The Power of Three


When I was growing up I read a story that contained a line that has stayed with me my entire life:

Once is funny, twice is silly, three times is spanking.

I don’t remember the context in which I read this – nor is that particularly important to the topic at hand – but for some reason that line has stayed with me and I recently realized that it pretty much summarizes my policy on egregious behaviour in the people I interact with.

See the first time someone I fuck with does something questionable I will likely brush it off as them just being them. I like to give people rope and I think anyone can have a selfish day. So I’ll let it slide without much fuss. The second time I’m going to get annoyed and I’m probably going to call them out. I’ll gently or jokingly let them know that I see what they did and I don’t like it. The third time? After the third time is when I give up hope with them. I may still sleep with see or speak to the person, but in my head I stop being invested in the relationship and inevitably allow it to die out.

I think that’s pretty normal. The three strikes you’re out policy probably exists in every group or relationship you’ll ever come across. But as I was mulling this over the other day trying to decide whether someone I care about has officially crossed the third line I realized that pretty much everything I do in life is governed by the power of three. It’s a random and possibly completely stupid thing to write about, but I thought I’d share with you a few of my rules of three:

3. It takes about 3 months of knowing me for my weirdness to come out and for me to stop being nervous around you.

3. I expect a man to make some type of move to see me after three conversations. If he doesn’t I wipe his throat.

3.  I must have at least three dates with a man I like before I’ll even consider giving up the buns.

3. Three inches is the maximum length allowance for anal.

3. When I’m feeling a dude and trying to get his interest, I’ll only give him three small signs before I give up on him altogether.

3. When I’m having an argument with someone, I pause for three  breaths before I go into a tirade. That’s their last chance to get out.

3. My favourite basketball call is the 3-second defensive violation that results in a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul.

3. I can only ever be interacting with 3 dudes at one time; one for talking, one to crush on, and one for chex.

3.I will give unheeded advice three times before I start just Kanye shrugging your stupid behaviour and bad life choices.

3. When I knock on someone’s door it is never more than three times. Three is all I need to ensure you heard me knocking you’re just moving slow to get to the door.

3. I have to have slept with a man at least three times for him to have a permanent place on my roster. Yes I girlcount  – and what?

And because I’m about three seconds away from falling asleep with my head crashing into my laptop I’m gonna stop there . Because I could go at this all night. Instead I’ll put it to you dear readers – does the number 3 have any special significance in your life? What do you have to do in threes? Anyone else relying on a different number to carry then through? Be random with me in the comments.





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  1. Sade says:

    As I scrolled down, I noticed that this is article 333.


    1. max says:

      Ah that’s amazing! I didn’t even know that!

  2. Larry says:

    I agree with point #3. We’re definitely on the same page with that one.

  3. Lady Ngo says:

    I’m the 3rd comment

    Greek Speak—> I’m the third in my line which is name entwinted triptych since there’s 3 of us (duh lol)

  4. BGirl says:

    Well I was born on 9/3 so 3s kind of control my life too, and i like odd numbers. It’s fun to think about and I think some in your list of threes apply to me as well.

  5. Malik says:

    Using the three strikes as the standard, but the one sport reference you go to is fucking basketball? Damn Canadians.

    1. Jinx Moneypenny says:

      Don’t be damning us all willy-nilly sir!

      Or else we’ll come down there and take what we invented.


  6. funms says:

    Reading this post, i just realised i give people 3 chances also in my life…..after the 3rd time, i cut you off…..including female friends

  7. emti says:

    I give men three chances…if they’re bad in bed the third time it’s over.
    My first name means third born girl (but I’m an only child)
    I was born in the third month
    My spiritual practice states that if you wrong someone you apologize no more than three times and then you forgive yourself.

  8. O_D says:

    Wow max you just opened up a new world for me. I could be overthinking but damn this makes so much sense with some social things that are going on with me right now. Also can’t wait to read that chase article as I’m really in position to learn a lot from that as well. >>Rrrrrrgggh WOW I just thought about this chick I saw in the grocery store I work in. I hurt myself for not chasing her but honest to god she gave me EXACTLY 3 chances but I wasn’t sure how to read it in the moment.

    You just blew my mind, again.

    Is the 3 strike rule really a standard amongst girls when dating though? What if it’s just really hard to match work/school schedules?

  9. Gemmie says:

    i, too, live by the power of 3. never really thought about it until now. not sure why i do it. 3 just seems like a perfect number to me. just enough chances to get something right before you move on.

    i do many of the things you listed. i guess its part of my somewhat compulsize behavior to have order and limits.

  10. Cheekie says:

    I think all good things come in 3s. lol

    1. Cheekie says:

      Hit “post” before I could add some examples. Good things that come in 3s: Charm (as in “3rd times the…”), Musketeers, legs, etc.

  11. RedLady821 says:

    I will repeat myself 3x to my kids. After that I take away something they love. I have come 3x during sex. I want 3 cats, (right now I have two but I think 3 is purrrfect) HA! The power of 3 is awesome. It takes 3 licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. How’s that for random?

  12. This comment is sponsored by the number 4…

    I’m the 4th of 5 children.
    I let a phone ring 4 times before I hang up. I hate leaving messages.
    I knock 4 times on the door.
    I like to say I stick to the 3 strikes rule, but I usually give the offending person one more chance before I cut them off for good. Four chances to eff it all…
    Four long strokes, four deep throats. lol. Just wanted to try my hand as a hip-hop lyrics writer…

    1. max says:

      I do the 4 rings thing too.

    2. Southern Poise says:

      “Four long strokes, four deep throats. lol. Just wanted to try my hand as a hip-hop lyrics writer…”

      lol…it works… I’d buy it.. lol

  13. Southern Poise says:

    I’ve been in 2 long-term relationships, 1 marriage to 3 Scorpios—> my limit

    I too, can only date up to 3 guys at a time (currently)… not chex’g any of them at this time

    I have 3 kids—> my limit…not that it’s any of your busy, but 2 of them belong to the Scorpios I was married to.

    And 3 is the limit I will call my kids from another room before I get my lazy but up to ask them “didn’t you hear me calling you?” ANSWER: no…. o_O

    Also my limit for telling them to do anything… then all hell breaks loose.

    3 is as many rings that I will let the phone ring before hanging up. …if it wasn’t important. If I’m important you’lll call back… if not, it’s whatever.

    Makes sense, this power of 3 phenomenon.

  14. keisha brown says:

    wait. did you just kanye shrug? don’t you hate the kanye shrug?
    #kanyeshrug. 😉

  15. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    I personally don’t have a special number, 3 or otherwise. But it’s interesting to read about the special numbers among y’all.

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