like to see how it all works in proportion. Your legs, thighs, abs, and your piece, working together to make magic happen. lol. And if asked, I well send a nice seated shot to he who is worthy. Usually only after we’ve known each other the way Adam knew Eve.

    1. max says:

      I must be some kind of perv or something because I don’t need all the extraneous shit. Just give me the dick, up close and tumescent. That’s all I need to make me happy.

  19. SmartFoxGirl says:

    The only time I have a problem with D shots is when I didn’t ask for it and we didn’t discuss it previously. A man can’t meet me on Friday then send a D shot on Monday, I’m instantly turned off…unless it’s pretty and large. Okay, nevermind. I guess I’m only offended if it’s ugly and small. lol

    On second thought, I stand by my original thought, I have to like you and it has to be requested. And I agree with what you said above that I like a shot of only the D. I don’t care too much for body shots unless he’s buff, in the mirror and it’s hanging.

    Ok nevermind. lol

    1. Larry says:

      Lol! Over here cracking up. Comedy.

  20. @bigbruhBT says:

    I think its pretty simple when comes to sharing pics just ask and don’t be a douche and randomly sent pics to chics that don’t ask for them that’s “pervatory = pervert territory “. I remember I used to sent D pics and make a game out of it which I normally win but the p*ssy pics are definitely a no go fyi boobies(yeah i said it)are much more entertaining and its two of them how can you go wrong plus the vaJJ is much better in person.

  21. jvionta says:

    The best out of all best

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