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See here’s the thing: I have always (and by always I mean for the last year and a bit) taken pride in the fact that – unlike other bloggers – I follow back just about everyone who follows me. And almost every blogger I talk to has told me that this is a bad idea, an unnecessary idea. That the tweets of the people I actually know will get lost in the vortex of tweets by people I don’t know who never speak to me on Twitter. But I refused to succumb to this. I insisted that not following people who follow me is rude and it sends a bad message that I want people to hear what I have to say but I have no interest in hearing what they have to say. And I’m just not comfortable with that.

But just look at this:

I’m now following over 600 people on my “personal” @maxfab account and it’s just way too fucking much. I can’t keep them straight – I’m following at least 5 different people whose handles are some variation of Reecie or Ree Ree – and looking at my timeline is starting to make me twitch. It’s just too fucking much. And I’m going to guess that about 60% of those people are readers of this blog whom I rarely tweet to or receive tweets from. Meanwhile the official twitter account of this blog @max_logic is languishing away with just 193 followers. And I know that people choose to follow @maxfab over @max_logic because I don’t say anything much on the blog twitter but still…it’s just too fucking much.

So here’s the thing: I hate to do it but over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to be unfollowing an assload of people on my maxfab account. Anyone whose names is unfamiliar and whom I have no recollection of ever interacting with is getting unfollowed. Also annoying people will be unfollowed, but that’s neither here nor there. Everyone I unfollow on maxfab I will follow on @max_logic and I will make an effort to actually tweet from that account.

Sidebar: this is going to take forever. I need an assistant to do this for me! Any volunteers?

Anyway. I apologize in advance to anyone I unfollow who is offended by that. I’ve already been called out in a list once for not following a follower and I felt like shit so I wrote this post to let you know I don’t mean anything by it. But it’s just too much for my poor over-worked brain to process. If I unfollow you and you are truly butthurt by it let me know and I will re-follow you. Sound fair?


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  1. just me says:

    Well I know you’re following me and I may get the axe, but I understand. If anyone else is all emo over it, then you don’t need to follow them anyway. Say no to the crazies!!! Lol

  2. Andrienne says:

    I’ve tweeted to you a few times and you’ve responded and I certainly appreciate it. My life is not overly interesting thus I don’t tweet very often. My feelings won’t be hurt if I don’t make the cut though. Do what you gotta do my girl. I will still read the blog.

  3. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    As a Twitter junkie……………….girl they were telling you the right thing and you should have listened the first time.


    You live and you learn. Your timeline will be clearer and maybe even fun once you finish weeding.

  4. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    I meant to put LOL after that listened the first time statement…….lol.

    And now that I’m aware you have an account… *follows*

  5. BP says:

    Good for you Max-babes! DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. I am all for cutting people, things, situations out of my life that cause me grief! #teamsanity!

  6. Danielle says:

    Oh delete me please IslaGurl. I am not a dedicated tweeter. Or however you say it. As long as I’m following you that’s fine. Occasionally I go through and delete people to. Cuz I don’t care about them lol.

  7. RedLady821 says:

    Clean house! Just don’t delete ME!

  8. Tellylonglegs says:

    Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do. I wouldn’t want you to unfollow me but if you did I would understand.

  9. Melanie says:

    Or… (another option because I had similar thoughts). You can use formulists.com (it’s free, too :-)). It will systematically tell you who talks to you, who retweets you, who you follow that doesn’t follow you back and who you don’t follow back that follows you. Those are the automatic lists that they have set as default. Then you can get creative from there if you want. The lists can be set to private or public, as well.

    Then I use tweetdeck, because unlike viewing twitter via the web it autofeeds (I don’t have to click refresh) and I can view multiple columns at once (better than the twitter tabs). I have an “all friends” column, that I look at if the people that I actually interact with (replyers & retweeters) don’t have much going on. Then there is the “mentions” column, “new followers” and dms. So, I’m not ignoring folks that really may want to interact, but I don’t have to sort through all the bs to see those that I already have relationships with.

    Oh… and most important. The formulist lists automatically update. So if you talk to someone that you haven’t talk to in the past, maybe someone that you don’t even follow you will start seeing their tweets, because you had interaction. You can follow them if you decide they are worth following or you can just not talk to them and they will eventually drop from that list.

    This might be a easier solution. Hope it helps!

    1. max says:

      I used to use Tweetdeck, but I just don’t like it. Plus at work I have to request admin access to install it and it’s just too many forms to fill out. I can’t be arsed with it.

      I am checking out formulists though – thanks for that!

  10. IrieDiva says:

    yeah i have to recommend tweetdeck too put all your fave people in one list and load a column just for them and voila everything gets clearer.

    i understand though, i get nervous sometimes when someone *awesome* follows me cus i wonder if i’ll bore them…then i remind myself that i’m awesome too so i wont trip lol

  11. Unlike you dear Maxie, I don’t have much of a life. Therefore I follow 1300 people. I know, I know, I know BUT my timeline is ALWAYS entertaining. Sometimes I miss tweets posted by some but I figure if they’re THAT great, they’ll get RT’d by a mutual follower and I’m bound to see it. If not, it wasn’t meant for my reading *shrugs*

    I don’t know about that advice about not following everyone who follows you though. It’s just common courtesy (aside from the obvious spammers of course). I read an article on Mashable today -> http://mashable.com/2011/05/15/twitter-tips-mashable-connect/ and tip # 1 was “listen, connect, share and engage”.

    And lists work great like Mel said. You can filter your followings.

    I’m constantly unfollowing and following. And that’s just me. I like variety *winks*

    Just don’t get like those “TwitterCelebs” as I like to call ’em…..y’know the ones with 2653 followers but are only following 34 people? They make their insignificance more significant.

    The way I see it, you can be great without trying so hard to be great.

    Have fun cleaning up!! xox

  12. Mel says:

    Might try hootsuite since tweetdeck isn’t for you. It’s url app no download.

  13. you better not delete me!

  14. Reecie says:

    uhm. well Reecie and reeciecups are my real life nicknames. hmph. lol

    but I feel this post and I definitely don’t follow every one that follows me initially. and like someone else said, I switch it up at times too. my page is locked so if theres is too they or I won’t see the tweets anyway. such is life.

  15. keisha brown says:

    *looks around and hopes max doesn’t voluntold me for this project…
    *unless she makes me more perogies…then i might consider it.
    tee hee….

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