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Don’t forget to vote for me to win a Black Weblog Award. Head over here to get the details and whatnot.

For 70% of my readers it’s the unofficial kick-off to summer and I sincerely hope you guys have something better to do than to be reading and commenting on blogs. Go have a BBQ, drink some Henny, and get into some trouble that you can tell me about later.

Canadian peoples you’re SOL today but just remember I gave you a post on Victoria Day when really I should have been running the streets.

We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled foolishness tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day and shit.

And since so many of you are off work today, why not take a minute to vote for me to win a Black Weblog Award or four? Easy instructions and shit are right here

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  1. Max took a day off when she was actually not off. This is funny.

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