The Dramatic Structure of Sex



I’m lying naked in [Name Redacted]’s bed waiting for him to come home.I’m feeling extra anxious because I’ve been waiting a long time for [Name Redacted] to fuck me and the time is almost here. Finally, [Name Redacted] walks into the room. He comes over to the edge of the bed and looks down at me until I stand up to greet him.

I put my arms around his neck, groaning softly in his ear as he runs his cold hands up and down my back, still warm from his bed. I let him go and begin undressing him as he watches me with a self-satisfied smirk. When he’s naked, I push him down on the bed.

I straddle him, hovering close enough that he can feel the heat of me on his dick, but not quite touching him. Holding on to his wrists and staring into his eyes I lower myself onto him, rubbing my pussy along the length of his epic cock, letting him feel how ready I am. Then I raise myself up again, hovering over him, raising myself higher with each of his attempts to angle himself for entry. Then I lower myself down again, rocking my hips slowly back and forth and grinding myself onto him. I keep this up, rubbing on his dick and then raising myself up and away from him as I remind him how much I want him inside me, how long he’s kept me waiting. I ask him if he wants me, what he’s planning to do with me.

Instead of answering he raises himself up so that he is above me, my arms pinned over my head, the head of his dick resting against my pussy. Watching me intently he begins to push himself inside me and I gasp as I feel myself expand for him, sigh when I feel the full length of him. I wrap my legs around his back as he long-strokes me, whispering words like “yes” and “please” in his ear.  He begins to increase his pace, changing the angle until he hits the spot, that spot that makes panting turn to moaning. I’m clutching his back, pulling him deeper into me, wanting to crawl into his skin.

He strokes harder, reaching under me to grip my ass and he fucks me like he’s trying to break me. He keeps hitting that spot and my moaning turns to cries of “more” and ‘’harder” as he grips me and moves me where he wants me to be. And still he’s hitting that spot.  I tell him that I love his dick, love the way he fucks me, no one fucks me like this. I tell him I’m about to cum and I tell him I want him to cum with me, I want to feel him.

And then there is no talking, only the sound of him pounding me, the rasp of his breath as he pants in my ear, my groans as the screaming O overtakes me. The wave builds and then breaks as he explodes inside me. Then he collapses on top of me and all is silent as our hearts beat wildly and I struggle to catch my breath. My tongue is tied and I’m seeing stars as my mind flips between loving and hating him for being so fucking good.

Because I am both a bookworm and a horndog, one of the things I love the most about sex is its resemblance to dramatic structure. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end; all of which are essential to the development of the story arc and each of which is exciting in its own right.  Whenever I look back at really epic sex (even if it only happened in my head) I always break it up into parts and try to figure out which is my favourite.  But picking your favourite part of sex is kind of like picking your favourite hip hop song; nearly impossible because – just by virtue of being part of sex – they are all amazing.

For many people, it’s all about the exposition. This is basically everything that happens before the clothes come off; the back story, the sexual tension, the anticipation. It’s the point before the point before the point of no return; where all signs indicate something epic is about to happen, but there’s still the possibility that it could go left. The part where every nerve ending in your body is heightened in anticipation of his hands on you, like the moment before you jump off the cliff or before the roller coaster begins its descent.  A lot of people get off on that breathless anticipation.

But then there is the inciting moment – the incident without which there would be no story – in my daydream it’s when I push [Name Redacted] down on the bed.  But whatever form it takes, the inciting moment is when you sigh in relief because what you want so desperately to happen is finally beginning to happen. This is the part where your entire body signs in relief that the person you want so desperately is finally, FINALLY touching you.

Once you start touching, the rising action comes. This is long stroking in the story above, where your bodies begin to meld together. This is the point where you start to know how the story is going to end – you’re either going to skim your way through most of it or it’s about to be the greatest story ever told – and you start to pace yourself accordingly.

As you move from your first position to the next one, as the pace starts to increase and the moans get louder, the tide begins to turn and the end is in sight, you move into the climax. This is when heads are thrown back and your features contort into sex face. The part where everything in you is focused on your goal. This is when you’re just hoping like hell that this man is not going to stop doing exactly what he’s doing and throw you off the path. The part where you do whatever you can to blow your partner’s fucking mind and get them to explode.

If all goes according to plan, the instant after climax you get to the falling action. If your sex is a comedy rather than a tragedy, this is when you’re riding the waves of your orgasm. (If your sex is a tragedy, this is when you get blue balls). This is the part where you are officially better off than you were when you started. (Or you’re mad as hell). The part where you’re either incoherent, or you’re screaming out shit you really shouldn’t be saying. Where nothing in the entire fucking world matters but what you’re feeling right then.

Once things start to settle down, you get to most girl’s favourite: the dénouement. This is when you cuddle while secretly wondering when you can get up and go home and tell secrets. The part where you’re stroking each other idly, affectionately, with no real goal in mind. Where your man starts to drift off to sleep (he can’t help it ladies) and you look down at him and let the thoughts that you pushed away during the rising action run their course.

If I had to choose my favourite part of sex, I think it would be the inciting action. If I’m gonna cry while fucking, this is the point where the sex tears will start flowing. That first moment when what you’ve wanted so badly is finally inside you….there is nothing better than that.

But what do you guys think? Does your mind split sex into parts, or do you look at it as a whole? Do you have a favourite moment of sex? It’s Friday – overshare in the comments.

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  1. Cheekie says:

    OMG, as a fellow writer, this post entangling the moments of sex with the moments of writing is EVERYTHANG. Effing brilliance.

    And that daydream! *fans self with old school JC Penny catalogue*

  2. Soula Powa says:


    The sweetest reward for a job well done.

    2nd place is surely the post-coital high-five. The rest is prologue.

  3. Melissa says:

    You went all out today. My fave moment would probably be the inciting action as well, followed by the exposition. And the climax. Basically everything before it ends :p

  4. like you i also break down sex in a similar fashion. i think my favorite part is the exposition, especially if its the first time with a person. anticipation sometimes can be just as good as the actual act sometimes as in never. a close second would be the rising action. at this point i’m like “yeah this is really happening” or i’m like “this is really happening”.

  5. Starita34 says:

    I know this won’t surprise you at all Maxilicious, but for me, it’s all about exposition. If I’m all the way turned on #RoscoeDash all the rest of the stages will be better and the suspense, the wanting is worth it even if we go no further. I’m embracing the stages and forcing the men I date to do the same. Kissing is delicious and I will NOT have you rushing me through it.

    Um, and hot story too! YUM!

    1. I’m with Starita on this one…..

      “He put his arms around me and slid them slowly over my ass. I turned my face up to meet his and smiled, inviting his soft, full mouth down onto mine. I tightened my grip around his arms, pulling him further into me. I wanted him inside me. I wanted all of him inside me. If I could breathe him into my soul at that moment, I would have. His lips skimmed my cheek, his breath on my ear. His tongue lightly caressed my ear. I moaned, ‘Kiss me please’.”

      Yep. Def the exposing.

      Um, I meant exposition.

  6. Dewan says:

    I no longer think of sex in that much detail. Sex with me is short and intense, like a preview for a Leonardo DiCaprio film.

    But my favorite part is the start, the newness. The curiosity is there and you’re unsure about how far you’ll get, or go. Then a few months later the shit gets kind of old and you move on:)

    1. Fam, take it from me, don’t ever describe sex as “short and intense.” Ever. That’s why no one responded to your comment, they over here looking at you like….

      Ooooooh, I don’t want I don’t need I can’t stand no minute man, I don’t want no minute man!

      1. LaLaBakir says:


      2. keisha brown says:

        *but not before nodding my head in agreement. lol.

  7. LaLaBakir says:

    I think my fav moment would be the inticing moment. The initial penetration is freaking awesome. His throbbing man part slowy making its way into your warm, wet tightness. Man oh man! This is even a better treat after a drought.

    1. well since you put it that way i think i may be a fan of the inciting moment.

      1. LaLaBakir says:

        LOL!!! You’re a mess

    2. Lol I definitely agree. I can’t get too graphic lol But the initial feeling of getting the member in makes me feel a kinda way.

    3. That initial pentration is good.

      Time for some philantrophy: Best thing a man can do if he really wants to drive her wild is to go in, and then pull out, go in, and then pull out, do it really slow, but intentful, do this until she wraps her legs around you and pulls you in like sin. (Sidenote, this why you have to wear condoms that fit. I don’t know, women just like to feel the head. So the condom has to fit tight. All you nigras can’t be with the Black and Gold brigade aka Magnums, go head and take your ass over there and get them For Her Pleasure joints.) If you want to duplicate this feeling after she’s came once from you hitting the back of it, (and don’t sleep on aiming for a wall or two every now and then you never know where an orgasm is hiding in that woman’s vagina), pull out and again and do the move, in and out, in and out, she’ll come again this way.

      I ain’t telling y’all shit else today. Have a great weekend.

      PS – A lot of dudes not even worrying about if the condom fit, these new custom fit invisible condoms is on the come up. Dique.

      1. keisha brown says:

        i approve this ENTIRE message.

  8. *whew* Is it hot in here? Good grief, Max.

    My favorite part is definitely the inciting moment. I’m with LaLa on this one. The moment flesh touches flesh, when you feel him pushing against you, entering you. Or when his tongue touches you for the first time. Yes lawd!!

    1. Kema says:

      Agreed! There is always an involuntary sigh the moment penetration occurs or the first lick when receiving mouth to button.

      1. LaLaBakir says:


        It’s like you want that moment to kinda last forever, but you know so much more is store or hoping that it is

    2. Did y’all peep that Nia said, “flesh to flesh”? Shout out to all those people in committed relationships. Committed to make sex great! Don’t let nothing stand in between us. LOL.

      1. N.I.A.naturally says:

        I just trying to create a special image. You’re a nut. lol.

  9. Capricorn says:

    Wait, you asked a question at the end?

    Yeah, the inciting moment. When all you have been waiting for finally happens.

    Did I really need to read this at 8:30 in the morning after the dreams I had this morning? WHEW.

    *goes to look for nail polish*

  10. Dear Max,
    I both love and hate you for writing this post, because as much I love fantasizing about sex, I will not be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. AND I will be frustrated for the entire weekend. I appreciate all parts of sex. I love the exposition. I love when body gets warm from anticipation, and my heartbeat quickens after the lights go off. I love the way I can feel my panties moisten and my nipples get hard just from the thought of him undressing me. However, my favorite part is the inciting part. I absolutely love to be touch and be touched. I love tugging at belt buckles and the waist line of his boxer briefs as he pulls the shirt over my head and unsnaps my bra. I love when eyes land on naked skin. I love the exposure, and taking it all in. I love the look of satisfaction a man gets when he sees and feels the evidence of your arousal: alert nipples waiting to be sucked and a wet p*ssy waiting to be devoured and stroked. And aside from having my tatas sucked/licked for obnoxious amounts of time, I’d have to say there’s NOTHING quite like the feeling you have when a man first enters you. IT IS DIVINE.

    F*ck you, Max. I mean…see what you did? Love ya, sis.

    1. edit: i meant to say “I absolutely love to touch and be touched.”

  11. But to answer the question because I was so distracted (lol), yeah. I do split this into parts. Oh, Max. Lol. You.

  12. TheMightyMostInteresting says:

    For me, there is absolutely nothing more exciting than unbuttoning the pants and unzipping the zipper of a woman you’ve never slept with. That moment, when it’s clear to both of you that it’s about to go down. As a single man, I always took pride in making that moment special. All time favorite move I ever pulled went a like this…

    A young woman and I were laying in bed together for the first time, watching a movie. Movie was coming to its end and it was clearly what would follow. All that was left was to get started. She got up to go to the rest room. When she came back, I had turned the tv off and was sitting on the edge of the bed (across from a mirror I had strategically placed). She, to her credit, put her game face on, walked over to me and, still standing, leaned over and kissed me. I stood up, continued the kiss for a solid minute or so, then sat back on the down on the edge of the bed while simultaneously running my hands down from her sides down to her hips. I then slowly guided her by her hips to turn around and face the mirror so she could see herself. Looking around her hips to meet her eyes in the mirror, I guided her hands up to her breasts and got her started massaging them. Then I put my hands up her shirt and gently rubbed her bare back. With one hand still massaging her torso, I brought my other hand down and out of her shirt and then reached, from behind through her legs to the button of her jeans. After unbuttoning and unzipping them, with her staring at herself in the mirror, I pulled her pants, and then her panties down to her ankles, and then gently nudged her in her lower back to let her know that I wanted her to bend over. She did… and I hope you can imagine what ensued.

    So yeah, the one handed unbuttoning and unzipping of the pants from behind, in between her legs while she massaged her own breasts as we stared at each other in the mirror is probably one of my all time greatest moves… ever. It went into immediate retirement after that and, since I’m now married, God willing… there it will stay.

    1. LaLaBakir says:

      *takes a big gulp and fans self*

    2. Cheekie says:

      The above story was just EVIL and GLORY at the exact same time.

      *puts this on my bucket list*

    3. Dude was in college… watching the movie and then making a move on a chick.

      I still ain’t never seen the end of Jason’s Lyrics, but I commend that shorty for coming over for a whole semester to, “finish the movie.”

      We gon’ make a movie, alright.

  13. Woman of Inspiration says:


    I got all kinds of feelings running through my body right now…..whew *wipes brow*

    I love the ENTIRE structure, ALL of it……..

  14. sanen85 says:

    Oh my! I did not need this today, so I both love and hatechu!

    As for the question, I’ll cosign everything Lala and NIA said.

    *wonders if I’ll be able to get any work done today as surely my mind will be on other things*

  15. My favorite part is when she climaxes. I love everything about the female orgasm. Clitoral or vaginal or mental. It’s just amazing to see a woman go through all of that because of something I did. If sex is a basketball game, the female’s orgasm is the championship. It should be the ultimate goal. Doesn’t matter how many times you stepped on the court, if you never got the championship.

    1. Starita34 says:

      “It’s just amazing to see a woman go through all of that because of something I did.” Add a man to that sentence after “a woman” and I’m allll in. Truth. When you give, you receive. It’s a truly beautiful thing.

  16. Tisha says:

    Sigh…after the dream I had last night this is like a continuation…favorite part is the exposition then the first time he enters or kisses the button? Lawd…..

  17. streetztalk says:

    This was a Zane post. lol

  18. keisha brown says:

    max. is. my. hero.
    and that’s just based on the damn comments this post has inspired. i havent even read the whole post yet!
    *scrolls up…

  19. Adonis says:

    I love the scenario & role play leading up to sex… #ThatIsAll

  20. L Boogie says:

    The thoughts that are now running through my mind have forced me to change the playlist I was listening to on my ipod and have now severely screwed my mental state for the rest of the weekend….

    damn you Max!

    If we are following a story map, I’d have to say my favorite part would have to be the rising action…the buildup of anticipation compounded with all of the touching, tugging on clothes, kissing….whoo chile…and don’t let him grab the back belt buckle on some jeans or tug at the back of some leggings or shorts….lawd…..

    well written story, Max…I wish my sex story game was as proper.

  21. funms says:

    my fave has to be the exposition….the thrill, the tension, the anticipation…..then the inciting….gosh ! *fans self*

    Brilliant post

  22. William Templar says:

    one of your most powerful posts to date

  23. Tiffany says:

    Love love love. I felt like I was reading a Jerome dickey book. I couldn’t stop reading it.

    Great job 🙂

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