I Could Date a Broke Man


I could date a broke man.

In these days and times of women who are out there doing it for themselves, climbing the corporate ladder and pocketing fat paycheques, that’s not a phrase you hear every day. Or any day, really. These days, women need to be with men who are educated and professional and earning cheques even fatter than their own. They don’t just want that, they need it. And I just don’t get that at all.

What a man does for a living or how much money he earns has never been of much interest to me. I do like to extrapolate things about his personality from his occupation, but other than that….it just doesn’t matter to me. As a matter of fact, for the first four years or so of my 11-year dalliance with should-be right dude, I had no clue what he did from 9 to 5; and the only reason I was even interested was that he refused to tell me.

The way I see it – the way I’ve always seen it – is that I don’t want anything I can’t get for myself. I don’t like hook-ups, I don’t want you to give me a ride anywhere, and no I don’t want to borrow that from you. I only feel comfortable accepting generosity from people I really trust; people to whom I am also generous, other than that, I prefer to get it done on my own steam. In relationships, I’m even worse. I don’t want a man to pay for my dinner, get me a drink, or buy me a gift (although I will allow a man to do all that stuff for me because refusing it is bad for business, but that’s another post for another day). Even if you’re Mr. Max, I still don’t want you passing me something to tide me over til payday, grabbing that for me on my way home, and hell no I don’t want to go half on a house for you. I’m good – I’ll get it myself. And if I can’t, I’ll do what I have to do to get it or I won’t. Either way, I don’t want a man to give me anything, because that which is given can also be taken away.

You can blame my upbringing on this, I guess. Without divulging all my parents’ business, let me say that I grew up in a house where it was very clear that he who made the money made the rules. And while I was never particularly ambitious as a kid (that didn’t kick in til I was well into my twenties) one thing I knew was that when I grew up I was going to make my own money so that I could do what the fuck I want with it and no one can ever tell me no. And that’s exactly what I did. I’m not a millionaire, but I do very well, considering. And I take pride in that. When I look around my home, filled with things that I chose because they suit me and paid for with my own money, it makes everything worthwhile. Because it’s mine.

I guess this is why it baffles me to hear women speak so adamantly about the degrees their men should have, the amount of zeros his paycheque should include, the size of the house he must be able to buy and the contributions he makes to his RRSP’s (that’s 401K’s for my American peeps). Everywhere I go I hear women unilaterally ruling out men who make anything below such-and-such amount because of what they think that says about the man, without ever considering what it says about them that this kind of arbitrary shit is so fucking important to them.

I’ll concede the point that if you are making a good money as a single woman you can have a good lifestyle. And if you marry a man who is making equally good money you can have a great lifestyle. Whereas if you marry a man who only makes decent money, your life’s potential is a bit more limited. But I guess I just don’t get why that matters so much. If you marry a man who makes less money but has more time to spend with you and your family, isn’t that worth knocking 1,000 square feet off your dream house?

So yeah I can date a broke dude, because I don’t need things from a man. Nor do I want them. What I need from Mr. Max is support and encouragement. Humour and delight. Illumination about the subtleties of books and hip hop and basketball. Encouragement. A kick in the ass when I’m fucking up and a hush mama when I’m being dramatic. Dirty talk, sex and…more sex. Lots more sex. And you can get that shit just as easily from a broke dude as you can from a rich dude.

But what about you, dear readers? How important are finances to you in potential partners? Have you dated someone broke? Would you? Could you? Speak on it in the comments.

Oh and shout outs to @HoneyMatthews and @MastermindLive for graciously allowing me to twitterjack their conversation yesterday which led to this post.

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  1. Andrienne says:

    At the moment my s/o makes considerably less $$$ than I do and I’m ok with that. I am more than capable of taking care of myself and have never needed or wanted someone to “take care of me”. I’m more concerned if he’s going to be a good father and a good husband. Money can’t make him either of those things.

  2. TKO-Curly says:

    OK so while I agree that what your partner makes shouldn’t be a problem. But this still creates tension in a relationship because even though the women is willing to date a broke dude some where down the line the broke dude is going to start ego trippin that his woman makes more than him cause he feels less of a man because he can’t provide for his woman……….which is bs to me cause if you fu!cking me on regular im good……really really really GREAT. I feel that society creates all these damn gender norms thats bs which affects these kind of relationships and relationships in general.

    I’m looking for a man that can hold a conversation with me on the regular, support me in whatever I do and see’s me as his equal thats all…….and I will do the same for him.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Yes I can. When I met my husband he had no car, a child with another women and working at factory. Now we own our new house, married and he makes more than I do and I make great money.
    I loved him and I didnt care if he made less money than me. My patents thought I was crazy
    But We grew together and now we have great things. Ppl can’t say money doesn’t matter. Cause it does. It can break or make a marriage.
    U just have to work together and have faith and live in ur means.

    Great post Max

  4. Menelaus says:

    Max can date a broke man. Hell, a lot of women could date a broke man. But lesbihonest, chances are it’s not going to happen.

  5. Humble_One says:

    I’m very surprised to see a woman say this. I’m shocked Max. Whenever I say this type of stuff woman look at me crazy. I grew up in a household where my mom made more than my father. My grandmother, aunts, etc all had men that made more or were housewives. My experience from growing up seeing both sides is that what your partner makes is irrelevant to a certain degree. In 2011 a man should be looking for a woman to hold her just as she should be looking for a man that can hold his own. The way I see it, if I get hurt, fall off, whatever she should be in a position to hold the family down just as I should be in the same position to do so.

    Now some men may have a problem with a woman making more than him. Some men still define their manhood by being able to take care of an adult woman, how much money he has, and how he can control women. Never mind the fact that we have women as CEO’s and high ranking politicians. IMHO these guys are ego’s are very fragile because their manhood is based on something women can do for themselves.

    The issue that may come with income discrepancy is when the party that makes less isn’t supportive and they’re selfish. I’ve seen this happen and it’s typical of women with Princess Syndrome and men that are spoiled mama’s boys.

  6. Max, you could date a broke man, but would you marry one? I guess what I’m wondering, and what I think a lot of people wonder is, why are you broke? There’s really no excuse for being broke when you’re over 30. Having a job that you love that doesn’t pay very well is different from being broke. Being broke, perpetually, says something about how you’ve decided to construct your life.

    When you’re on your own, and you’re getting by on Ramen noodles during the week so that you can save your money to go out on a dutch date with Max on the weekend, it’s all gravy. But when you’re talking about getting married to Maxie, and buying a house to raise your kids in, or buying a car to drive your kids around in, or just contributing to the general expenses of the household, I’m not so sure you could be with a broke person in that sense.

    I think all women can date broke men in theory. Most don’t though because they couldn’t picture themselves being with one for the rest of their lives. So to avoid falling in love with a broke man, they just don’t date broke men.

    1. MsEsquire77 says:

      I agree about needing to define “broke”. Not having a lot of disposable income is vastly different than living at your mama’s house because you have bad credit.

      My man and I work for the same law firm (different offices). I’m a lawyer and he’s a paralegal so he obviously makes less than me. It doesn’t bother me a bit. We don’t go out often but when we do it’s generally on his dime. Other than that he’s an excellent cook and we have a great time together just watching tv, walking in the park, him playing his sax for me, etc.

      I have no doubt that he’d make a great husband and father. I’m sure he would do whatever it took to make a comfortable life for our family and I’m more than willing to do my part also. Marriage is a team effort.

    2. Ashley says:

      OMG I was just talking about that with a friend last night! And I came to the conclusion that yes, I could date a broke man, but could I marry one? Probably not (but I also don’t view marriage as something that HAS to happen in my life, as long as I have companionship). And you’re right, you also have to define broke. I could date a man that makes less than me, but a perpetually broke man screams low ambition to me.

    3. Satya says:

      I agree with this comment 100%. I work in the non- profit sector which means I do not have a great deal of disposable income, but I am not broke. I wouldn’t mind dating a man that is in the same sector. I can’t honestly say i’d want to marry a man that made less than me. If he gets injured or looses his job my income can sustain two people, but not children. I absolutely want children and want to be with someone that can help me create a comfortable life-style.

  7. funms says:

    I can definitely date a broke man, i have a pretty good job that can take care of us if need be so if he is broke, no problem. However, i can not date a broke man with no ambitions or outlook that shows he is actually trying his best to make it

    1. B_P says:

      I will place my cosignage here. If I may add I can definitely marry a broke man if he is breaking my back in my biggest cheerleader. I can’t have a man that is dare I say *jealous* of all my accomplishments.

  8. ChloeRayne516 says:

    Oh man!!!

    Maxie, sweetie. I am currently dating a financially challenged man and I have to be honest IT’S THE PITS!! He’s a good dude but I can’t remember the last time we’ve been out on his dime.. And I am starting to fade to black because I came to the realization, it’s not for me because it’s not what I am accustomed too and we’ve had our arguments where he would call me Boughie, Saddity, High Maintenance and I

    1. ChloeRayne516 says:

      And you know what he may be right BUT I pay the cost to be all of those things and I shouldn’t have to apologize for it.

      (Sorry I am commenting from my blackberry)

    2. Streetz says:

      This comment is my main reason why I waver on this topic. I think its great in theory. Practice is another issue. One of those double standards on men side that will be prevalent.

      1. ChloeRayne516 says:


        1. Streetz says:

          “He’s a good dude but I can’t remember the last time we’ve been out on his dime.. ”

          Resentment. The killer of all relationships.

          1. ChloeRayne516 says:

            Resentment. Killa of Relationships….

            Yes. Yes. Yes.

            But the resentment/anger is more at myself for letting it go on for as long as it did, I found myself changimg who I was and falling back on certain things that made me happy just to appease him so to speak.

            I knew what he DID NOT HAVE going into to this but I had no intentions on dating him for this long (Mind Blowing Chex will get you every time) *shakesHead*

            You Live and you Learn.

    3. Mrs.Brightside says:

      I’ve been in that same situation where at first it’s cool, in your head you’re like money doesn’t make the relationship we can do free activities together or I’ll pay. Then you realize that you start having to sacrifice things that you just don’t want to. You know you deserve more and even though he’s a good guy he’s not trying to give you those things or his plans for trying to get you these things are unrealistic.

      Seriously dating a broke man is like having a grown man child. They eat you out of house and home and the ignorant ones get comfortable and start to expect it. I can’t do it because the males that will let a woman take care of them without shame in my eyes is not a real man. I was taught that you aren’t grown until you start paying your own bills. I want a man not a boy.

      1. ChloeRayne516 says:

        “Seriously dating a broke man is like having a grown man child. They eat you out of house and home and the ignorant ones get comfortable and start to expect it.”

        This. Right. Here.

      2. thetooshy1 says:

        I’ve been there before…bought the t-shirt and the coffee mug…..at first it starts out as being a good friend and girlfriend….ya know stand by your man sort of thing….but the ignorant one will begin to take advantage of the situation and get comfortable….bottom line there can be a fine line between…taking one for the team….to becoming a burden….this goes for man or woman….pull your weight.

        1. Oneal says:

          I deeply understand where the both of you are coming from I am a 36 yr old man livin at home with his mother and not by choice. Made of couple of bad choices now I’m payin for it. I choose not to pursue a relationship cuz I already know where it’s gonna end up. It might not be true but I’m not taking any chances because some women can be very cruel so I am enrolled in school takin up electrician so I can honestly say THIS AINT IT FOR ME I want a good woman to respect me like I should be respected. But what I don’t understand is some women can date a broke man and he really not tryin to do nothing with his life. I just think those type of men mess it up for men like me who is now a lil insecure now because I think women are going to reject the hell outta me when I could just date one of you and I’m pretty sure if you see me tryin hard (and I go hard everyday)you will help me get to where I need to be. I’m already a burden to my moms dont wanna put the weight on her or her…..GOD GOTTA PLAN FOR ME!!!

  9. Scndthought says:

    I agree there is no problem with dating and eventually marrying a man who is not on your level financially. As long as this man knows how to make his income work for him (this does not include living with your mom because she only charges you $100 for your bedroom) I will respect him and what he does. I am a big spender but all my bills are accounted for before I think about spending money. As long as he has the same mindset we are good.

    The other part of this is that he has to bring something to the table. As long as I don’t feel like I’m being used or what is going in the pot is not even from both sides it does not matter who makes more. But if I feel that he is content with not making more because I do but he has potential to make more he will hear it from me and often. Money is not most important but it plays a big role in most relationships.

  10. melissa says:

    yeah, i think the definition of broke is key here.

    i consider myself broke. i have a good paying job, but my condo, my car, trips and all the little luxuries that i afford to myself have made me broke! but broke here = not a lot of disposable income. so if the dude is like me, then it’s totally fine. the cost of living these days is way too high.

    but if broke means no job, no car, living with mom, playing video games all day, then that’s not cool. not because it means he can’t buy me stuff (which i don’t need), but it means that there’s no ambition and no drive, which says a lot about the kind of person he is.

    1. Starita34 says:

      Yes! Yes! Right there! DON’T MOVE! YESSSSSS!

  11. Reecie says:

    this is a great post. I agree with it in theory. but I know the type of life I want long term and as far as marriage, my husband can’t be broke. I mean…if we face the situation later because either one of us loses a job its one thing, but I want to go into the situation with a bright financial future–good/improving credit, savings, etc. so that we can enjoy the type of lifestyle we both want, and have a cushion if things go left later.

    I have always worked hard and I take pride in everything I’ve earned–I don’t need a man to buy anything for me–which is why I’ve been in relationships with “broke men” in the past, but looking towards the future–I know I wouldn’t marry one. He absolutely doesn’t have to make more money than me either–if he’s pursuing his passion (for example if he’s a teacher) but he does need to be fiscally responsible and going in we know what we are capable of doing as a team.

  12. RedLady821 says:

    Could not/would not date a broke man. Sorry, I have kids at home.

    1. RedLady821 says:

      …and when I say “kids at home” i’m saying that I would probably feel compelled to help him financially because he couldn’t help himself…I already have “kids” at home that I have to help financially because they can’t help themselves.

      Sleeping with a broke man is anti-climactic.


  13. JusMe says:

    I agree to an extent. He doesn’t have to be ballin or make more than me but, he does need to be able to hold himself up. He doesn’t have to support me. I got me and my daughter. (Though my current swears he wants to put my world on his shoulders.) But if you can take care of yourself, I’m good. And no, I don’t care what your occupation is. Blue collar or white collar. Legal or not. (Just don’t bring ur “business” around me or me around it if it’s not. Judge me, I don’t care.) I just ask that you not come to me every month for bill assistance.

  14. Berriblk says:

    I grew up in the same type of household and knew that I will be damned if I couldn’t do for myself. So no I don’t want to date a broke man, because I will be no man’s sugar mama, but like you I do not want people, especially men doing a damn thing for me. Everything comes with conditions and expectations whether we want them to or not. I want a man who can do for himself as I can.

    SN; Happy Birthday to me! I like to fere this day as “The Holiday” so go forth everyone and celebrate!

    1. Starita34 says:

      LOL, happy birthday.

    2. max says:

      Happy birthday!

  15. Melanie says:

    Determining a man’s worth by his financial portfolio is the worst idea ever in life. Life happens on the daily and finances change. As a woman I ask myself I’m I going to be able to like and love him without a stellar financial resume? How strongly does he identify with his ability to earn his income? How does he handle financial stress? Those are much more important than the number of zeros on his check. I’ve dated rich-rich men, rich-broke men, broke-broke men and broke-rich men. The amount of $$ is not the key. It’s about what he does to manage his time and finances. If he’s driving a “insert luxury vehicle of choice”, but washing his clothes at his mommas house, then no. I’m not interested in living that facade with a man. It’s about how he manages what he has and/or wants and what he places value on. And it’s about what he does to earn his money – I’m not interested in dating a man whose identity is directly connected to his ability to earn “x” amount of $$. When life hits, because it will… is he going to dip because he feels he’s less of a man? There are so many other determining factors related to finances – the number of zeros don’t matter. Oh! And I guess you can tell I approve of this post.

  16. MeteorMan says:

    Yo. I can’t date a broke woman. But my reason for saying that is different for the reaons a woman would say the same thing in reference to a man. To me, broke = you can’t do for yourself and/or make poor financial choices to adversely affect the people around you. You can make beaucoup de cash and STILL be broke.

    Women don’t want a broke man b/c they’re interested in what he could do FOR THEM. So at large, to women, broke = he’s limited in what he can do for her.

    I don’t want a broken woman because I want her to be able to do FOR HERSELF. If you’re grinding and just don’t have disposable income like that, to me, that’s not broke. Just look at the people in school. No you can’t afford that $200 purse/bag thingy but you’re in school. You’re taking care of business. But if you can’t cover your basic needs and do little stuff for yourself, then lady… you’re a loser… and I’ll lose by just being involved with you.

    I clearly don’t agree with the reasoning some women in know don’t date dudes they call “broke.” But there are extreme cases of women in deep with TRULY broke men: paying car notes, only one working, etc… (they are dude’s source of income and dude usually is still cheating on them)

    At the sametime, I can make a gazillion YEN a day. Who ever said your behind would benefit… at. all? I only may pay for you. Unless, you’re my lady. And would mean you actually contribute something substantial to my well being that doesn’t mean I’m going to pay to have emotions for you). Which would mean no one is counting… If I eat, we eat. No tit-for-tat. But if you’re my lady, you’re grinding anyway… You’ve already showed me that you don’t want a consumerist approach to our relationship. Oh yeah, did I say there was actually a relationship? If not, let me say this: there’s has to be a functional relationship. You’re not one of the females that factor in a guys financial status for personal gain. Why? b/c we’re both great on that level. I want to be able to sit back and be like There goes my baby – Usher.

  17. Hey Max!

    I’m still curious to know how you define “broke”, like we said yesterday, there is broke and “broke-ish”. From my experience I come most in contact with the “broke-ish” type (maybe I should aim higher, I dunno…?? lol).

    Anyhoo, Mr. Broke-ish is the one that has a nice lil income to support his responsibilities (vehicle and/or shelter, food, clothes), pays his bills, saves a little on the side for a rainy day and/or vacation, has enough to financially be spontaneous sometimes and can afford to treat a lady to a nice meal here or there (if he pleases). He’s not “balling” but he most def’ is no longer living cheque to cheque…

    Like you though, I’ve been raised with the strong woman “I don’t need no man” mentality (thanks mommy); that if I can do for myself then THAT is most important. Oh, and I NEVER ask anyone for anything that I can not get for myself… I can handle a broke-ish man, broke-ish men are alright with me. Usually to feel out a new guy I’ll go dutch on date #1, and foot the entire evening on date #3 by myself….If by date #2 he hasn’t taken the initiative to splurge on me, usually I can get a sense of his financial situation…or he’s just a cheapskate (one of the two).

    I do not think at this stage in my life though, that I deserve or even need some filthy rich guy to make me feel secure about his financial situation, but I do believe that if I intend on getting married (crossing fingers) and hopefully have my (5) children, that I’d have a man that is responsible enough to know that he and I share a duty of financially being able to provide for ourselves individually first, and as a team to take care of our needs/lifestyle and family as one unit.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not in way stating that money is everything, nor can it be compared to my love of a man with an amazing sense of humor, but I’d be silly to think that financial security is not important. Shoot, I’m thinking about pension and retirement these days (and I’m in my twenties. lol)

    So, Max….. I have no idea what sort of men you really like, but girl, I’M TELLING YOU, a broke man will turn you into their mother! Before you know it, you’ll be buying his boxer briefs, beer, paying for dinning out (everytime), buying his winter/spring wardrobe and sliding him a $10 for the barber (because you’re too embarrassed to bring his ‘no income having’ raggedy ass to meet your friends looking like Cruft McGruft while he stays home playing Madden and Call Of Duty on some full time hours…)….(maybe I’m exagerating, but trust me, if he’s BROKE, chances are he’s not employed)…

    I’ve been there one too many times Max, one too many Tuesday night movies.. One too many nights “chilling” at home watching dvd’s and having ‘I’m bored……” sex, because you’re monitoring your spending now that you have a big ol baby to feed.

    Don’t let me change your mind though, if you like “Broke Jokes” and carnation flowers, fine by me, but keep in mind there are men out there with enough money to take care of themselves, show you a good time and grab you those pretty lil tulips you love…too…(and vice versa). 😉

    /End Rant

    xoxo, Honey

    1. ChloeRayne516 says:

      Your comment…. Keeled Me Over!!!!!

      But you are so right though. *shakeshead*

  18. I could write a whole damn blog about this topic but, in short….I agree.

    And just to back up my opinion (not that I have to but I feel I should):

    I came from money. I married money. I owned a 3000 sq. foot home and drove a BMW and had a Porsche in my garage. Ex-Mr. LoveLippz worked his ass off for 10 out of the 11 years we were together. I wore brand names. My children wore brand names. But this all meant nothing in the end.

    Affection, love, communication, attention, being a husband and father, you know, the important things? They were missing. So after 11 years I finally left him. With the clothes on my back. I left the house, the rides, the brand names. And I started from scratch with nary enough for first and last month’s rent.

    My point? I’m happier today than I’ve ever been in my life. If Mr. Broke-Ass is making me happy right now, then yes, I’ll date a broke man. And I have.

    Great post as always my darling Max.

  19. Starita34 says:

    You know, I can’t even tell if I agree or disagree with the premise of the post…it’s all so dependent on definitions and word play for me personally…

    I can’t date a man that I have to support financially. I don’t “need” anything from a man. But I “want” a whole lot. So if a man isn’t adding to my life and I’m not adding to his, we’re doing it wrong. (not only in regards to money)

    But I need stability. Yes, need. My life is stable. I’m not adding instability for some good D or bubblegum. I sleep better at night knowing that my bills are paid, my interest is accruing and no one has anything on me (except Sallie Mae and my mortgage, I funnel them enough hush money to keep my legs in tact though).

    But I happily date guys without much expendable income, I prefer them to the men that are spending money on me and have past due rent and their lights are going off in 5, 4, 3, 2… It’s about priorities to me. So if he’s “broke” cuz he’s handling his business, paying his mortgage, PMI, double payments to get his car paid off, throwing his Mom a lil cash, investing in his child’s college fund, putting his 20% away for retirement. Cool. Me and that “broke” dude are gonna be just fine. But that “broke” dude that just can’t burn through cash fast enough, has to have the newest, latest, greatest, most expensive, refuses to use a coupon, living off other people, shoe game comes before bills? No boo boo. I ain’t gon be able to do it.

    1. Sam Sharpe says:

      Yes, yes, yes and yes to everything Starita said. I really do think it’s a matter of defining “broke”. I don’t think anyone wants to be in a situation where they are always footing the bill and bailing out their partner over and over again, but I don’t think money is or should be the most significant issue.

      Could/Should/Would I date a lady who’s broke?


  20. Malik says:

    Hm, outside of repeated mentions of defining ‘broke’, I’m curious of where you (and women in agreement) will go once you get into an argument. I’d bet dollars to Donuts that one of the first attacks will be about his financial contributions.

    I know womenfolk are all liberated and stuff now, but I believe a man having a job is still fairly important to women Because even with all the love and support women still define masculinity to some extent by ‘bringing home (some) bacon’. Please excuse the archaic phrase.

  21. Adonis says:

    I am late, but I love to say on this… Hopefully I’ll have the testicular fortitude to put it out there… (or not)

  22. Adonis says:

    This is a GREAT topic… Kudos Max…

    Sidenote… Send me the link about you talking about Golddiggers (I know you have one…), I think they get too much of a bad rap…

    Coming from a semi- shiftless NEGRO ambitious, BROKE man… I don’t believe you would date a BROKE man… that is asinine to me…

    I do believe that you don’t want a man to be a PROVIDER for you… they can be controlling (women too) you just want a man to be self-sufficient for himself (hence y’all would live in separate houses even when married, I LOVE THAT), and be your Nighttime FREAK LOVER as would any boyfriend/husband would be…

    I respect that, and a few more men (not every man) should adjust to that… I think there is some magic in that kind of relationship…

    in the ’50s men used finances as an effective weapon… I don’t like to see women oppressed & limited in mobility (I do think they could be less of a slut double standard )

    I just like I think less of women who chronically make bad decisions in love… dealing with a broke co-dependent man is one of them unless his name is Adonis … I’m not a leech, if a woman is doing for me… I want to bring MASSIVE non-monetary value to her life aka Breaking Her Back In … I feel a certain way when people get taken advantage of… & being that I am a free spirit WHORE , money ain’t really my thing… I love f*cking & s*cking on women, and giving them legendary experiences… and that takes some bread… So, I gotta have some kind of hustle…

    But women dating broke ninjas in theory SOUNDS good… but it doesn’t translate… it doesn’t translate

  23. Can we flip this and talk about the struggles of dating a broke woman? It goes both ways, and regardless of what society dictates its a strain on the relationship (if there is one). I could fuck a broke girl, maybe date one, but nothing serious.

  24. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    I did it. We’ve been together 2 years now. He suits me better than anyone else I’ve ever been with.

  25. Jiggy says:

    I’ve provided for myself all my life and a son also. Through college and now he’s in university. He takes care of himself, I’ve raised him well, but do help him when he needs it.
    I still study and am always trying to excel at something.
    I live alone, always have. I would like a man in my life, but it seems I attract those who need to be taken care of. Though they originally come across as self sufficient and flattering. I usually find out that I’ve been duped. I do not, nor never will need the financial security of a man. If it comes, it comes, but I hoe my row.
    However, I find men in my life are broke, no ambition.
    I’ve walked into some of these men’s apartments thinking they just moved in, only to find they had been living there for years. Others with no cars and in debt in a terrible way.
    I feel I’ve been lied to and have to leave the RS because of it.
    They come on strong and critical and I’m quite the happy camper so I do not know why they do this either. I feel that I’m just too trusting and way too naive, I wish I could changed my view on men without having to become an FBI agent to figure out their intentions. I have just left yet another, hopeless man. Who not only asked to move into my home after only 4 weeks, but also started to criticize my most famed assets to all those who know me well. I feel like the looser more than them. Always in question about my choices.

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