I had sex today

th_I had sex today

Yes, there are a lot of good reasons to love sex. But one of the things I love the most about sex is the sentence that pops into my head every so often after I have it: I had sex today.

I love walking around knowing I’m freshly fucked. It’s a lovely little nasty secret that leaves me with a permanent smirk on my face. Nothing puts a smile on my face better than knowing I had sex this morning, 5 minutes before I wrote this post this afternoon or yesterday. There’s more than a little pleasure in that grunt of pain I give every time I get up because my hips are sore after having had a man between them a couple hours ago. I love the post-sex shudder I get when I remember that yes, he did touch me here and oh wasn’t it lovely when he touched me there?

More than anything else, recent sex has the ability to transport me from wherever I am. One minute I’m giving my underling shit for not knowing the difference between an introstitial and an interstitial and the next….I’m remembering the feeling of him holding onto my shoulders and pushing himself deeper into me. I’m bowling with my co-workers and the weight of the ball in my hand brings me back to earlier today when his balls were in my mouth.

Unlike smut, which is a conscious decision on my part to make my love come down, the sex flashbacks are involuntary, impromptu and much more vivid. Don’t get me wrong, you guys know I love my smut and it definitely gets the job done, but there’s something about being able to still see his arms flexing with the effort of holding himself up as he slow strokes me, to still feel his slightly-rough fingers gently grazing my nipples, to still hear him whispering “I love your pussy” that just…sends me.

Unfortunately, like everything else good in life, that post-sex stupor has a shelf life of about 48 hours before I go back to my regular state of horniness. But while I’m in it, I’m untouchable. Nothing can get me down and the world is bright and rosy because I…had sex. And it was fucking great.

Oh and speaking of sex, since so many of you told me you liked the baby-making music in Monday’s post,  I’ve got another good one for you. Check it out here and use it as a soundtrack for your Nasty Friday nail painting.

But what do you guys think? Do you love the freshly-fucked feeling as much as I do?  What little random things do you love about sex? Do what the fuck we do on Fridays – overshare.

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  1. yep. i agree with everything you wrote. from the involuntary flashbacks of the way her ass looked and her pu$$y opened up as she bent over to the sounds of her calling my name and telling me how deep i am. the only thing i don’t agree with is the post fucking euphoria only lasts about half a day before i’m horny again. *shrug*

  2. Melissa says:

    I agree. I love walking into work knowing that I’ve already had a better day than everyone in the office has. Or meeting my parents for lunch knowing what I was doing just an hour or two before. The feeling doesn’t last 48 hrs for me tho. In fact, thinking about it and remember it makes me want it again.

  3. Blackbuttafly says:

    I had sex last Friday and then again on Monday. The Friday sex was with the ex I should have stopped messing with a long time ago, but fucked him out sheer pity. It was wack.

    Then on Monday I had Sex with a dude I had sex with 5 yrs ago ( but sadly didint really remember it except for his signature move which was *gasp* at the time but i didnt really appreciate it and it was when I really just had sex to please them and not myself).

    But this time around….he wanted to make it memorable. he fucking blew my mind and my back out. I was thinking about him for daaaaaaays. Too bad he lives in Chi cuz he could be my FB for real. His Richard filled me up and out. H

  4. privatedancer says:

    Damn this just reminded me that being boo’d up for damn near a decade and having live in dick makes me take the freshly fucked feeling for granted. Not for nothin but when you get it so regular and it is so readily available gettin it in is just a part of the day…I find that because I get tapped on the regular instead of reminising over how good it was I tend to catch myself fantasizing about how good I am about to get it when I get home!
    But I feel ya tho…because I do remember when the hubby and I first started hooking up I would come into work the next day just cheesin’ w/ the only kool-aid grin on my face… knowing that my back was blown last night/this morning and probably because he was my boss! ha #bangintheboss

  5. Cheekie says:

    *daps you all up*


    1. LaLaBakir says:

      #TeamMaxie FTW

      I live vicariously through her

      1. Starita34 says:

        ^^^This right here…I just watch her like a movie…
        *wide eyed awe* “then what happened Max? I want details!” cause I haven’t even seen a dick in over a year *sad panda*

      2. Piu says:

        Posted on Thanks guys. For some reason I just got the e-mail on these conmemts so Sawyer, I hope you did play it for your wife on V-Day and I hope it accomplished whatever your goals were at the time.

  6. dblcr says:

    *slow clap*

  7. average chick says:

    This post is the reason why I love your writing.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Soooo true.. the flashbacks are on point. I’ll be at work and get a vision and butterflies in my stomach. Making me want more when I get home.

    Great post

  9. Studley says:

    Good post today Max! Good or bad sex, you always remember it either way. Good sex makes you smile, bad sex gives you a screw face.

  10. Tangy says:

    Gosh I miss that feeling!

  11. MsEsquire77 says:

    YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this post and I share your sentiments. I especially love sex in the morning before work. My job makes my soul weary but the flashbacks keep a smile on my face even when I’m stuck at court 🙂

  12. AllTruMan says:

    Fantastic post Max! As a man, I love basking in the glory of GOOD sex. Everything about it! The immediate ecstacy, watching the woman walk away a little bow-legged after i put in work, the scent in the room, the image of myself doing my best Incredible Hulk pose in the bathroom mirror and replaying the sexual images in my head over and over throughout the day. However, it only last for about 24 hrs because I still have the sex drive of a 16 yr old boy!

    1. Starita34 says:

      This whole comment made me smile so wide, thanks. #HulkSmash

  13. Menelaus says:

    What about when you got to take a shower with a scouring pad because you feel that dirty for what happened last night?

    Maybe that’s just me.

    1. naw its not just you. i’ve definitely been there before.

      1. max says:

        Oh but feeling dirty at the hands of the right man is such a wonderful thing.

        1. Satya says:

          *agrees 110%*

  14. streetztalk says:

    Feelin good like some head on a Sunday afternoon…

  15. I agree with all of this, every comment… except Dr. J. Do men have that dirty feeling more often than women, since so many of you will lower your standards for pussy? j/k… kinda.

    You know what’s really awesome? When you walk into work, sit down at your desk, and you can still feel him from the great sex that morning? Mmmmm….

    1. do men really lower their standards more than women?

      1. Eh, I think its about even. Women lower standards for relationships, and men lower standards for the potential of good pussy (chick with a big butt, thick thighs, small waist, and butta face… lol.). It happens…

        1. J to the... says:

          I totally agree with that ms. We do. The lust over a womens body is crazy. But I will say, I have put that stuff aside when it has been about a relationship. Most of the physical goes out the window. I mean there needs to be an attraction, but I do not need to have what most need in order to wife a woman up. I need core morals/values first.

  16. sanen85 says:

    *sigh* I miss that feeling.

    However, congrats to you (and Shonnerz with her regular thronxings)!

  17. J says:

    i love walking into work and seeing all of the miserable folks that do not get it on the regular, or act like it at that. I also love going home during lunch for a quick 15-20 min romp while getting food /shower and returning. it can definitely keep things fun. Last week I came home during lunch, she was home waiting and my cousin(female) was visiting for all star weekend. we went in the room and did it while my cousin laughed her ass off on the couch. fuck it im grown. my favorite thing is when our sexual energy is so compatible that we just both want it more and more all the time. My current situation is definitely KINTETIC! we get it in more than we sleep sometimes. Its always fresh and new and we keep it simple. BE PASSIONATE when you do the nasty. Fuck all that other bullshit. BE IN THE MOMENT AND FEEL IT ALL!

  18. PrincessZen says:

    I love the feeling of being sore and remembering why that is ..makes me 🙂 lol

  19. damn you. and i cosign everything you said. however, really, really, really, good sex can keep me in the land of euphoria for weeks.

  20. Capricorn says:

    I loved walking back into work after a midday “snack”. The “meal” would just replay over and over and over in my head, plus I could still smell him on my shirt, so the rest of the work day went by in a hurry.

  21. Why oh why isn’t this video posted here!!!

    Lonely Island ft Akon I Just Had Sex


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