1.5 Inches of Pleasure

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So a few weeks ago my friend C (hi C!) called me up asking if I’d heard of a company called Lelo . I hadn’t, and proceeded to check out their site at his urging and discovered that they are the creators of some pretty fancy um, personal pleasure objects. After spending about five minutes digging around their site, I knew that I needed what they make in my life.

See the thing is, although I am a champion self-pleasurer, my arsenal of toys is sorely limited. This is partly because in general, I prefer to keep my nail painting au natural, but also because I am cheap about things like this. So the toys I own were gifts/prizes and therefore do not meet my exact specifications.

Until now.

I hit up the good folks at Lelo and asked them to send me a demo object to review and they promptly sent me their Mia model. Also known as the “lipstick vibrator”, it’s tiny but it packs a mean punch. You can check out the beautiful and poetic description on their site right here, but suffice it to say that, with the Mia in your life, you can be the living version of Janet Jackson’s “Anytime Anyplace”. And what could be better than that?

This thing is tiny, but it does a lot. For one thing, it charges in your USB so you will never have the issue of needing a jolt and all your batteries are dead, which is what happens to me every single time I hit up my goody drawer. For another, the Mia is powerful. It has four speeds and the two fastest ones are serious tings; as I said in the video – it’s like having your own personal jackhammer with you at all times. If that’s what you’re into.

Because of Miss Mia, my lenten vow went completely out the window because the minute I got it I went to town. And also because I had five slip ups before the Mia arrived. But we’re not talking about it right now. Mia and  I have become so close in fact that she has taken up permanent residence in my purse (thank God it comes with a travel case so I don’t have to be embarrassed if someone happens to glance in my bag) and is frequently pulled out when the combination of a closed office door and a boring ass conference call gets me thinking.

Okay I’m kidding about that last part. But the point is, even if – like me – you’re not into vibrators, this is a very dope vibrator to own. Ladies, buy this for your girls and Men um….buy this for your girls. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

What about you ladies – do you play with toys or are you more of a use what God gave you type? Do you doubt a teeny tiny vibrator like Mia can deal with the case? Will you be trying it out? It’s not Friday, but overshare a bit in the comments.

And thanks again to my new best friends at Lelo for gifting me with the Mia. I think I’m in love.

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  1. I have been going into Seduction on Yonge St on an almost weekly basis the past few months just to stare at their Lelo display. I can’t justifiably spend $200 on my dream toy, Soraya (that’s how much it costs in the store) but I might be able to justify $109 on it via amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/Lelo-LELO7-XELO1581-Soraya-Vibrator/dp/B004AZPYKC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1304309496&sr=1-1 )… I mean look at it! It has a handle!

    So when my tax return comes in. My life is about to be changed.

  2. This bad boy had been in my rotation for the last year and a half. He tops the list at #2 and is the perfect travel companion!! Lol! Seriously though, the Lelo is perfect and certainly packs a punch. (Love the usb charge)

    Bring on the toys in between the boys 😉 … Unless of course your boy likes to watch!

  3. Thanks for the review. I’ve been accompanying “Dreamer” on her Seduction trips and have personally had my eye on the “Liv” model. In hot pink. (yeah… that’s happening.) It’s good to know that Lelo is reliable for someone who’s not trying to sell it to me.

    May have to try “Mia” out though… my little pocket toy is on the fritz. Thanks for the review!

  4. Looked at the line and I must say they have some nice products. Almost fainted looking at the 18k gold though. Wonder what its like to have that on your special place?

    Have fun ladies!

  5. Toys werent really my thing until they were introduced to me. But now I have the Elise and I kinda love it.

  6. Can I tell you that my eyes widened and I almost dropped my coffee on the train when you mentioned the toy at work. I was sittin’ there like “Max be rubbin’ em out at work?!!?!?!” then I saw it was a joke. You got me.lol.

    I actually 100% support men buying vibrators for their girls. It can be a magical addition to the arsenal of goodness.

    1. ““Max be rubbin’ em out at work?!!?!?!””

      I haven’t even asked, but I’m gonna bet that she (and lots of other women) totally has before. I definitely have. Slow days/mostly empty office ftw. And when it’s not… well, bathroom break. lol

  7. “You never know when you might need to rub one out”. This had me cracking up! Thanks for the update. Looks like Lelo is the Sharper Image of toys.

  8. Hahaha! The batteries comment about Mum Max killed me.

    About 2 years ago for Christmas, my friend gave me a butterfly vibrator.

    And baby wipes.

    *dry face*

  9. I’ve been known to make things happen in an empty office on a slow work day before. #justsayin.

    I switch it up–sometimes with the assistance of toys, sometimes not mostly both. I’m in the market for something new so I will check this site out. thanks for the review, Max.

  10. Sigh. In recent months I have painted my nails in public and bought a vibrator….all for the first time. And its all because of THIS blog. I feel like such a woman! Thanks a bundles!! Anyways….being that I’m now a TRUE believer in the toy and its greatness…I’ll be purchasing a Mia asap! And weirdly enough, I love lipstick. Perfecto combo!!

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