The Beautiful Backshot


We have another Nasty Friday guest post this week courtesy of @AO1379 who is paying homage to the wonderful backshot. Give him a warm and nasty welcome.

There are many views that take your breath away. The view of Acropolis cannot be described in words; the same can be said of Atlas Mountains in Morocco or the Nepalese range led by the imposing Mount Everest. At least one of these views will be on every traveler’s bucket list. For the sheer beauty of the view or the feeling of finally seeing a hyped view, millions will pay a king’s ransom to see these views. Yet in my opinion there is one simple view that compares to the great views listed. The beauty is this view comes at little or no cost most of the time. It is the sight of a woman’s backside, naked, ready to be penetrated from behind.

Known by many names, the “Back Shot” position is one of the most delirious sexual positions known to man. Simply described, it is the position where a man positions himself behind his partners and inserts his dick into the woman’s pussy from behind. In this position, she is usually bending over something or on her hands and knees. My ex was particularly good for this. She has a soft rounded butt, the type that moves gently in jeans when she walks. From the day she took off her clothes the first time, there was no other position. As I type, I remember my birthday many years ago. We were at a pub, had one too many drinks, and she whispered that I accompany her to the toilet. In one move she was kissing my earlobe and her hand wandered to my cock. As I felt her hard nipples and wet pussy, she turned her back to me and lifted her blue cotton dress. All I saw in this dark toilet was the sight of light soft mounds of flesh, parted thighs urging my hard cock in. I slid into her as she steadied her hands, one on the wall and the other on the floor. The sight of me thrusting and spanking her at the same time was priceless. The power and control I felt cannot be described in words.

I thought this was the ultimate experience till I fucked my banker friend. She had a butt designed by Picasso, I knew her in her student days, silently hoping to give it to her at one point. One thing led to another, she fell for me. We decided to make it memorable, so off we went in a group of five to spend a weekend somewhere far from home. She wore nothing under her dress, and came to my room tipsy from doing a bottle of Vodka. She slipped her dress down, held the chair with her back to me and said two words: “fuck me.” I was like a maniac released. I banged her hard and fast, spanked her butt without respect. All I heard was the noise she made. We grunted and moaned till we woke our friends. She put both hands on the floor and raised her butt; I thrust in and out like it was the final act of my life story. As I remember this now, my dick still hardens, a sign this article must be completed quickly.

I’ll close with my third memorable back shot. Someone I met on a social network. We flirted shamelessly, me using a pseudonym. We took it to private messages, and quickly moved to Blackberry messaging. She was a work of art, with the mind of a slut. She teased me till I couldn’t take it anymore. So I got on a plane and went to her city. She dodged out of work and came to my hotel in black heels and a short skirt. I didn’t even say hello. I just grabbed her and kissed her hard, rubbing my hands on her boobs and seeking her pussy. Her pussy was not just wet, it was hot as well. Then she made the request, and I obliged. She bent holding the edge of the bed, and I put my cock in her. Hearing her gasp made me feel like a man. Then she started moving against me. Back and forth, up and down.  For once I didn’t have to move, she fucked me silly. Then I took over. Pulling her hair so she could look at me, slapping her ass till it echoed loudly, slamming her till she started begging for more. In all of this, we tore her skirt, and she had to return to work. We were at it for another month till our paths drifted.

And with that, my mind drifts to these special women and the amazing back shots they gave to me. And I know I can’t put pen to paper again. Someone’s ass will pay for this article. Let’s hope she gets turned on enough after reading this.

What do you guys think about backshots? Is it among your favourite positions? What do you like best about backshots? Overshare with me in the comments.

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  1. Jodibankss says:

    Well damn! I was turned on by the visuals of the author and picture.

    Sure wish I had a fatter backside. I do love a good dugout & spanking……..

  2. Starita34 says:

    Of the very limited positions that I am familiar with, this is my favorite by far…and as a bonus, ass or no ass it’s no ass, I think I look good bent over from behind, so that always helps 🙂

    Great visuals…this will surely help me sleep tonight.

  3. ChloeRayne516 says:


    MMmmmmmm. this is my favorite position… Face Down Azz Up!!!

    When dude is giving me the bizness deep and extra rough from behind whiile pulling my hair and/or slapping my right or left azz cheecks while saying all kinds of inexplicable ish to me…..


    I’m a firm believer in giving “Back” so most times I will tell ole boy “Baby don’t move just stand right there — I got this” with a wink and my coy smile then I give him my “Red Light Special”




  4. iriediva says:

    dang. this makes me wish i had at least some ass? #noassatall

    i have great backshot memories, its one of my favourite positions even tho something in my womb keeps bawling out when i’m at it…but i always wished i had a nice fat ass in my jeans

    1. Starita34 says:

      I swear a small ass looks better bent over, I swear…video tape yourself (just for you) and you’ll see what angles look good. I HATE my small ass, but even I, liked how I looked bent over…try it out…

      1. Sam Sharpe says:

        Do you have a copy of this video for me? I won’t share it with anyone else. Promise. We can watch it together if you like.

        1. Starita34 says:

          Sure, when you and I are in the same room, we’ll watch it…how’s Neveruary 32nd for you? 😉

  5. funms says:

    got to take the squats more serious at the gym…..

  6. Briiz* says:

    Reading this early in the morning with this train vibrating under my ass is going to cause a flood. Backshots are my favorite. I like when it gets rough and he grabs my shoulders like he’s trying to climb all the way inside. Whoo!*fans self*

  7. LaLaBakir says:

    Well damn…

    Your description made the back shot sound so glorious, that I must i.e. when I have sex again, and who know when the hell that will be try it more often.

  8. Sam Sharpe says:

    Backshots give me life.

    There is nothing I enjoy more.

    And for the ladies with no ass: don’t worry, I (we men?) enjoy it all the same….

    …This was a great post. Got me planning my weekend’s activities. Again, backshots give life, beautiful backshot indeed

  9. RedLady821 says:

    It’s too early in the morning for this. I love back shots…now I want to go and get some, pronto, I’ve always been praised for the way I look from behind. One of my biggest compliments? “Your ass is looking CORRECT tonight!” Love it! Loved this post too.

    1. B_P says:

      “Correct”? Oooh I like that school jargon. That’s hawt!

  10. What do you guys think about backshots?

    i would go as far to say that anyone who doesn’t actively participate in backshots is really losing at [sexual] life.

    Is it among your favourite positions?

    not only is it among my favorite positions, it IS my favorite position. even if we run down the list of sexual positions i won’t feel like the act is complete if backshots aren’t including somewhere in there.

    What do you like best about backshots?

    the view and the sound. first a woman’s backside doesn’t HAVE to be that rotund. if she knows what she’s doing and can work it then it shouldn’t matter. the experience will be one in the same. the sound of skin slapping against skin is unparalleled.

    also the best position for backshots IMO is with her standing bent over the bed with her head in a pillow and me from behind putting in major work.

    good post.

    1. “the sound of skin slapping against skin is unparalleled.” <- Yes, dammit, yes.

      Geezus. I'm on late shift today. This is going to be a helluva long day.

      *sighs deeply*

  11. Capricorn says:

    Wow. Were you in my bedroom last night?

    The sound, the feeling, the hair pulling, the feeling of power, feeling his strong arms pull my hips back towards him. . feeling the wetness all over my azz . . . .

    Uhhh, lemme make a phone call . .

  12. @JM5184 says:

    When it is round and has some good proportion to it, there is nothing better.

  13. Menelaus says:

    I feel like backshots are like the rodeo of sex. You have to train in order to stay on the bronco long enough. Every now and then I may have to be like, “Wait, we’re going too fast” while other times I feel like, “I’m the juggernaut bitch”. But the point is it can go either way. One time this girl told me that she couldn’t have sex from behind because the guys couldn’t handle it. You know what I said, “Prove it.” I found out why, but it didn’t have much to do with her, it was the fact that the way her back arched and her cheeks spread and the perfection of the aesthetics of her vagina, I would have came off just that alone. I just told myself, “Hold your head J, hold your head.” I rode it out for maybe 4 songs on the CD…

    1. Oh. There’s no way I can take more than 2 songs….

    2. Sam Sharpe says:

      “it was the fact that the way her back arched and her cheeks spread and the perfection of the aesthetics of her vagina, I would have came off just that alone. I just told myself, “Hold your head J, hold your head.” I rode it out for maybe 4 songs on the CD…”

      LOL. Haven’t we all been there. I don’t think women understand the importance of the optics of this situation. I’ve come dangerously close to spilling the beans before the roast is cooked just on that basis alone.

      Is there some way to get a backshot exhibit at the ROM? Or Smithsonian (for Yankees up in here)

  14. Ahh, the awesomeness of the backshot. It was while receiving backshots that I realized I could make my ass clap. Before then, I had no reason to even try to see if I could. I can… I received a standing ovation that night. Oh, the memories…

    I think men in general love looking at a woman’s ass during sex. This is why the reverse cowgirl is another favorite of mine. You can fuck him silly and give him a great show all at the same time.

  15. Capricorn says:

    *taking notes for tonight*

    Max, I love you for this blog!!

    great post. excellent post. celibacy is cruel. that is all.

  17. QueenT says:

    I love the backshots. My favorite position of all.

    You get nasty over here on this blog. I like it. lol

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