The Trouble with Male Bloggers

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On any given day you will find me on gchat with one or more of my e-girlfriends. And while our conversation topics range from the mundane to the truly ratched, at some point of every conversation we are going to start talking about a blogging boy.

The blogging boys are the men of our favourite blogs and in a lot of ways they are like the cornerstone of the relationship between me and my friends. We all met either in the comment sections of their blogs or in a chat room while drooling over them during a ustream in which a few of them were featured. Officially they are the link that brought us all together and so we pay homage to them every chance we get.

Unofficially though, these boys are ruining our effing lives.

A few months ago I wrote a love letter to these boys thanking them for being so smart and funny and insightful and arming us for the battle of the sexes. And I meant that, but the thing is that there is something a little…obnoxious about these men. Not in the typical sense of the word, but just in that it all gets to be a bit much after a while. Back in the days before they started showing their faces we gals could take comfort in the fact that – while they may be smart and funny – these guys must look like roadkill. But now that they have all removed the proverbial masks and revealed their faces and we have discovered there’s not a homely one of them it all just seems so unfair. And you know what the worst part about it is? They have the nerve to be so nice. I mean, these men are out there living their lives, doing their jobs, writing their posts and catching their e-panties and still have time to make a joke with you, give gchat advice, retweet your blog post, or compliment a new avatar.

Honestly if I didn’t like them so much I’d line them all up and kick them in their effing faces.

These blogging boys and all their charms make life difficult for their fans. It is an extremely heady thing to be able to rely on a man to put careful thought into expressing himself on a daily basis. Even when they’re talking pure shit and refusing to pay for plane tickets, the very fact that we can set our watches by them is hawt. Is it any wonder then that some gals tend to get inordinately attached to them?

Trouble #1 with male bloggers is that they tend to bring out the worst in their female fans. There are so few of them and so many of us and we all know what happens when a large group of women become fixated on a small group of men right? Half the women are so determined to show themselves in a favourable light that they will fudge, obfuscate, or outright lie in their comments; which defeats the purpose of leaving one in the first place. This then causes the other half of the women to lace their comments with low-key shots against the panty throwers.  And there we have it: the deadly combination of thirst and hate.

Of course the thirstier the thirsty girls act the more the hating girls hate until there are more offline conversations about the commenters than anything else. It’s a feeding frenzy of grown women acting like there’s a fire sale at the 12-inch cock store.

The other trouble with blogging boys? They really do ruin all other men for us. They’re just so much more interesting and evolved than the ingrates we interact with in the three-dimensional world. Stacked up against the f’in man and the VSB‘s and SBM‘s of the world…what do any of us want with some mere mortal who can barely string together a declarative sentence? Between our fantasies and a couple of them in our gchat contact lists we’re able to piece together a pretty solid love life; throw in a couple sex toys and we need never deal with a “real” man again.

No one swoons for a male blogger more than I, but sometimes I wish I never found these guys. Life was much simpler when I lacked a frame of reference.

But what do you guys think? Ladies do you feel the same way? Men do e-ladies make you less inclined to deal with real life women? Speak on it in the comments.

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  1. Me and my mentor were JUST having this conversation Sunday… About it all.

    Sometimes a guy will say something to me and instead of being appreciative I’m like “he’s simpin”… Or I wonder if what I said pulls out the crazy lady alert like “the boys” said.
    I can’t figure out if knowing what the bloggers actually look like is a good thing. Those cartoon avatars were cool since you could imagine them how you wanted to or take things with a big grain of salt… Now I know what you look like and things just aren’t the same **big sigh**
    Plus- I think a lot of girls take guy bloggers as lil prophets of the male sex walking around and think that if they’re being appealing to the blog boys they’ll scoop up the world.

    All over the place here but whatever.

    1. Suki says:

      I agree with you on this whole part:
      I can’t figure out if knowing what the bloggers actually look like is a good thing. Those cartoon avatars were cool since you could imagine them how you wanted to or take things with a big grain of salt… Now I know what you look like and things just aren’t the same **big sigh**
      Plus- I think a lot of girls take guy bloggers as lil prophets of the male sex walking around and think that if they’re being appealing to the blog boys they’ll scoop up the world.

      Their word is not The Word. Silly little girls. Smh b/c I know one of them that is now disappointed because of that way of thinking. And I wish some of them (ahem, Slim) stayed looking like a character of Little Bill.

  2. Suki says:

    Man… I feel the same way. Life would have been a lot easier if I didn’t know these e-men were other there. I’d hold everyone at the same low level and wouldn’t do any comparing. But ehh, life goes on lol

    These blog boys definitely placed an emphasis on a lot of words used today and gave a new way to look at things. I think the blogosphere world did this period.

  3. The thing with male bloggers is that we are able to feed you an image of ourselves, one that you have very little means of verifying. The gap between who we are and who we portray ourselves to be could be slim, or, they could be pretty wide. Even if the gap is a slim one, it could be the difference between ‘pretty cool guy’ and ‘unicorn’. See what I’m saying? On our blogs, we have all the power, so don’t take what we say or who we appear to be too seriously. Wisdom is wisdom and good advice is good advice but appearances are another thing entirely. Try to take what little wisdom and good advice we may or may not spew and apply to your life as best you can. That’s really the purpose of all the different blogs.

    That said, there’s nothing more fun than a good daydream. So if day dreaming about the male bloggers in your life helps the day go by faster… by all means… go ‘head.

    All that said… I really am the most interesting man in the world in real life. Seriously.

    Lastly, Max, you’re a bit of a unicorn yourself. You really think us males who follow you really believe you’re giving up the goods as often and with as unabashed love for the peen as you present? Hmm… I don’t know…

    1. Reecie says:

      “The gap between who we are and who we portray ourselves to be could be slim, or, they could be pretty wide”

      yep. same for commenters. and while I know a couple bloggers IRL (before they had blogs) I try to base my ideas of people on what I know about them personally. not by what they write on websites. makes things easier and its not really about getting hopes up or anything (or let down in men I meet IRL). Luckily, I know some great guys that are just as “swoon worthy” and articulate without the site traffic.

  4. Courtney says:

    LOVE THIS. I’m new to your blog which I found on Until I Get Married (which is one of those blog written by a guy like those described above lol). Like you, I sometimes wish I’d never stumbled upon my first relationship blog. Now, in my real life I’m taking ish I read on there and applying it to situations. LOL. And yes, like you, I always imagined that no good-looking guy out there would be behind these blogs. Now I found out they’re cute AND they can write….too many ecrushes developing over here *sigh*.

  5. by the way, the chick in the picture is hilarious. She looks so thirsty… lol. Is this how I should picture you reading blogs all these male blogs Max?


  6. William Templar says:

    from a male POV, I frequent a mostly female message board and some dudes on there……… “are so determined to show themselves in a favourable light that they will fudge, obfuscate, or outright lie in their comments”

    So I understand your frustration

    1. Slim Jackson says:

      Yeah, I see the same thing from some folks regularly. They will pander for likes and co-signs. To each their own tho. If it gives them life, then I’ll let them live…until they OD.

  7. B_P says:

    THIS! Max this is why you are BAWSE! Move to the states and run for president….lol. I LOVE my favorite blogs but I hate drama and the fact that I caught shade due to my e-life recently….well, is bananas. Lord KNOWS the men sagas in my real life are enough to keep me busy. Lifes too short and like my bff says that reads the same blogs as me (but rarely posts)…my real life needs my attention more.
    BTW, Max did I mention that I have an interesting update about “Paul”?

  8. RedLady821 says:

    I didn’t know that the male bloggers were stirring up so much attention. I will say that from my own perspective that yeah, they do make it look good…yunno like, wow, maybe I should have been more picky before I settled down and got married, I could have found a real eloquent hottie with manners and kindness — thought and intropspect. Maybe I should toss ole boy aside and become a cougar for some 30 something year old bloggin’ dude…(OK, finished laughing yet?).

    But then reality sets in MY reality — and my husband says something hilarious to make me laugh or my sons say “Ma that mac n’ cheese is off the chain!” And all is right with my world again.

    I do see what you mean tho Max…

  9. Slim Jackson says:

    Btw, great post. I guess I’m supposed to say that I thought this was going to go in a totally different direction. I can take off this teflon now.

    1. Starita34 says:

      I KNOW he didn’t update his sexy today when you posted this blog. You sir are an avatar tease…

  10. I will be honest with you, nah.. I won’t because i’m not about to be decoded.

    I read articles, attend mixers and public forums about social networking and marketing. Until recently, most bloggers were just characters on the internet. People treated them like fictional characters on TV, and they will lose interest quickly when they cannot associate to those characters. The recommendation was simple, show your readers and followers who you are and interact with them and you will see your popularity sky rocket.

    Short version, maybe one day you’ll get the long version.

    1. Starita34 says:

      “Short version, maybe one day you’ll get the long version.” um…pause…and I got next…is that thirsty? Eff it!

  11. Max, I can honestly say I don’t feel the same way. Now, maybe that’s because I’ve never met any of these men in real life, I don’t Gchat with them, or anything like that. However, I think its mostly because I have awesome men in my life. Friends, men I used to date who don’t have blogs, but who are just as, if not more interesting and evolved, and swoon worthy as your favorite male blogger. Male bloggers make me appreciate these men even more. As for the female feeding frenzy, yeah, I purposely stay above that ish, and watch (and laugh) from the sidelines.

    I enjoy reading the male bloggers, but I prefer my real life comrades. If I meet a blogger IRL, and he turns out to be just as awesome as the friends I already have, then h’s just one more cool guy I know who happens to be a popular blogger.

    1. NewYork2Boston says:

      I agree with N.I.A wholeheartedly.

      I have quite a few favorite bloggers; male and female, whom I follow. There is intrinsic value in getting an honest point of view from someone who does not know you and is writing simply because they have an opinion. And while bloggers I follow are thoroughly entertaining, insightful, intriguing, sometimes downright hilarious, I take their wisedom and their stories for what they are: Me lucking up on some well-written insight to a commonality. Or sometimes pure reading enjoyment.

      Seeing some of these male bloggers versus aviators have most definitely made me do a neck-snap-back and mental ‘say word!’. But I don’t get caught up in the hype of what I maybe making someone out to be versus who they really are. Women are the worst by way of making a snapshot into the whole picture! Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about an intelligent, entertaining and well written man that makes makes you wonder what he looks outta his True’s. But just because I may agree with a male bloggers’ viewpoints AND he happens to fall in the realm of what I think is attractive, by no means am I taking it further than that. I’ll respond to a blog or two, maybe answer a tweet, but thats simply because the discussion provoked an honest response I felt compelled to share with the group and/or blogger. Simply that alone.

      Being in my early thirties, I’m still clinging to non-digital forms of socialization; I like to meet potential mates organically versus digitally.

    2. Reecie says:

      “Male bloggers make me appreciate these men even more”

      yep, absolutely. you said in greater/better detail what I meant in my reply to Most.

  12. Starita34 says:

    You’ve swallowed the red pill Maxie, you’re completely immersed in the matrix….there’s no going back now…

    Girl I feel you, there’s an easy cure though – meet these people. NO ONE is that d@mn perfect! lol.

    Most is absolutely right though as frickin usual, it’s an image they’re projecting. It’s an image we’re all projecting. It’s not even a lie per se…just not fully formed. We are all so much more than any amount of commenting could ever capture. As wonderful as the eWorld is, it will never compare to the REAL world. Real touch, real eye contact, real interaction, real hugs, real hairpulling, real handfuls of @ss, real voices, real annoying habits…

    Just going by my comments, if I’d never met me, I’d think “good Lord that is one saucy lil slore! She must have STOCK in epanties, cause she throws them like they’re on fire!” But like I told you, girl epanties are free! Ion’t give a ish about an epanty! I’m not meeting or dating not one of these menz and if I did, I’d still be an open, honest, oversharing flirt; so they’d have to deal! Matter of fact, because of the repercussions of an expressively sexual woman in the real world, as I’m sure you’re familiar – the eWorld is one of the few places that I can embrace my sexuality fully…which is why I lead with it often online. Am I prudish in real life? No. But if I saw Rich with that sexy ass beard walkin’ down the street would I howl at him like the wolf in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons like I did on SBM? No, I’d quietly rape him with my eyes, give him a smile, and walk on by…then tweet about this sexy specimen that I encountered and all the nasty things that in my fantasy world I’d do to him…

    The eWorld is an outlet. For all of us. You wanna hear about all the baking I do, my boring dog stories, how cold it is, my blah day to day, check my Facebook…Twitter and the blog community is where I get to let my hair down and let my wild child out a lil bit. Where if you think that I’m doing ho activities with ho tendencies, you can think it and I won’t give not one, tiny gibadamn. Cause when you see me in the streets, remember you don’t know me. And we don’t know them even though from what I DO know, I stay stanning just like you!…that’s all I’m saying…in my usual long winded style.

    1. RedLady821 says:

      It’s nice to know that you bake and have dog stories cause I certainly talk about my cats on FB, matter of fact I just wrote about how my co-worker tried to take me out with a cup of herbal tea that damn near killed me!

      It’s nice to know that you have different persona’s, I think we all do. Therefore, so do the black male bloggers! Right? I mean, sheesh…they’re cool n’ all but not enough to get stuck on — like — gchat?(what is gchat?) Seriously I don’t even know.

      1. Starita34 says:

        Girl, I got a whole photo album dedicated to food…I bake and cook like a demon!

        Sure we all have different personas…not even just in the eWorld. WorkStar and TwoSteppingStar are different. HomeWithTheFamStar and KickinItWithTheCrewStar are different. They’re all me. I believe strongly in honesty. But I also believe in there is a place and a time for everything.

        When we meet LazyNotTryingToGetOffTheSofaOnASaturdayMost* and CantEverRememberToPutTheToiletSeatDownStreetz*…some of the sparkle wears off, they’re human after all and no man should sparkle that much. Twilight..

        *I picked on ya, cuz I lub ya…just random man accusations…nothing personal obviously.

    2. keisha brown says:

      @star: this ENTIRE comment.
      carry on.

  13. Superblackgirl says:

    Bearing in mind that my opinion is not really based on anything except the rumblings in my brain, here’s what I think:

    I think blogs are to writers what Sasha Fierce is to Beyonce. They are a safe place to explore another side of you, or perhaps to reveal who you are deep down, to your audience. But even if you show your real face in a picture, are you ever truly showing your real face?

    Now, coming from someone who knows Max, it might seem like I’m saying she is not the “unicorn” she appears to be on her blog. But I guess what I’m really saying is that the blog is like two-dimensional Max. There is a complexity to her — to most people — that can only really exist in a three-dimensional world.

    People wear different hats in different situations. Take Max, for example: Coworker Max isn’t the same as Friend Max. Girlfriend Max is different than Sister Max. Home Max would definitely make Family Max blush. In 3D, Max is all of those things. On her blog, she is really just one — Sexy Max. Kidding! But she does write and give opinions and advice from a certain perspective, because she doesn’t have to be all of those other things on this blog. And I would say it’s likely the same for the amazing blogging boys.

    P.S. Sorry this comment is so long… I’m new.

    1. Starita34 says:

      THIS! “I think blogs are to writers what Sasha Fierce is to Beyonce”

      1. max says:

        Every time my sister comments (which is rare) she drops a gem like this. (#nomobbdeep)

        1. Shout out to Max’ sister. I agree wholeheartedly.

          1. RedLady821 says:

            Awww – 3 cheers fo Max and her persona’s — and cheers to all of us for having them!

  14. “Between our fantasies and a couple of them in our gchat contact lists we’re able to piece together a pretty solid love life; throw in a couple sex toys and we need never deal with a “real” man again.”

    Pretty much My life as we speak. So sad, I know. I have become addicted to the ‘blogger boys’, and can not dismiss the ‘blogger women’ myself. I guess I needed an escape and found one. I feel like I’m in heaven with my Peps. But yes there is something to say about the ‘blogger boys’ and the advice, wisdom, and insightful and humorous commentary, BS , they propel each and everyday, that sparks my interest. Even with the randomness of some of the topics, I entertain their throughout proposals, to examine the male POV antics , and have to admit, I kind of enjoy them. So sue me, for being a fein FAN. And I enjoy the perspective from the ladies/commenters as well, makes for a great debate.

    1. I feel like I’m in heaven with my Peps Peeps.

      And forgot to Big UPs to you Max, I’m fairly new. And you have been an inspiration to me as well. Love what you do here.

  15. Didn’t Know E-Panties Were Being Tossed Around..>Guess I Need To Step My Game Up..

    1. max says:

      Stick with the SBM crew and someone will start throwing some your way soon enough.

      1. emti says:

        Lincoln treated me like Prince treated Sherry on the view
        i threw the e-panties…he dropped the mic and walked off stage right

        1. Starita34 says:

          LMAO at your reference, that was EPIC!!!!!!!!!

          Sorry about the diss doh…shame on you Lincoln! You didn’t ask for his gloves did you? Now THAT was thirsty! lol

        2. Ouch.

          I don’t recall any e-panties being thrown, but the reality is I can’t discern between an E-high-five and a moist E-panty.

          How does a male blogger tell the difference between E-flirting and when it crosses into the “You Gonna Get Raped” category? It seems online communities are full of so much fantasy, imagination and Ethernet-Induced bonds that it becomes difficult to grasp what’s real, semi-real and just bullshit thin like Naomi Campbell’s hairline.

          I’ve only been blogging for seven and a half months, but I really wasn’t aware that smashing is going on behind the scenes [or screens].

        3. ChloeRayne516 says:

          /__________\ CR’s coffin

          This *ish* is too funny.

  16. i feel like i want to say something. don’t really know how to say it without coming across as brash. oh well.

    i’m not a relationship blogger but i don’t comment on a few relationship blogs. i come in contact with quite a few women across the blogosphere and in no way do any of these women compare to women i know in real life. why? because i can actually see these people and gauge their personalities for myself not some representation of their personality (if that makes sense). not saying that the people i’ve met on blogs aren’t great people but i don’t know the majority of you nor have i ever met y’all so all i know is the e-persona you put forth.

    daydreaming about bloggers/commenters? i just don’t get it. perhaps it’s because i don’t see how i can even remotely fantasize about an online person when i’m surrounded by beautiful/intelligent women day in and day out. i’m lying. it has happened to me but that’s different. those women know who they are. *shrug*

    “Of course the thirstier the thirsty girls act the more the hating girls hate until there are more offline conversations about the commenters than anything else. It’s a feeding frenzy of grown women acting like there’s a fire sale at the 12-inch cock store.”

    i actually stopped blogging for a while and commenting on different posts for a second because i felt like my name was being pulled into the matrix and i didn’t like it one bit.

    1. Starita34 says:

      Therein lies the rub…
      “perhaps it’s because i don’t see how i can even remotely fantasize about an online person when i’m surrounded by beautiful/intelligent women day in and day out.”

      The men’s personas projected online greatly surpass all but three men that I’ve known in real life over the past few years. GREATLY surpass. I truly believe that there are many more great women running the streets than great men, and it’s our own fault (women’s)…not solely our fault, but certainly partially, our society in general holds a large claim as well.

      Thus the post…these eMen are ruining it for the slacks that we run across on a day to day basis…

      1. what part of the country do you reside? i know plenty of intelligent, good looking dudes (i’m comfortable in my sexuality so a ‘no homo’ isn’t necessary) who are looking to settle down. they might be a little corny but who isn’t? perhaps you should consider moving. it sounds like the pits there.

        1. RedLady821 says:

          I must admit that “Of course the thirstier the thirsty girls act the more the hating girls hate until there are more offline conversations about the commenters than anything else.”

          Is a line that disturbs me. Cause I’m like wow…now there are like LEVELS to the cyber world? It’s enough to make me stop commenting on blogs altogether, I’m serious.

          1. SmartFoxGirl says:

            I feel the same way. I had to chill on my fav blog. Why do women feel the need to throw an epanty and why do other women even care? Why hate on another woman, especially one you don’t know or met. Why discuss epeople in real life? It’s too much for me.

        2. Starita34 says:

          Kansas City…where everyone gets married before 21. I have less complete losers and more no available men whatsoever…however those that are available are obviously single for a reason…I’m not moving to find a man again. God will provide, and if that means a foster child, then that’s what it means…

          1. RedLady821 says:

            LOL @ again. I love you Star…

            1. Starita34 says:

              Girl Dallas/Fort Worth was BANKRUPT on good men, I’m talking so broke they can’t pay attention. Turrible. I had to get out of there if I ever wanted to get married…

              (To be fair I was young and mostly at the clubs, so what’d I expect to find? But STILL! Men in cowboy boots, chains the size of hub caps, gold teeth with their names in it, and a belt buckle with “Oak Cliff” bedazzled on it – ol’ identity crisis having muheffers!)

          2. gotcha. kansas city? not to sh*t on anyone’s city (because i currently reside in nashville) but damn. *hugs*

            1. Starita34 says:

              *hugs ya right back*
              *not letting go*
              Damn, you smell kinda good…
              sorry, I got side tracked…

              Kansas City is a wonderful city, for families…not so much for single people.

            2. Corey says:

              Hey now come on man. Nashville ain’t THAT bad. I mean…..well have you been to Memphis yet?

          3. Corey says:

            Yeah KC is a “special” place. It’s a weird mix of country/hood/ignant mofos. I must admit, I have had some fun down that way though (just not on the KS side!).

  17. SmartFoxGirl says:

    I have a question for you Max. Your blog is alot like my mind and online commentary. I discuss taboo subjects with honesty and often discuss s.ex. To some that might seem thirsty like I do it for emale attention when in fact I’m just being myself. Do you ever get called thirsty for the raw nature of your blog? I honestly am baffled at why anyone would “swoon” over a man they’ve never met, who lives in another state, and all you can see is some tiny picture (if they even have that). I can see if you gchat with this person every day but to read a post and throw an epanty? Seriously? lol I laugh at the women who throw epanties cause it just seems ridiculous to me. I guess I know too many attractive, swoon worthy men in real life to care about a eman’s attention. I refuse to believe these male bloggers are all that. Anyone can make themselves seem great through type. Meeting them, hearing them speak and seeing how they behave is very diff.

    1. max says:

      As much as I am known for swooning over e-dudes I have never been called thirsty (well not to my knowledge anyway). I think there’s a difference between swooning and throwing e-panties though.

      1. B_P says:

        Its such a female dog to try to comment on my crackberry but I digress. Max, can you please school me on what you think the difference is between e-panty tossing and swooning?

        1. B_P says:

          I guess that’s a no? *shrugs*

        2. max says:

          Okay! The difference between panty-throwing and swooning. Let me give you a scenario to illustrate:

          Say a blogger writes a post saying he likes women who colour their hair. Oh nothing gets him harder than the faint scent of dye in a woman’s ponytail. Nothing like a little dye job to get his rocket launching like nothing else.

          A swooner will say personally I don’t dye my hair but I love this post – you’re so funny.
          A panty-thrower will say something like oh yes I dye my hair religiously. The scent of ammonia emanating from me has brought many a man to his knees. Let me show you the dye smudges on my hairline baby.

          It’s relatively innocuous, but the thing is though that two weeks before that the panty thrower was commenting on some other post about how she loves her natural hair colour and she would never colour it and blah blah blah.

          So to make a long story short, swooners will like the e-man and let him know it but still remain who they are. A panty-thrower will a) pander to the e-man’s tastes and b) try to seduce him with her comments.

          1. B_P says:

            Thanks Bawse lady for the thorough explanation. You know your the e-sh*t right? Damn! There I go throwing an e-panty 😀

          2. Starita34 says:

            LOL, and all this time I thought I was an e-panty thrower…Star doesn’t pander. It’s not in my DNA. I tell you that you’re the ish, cause you is baaaby 😉

  18. This is a vey interesting post. I don’t feel that you should feel consternation about male bloggers, though. I would dare say that these male bloggers probably represent a small slice of all of the males that you meet. Sure, they may be remarkable with their delivery and vernacular, but remember- they have absolute control over the field of communication.

    What I’m trying to say is that I’ll put money that male bloggers also have issues that are less attractive, but will never meet your eye. They are not perfect, either. Nor should they be used as a benchmark. I think you fall into the trap of misleading yourself. We all have our flaws, it’s just that bloggers have the ability to set the field, leaving you the job of interpretation through words.

    Good post though. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  19. ChloeRayne516 says:

    Late Response BUT after reading Mistress Max’s blog today plus the comments from bloggers all i can say is DAMN..

    I had no idea people take this shit so seriously. For me I see it all as comedic commentary for the most part, YES grant it I frequent the SBM blog and does give me an insight to the inner thinking of the male brain for the most part BUT I still laugh wholeheartedly at it all.

    I’ve seen some e-panties being thrown HELL I’ve thrown 1 or 2 myself under a different moniker shoooo.. But GEESH I had no idea that people were taking this *ish* seriously as if someone is stilling their E-boo ready to get into E-GirlFights and E-Claps. *LMAO* Really tho???? *SMDH* The way I see it the internet/innawebs is fictional for the most part so people just need to B.E.Z. and not take it so seriously. My 0.02 cents.

    Craziness!!! I tell yah.

    1. Suki says:

      Lol the eBoo game was sirrrrrrr-ious. Max almost cut me on more than one occasion. She still talks about cutting me. But it’s because she’s crazy & forgot her meds

  20. TheLeoGrl says:

    sigh! i’m totally guilty of being in e-love with peyso from SBM…i actually dream about the dude….*hangs head in shame*…i so get this post….back to reality…

    1. Please Excuse Your Significant Other says:

      Peyso e-loves you too

  21. Dear Max…..

    These male bloggers are beautiful and all (I am crushing hard on one particular arrogant sexy jerkface as I type this and his blog is opened up in the tab right next to yours) but this too shall pass…..

    Let me share a brief blogging experience with you….

    When I first introduced “Savannah”, men were ALL over her!! My posts got retweeted and mentioned, my DM’s were filled with all types of men wanting to be “Michael” and promising they were a lot more “Michael” than “Michael’ was and I even had one man who proposed I move in with him!!! All the way in Trinidad!!! Yes, I understand it’s all chat but the point is….there WAS chat.

    I still have my faithful wanna-be “Michaels” but they’re fans on the down-low. They’ve got too much “Twitter Clout” to even admit they read erotica. I couldn’t get one of ’em to RT a “Savannah” post for the life of me…..

    …..unless of course, I promised them some “Savannah” action 😉

    What’s that saying? The novelty does eventually wear off? Yep. Until someone new comes along.

    Loves ya!!!

  22. streetztalk says:

    Wow how did I miss THIS?!!

    Oh yeah, Peter Parker version of my life caught up to me 🙁


    The internet I treat it like the Matrix. I knwo whats real and whats not. I take all these blogs including my own with a grain of salt. One persons opinion and def not gospel! Ive met some real cool people offline and through blogging, but ive also met ppl who ruin the image of the blogging person/e-homie I knew.

    Funiest shyt. I knew Tunde was tall. I met him at ATL greek and said “Ninja u 8ft 12?!” lol.. I was standing on a lowe rhill and Im like wtf son why you not in the NBA. He was still the homie though, feel me?

    Met max too and she is 100% the same person as on the blog.

    PS if you ever meet me, I talk how I type. Except when I talk good. lol…

  23. Papaya says:

    Are we allowed to say which r our fav boy blogs??!! Until I Get Married is my favvvvvvorite!! I’m a daily reader!!! He has the same background as my significant me a good understanding of how my s/o MAY view certain issues n how I can possibly deal with them!! & my other fav is NWSO!! It does the same for me as “married” does for me!

    1. Starita34 says:

      I fux with Wet Wednesday…

  24. Diggame says:

    I guess I will take this as a compliment…lol

  25. keisha brown says:

    im late.. but imma throw my 2 cents anyways…

    i have never understood the whole ‘it’s just the doesnt mean anything’.
    people write to be read (the whole tree falling in forest thing). this goes for the author of said post and commenters. if i didnt care about seeing what other peoples opinion was about what i wrote, i wouldnt check the ’email me with follow up’ box.

    humans have ego. period. who doesnt want to be considered attractive? who doesnt like a lil attention? anyone who says..well i got/get that in real life, so the online version is irrelevant is lying. you may not live for it (some do, and yes its sad.), but it still gets the juices flowing, might put a lil pep in ya step and encourages you to come back and write another post/comment.

    i’ll be 100% honest. im going through a drought right now. its ugly and rather unfortunate. if i wanted to lower my standards, sure..i could fill the void..but e-love comes with less hurt, less risks and less consequences. who is it hurting to flirt with someone? if we’re both commenting on the same blog, it means that we have something in common right off the bat.

    everyone values different things, but communication is BIG for me (prob why i had so many LDR’s). so a dude that can put together an argument using proper grammar and humour without trying too hard is a turn on. it would be if the dude was in front of me, but clearly that aint happening…

    finally (sorry max), women dont/aren’t socialized to approach men. so some might take advantage of keyboard courage and throw panties in an electronic format, knowing FULLY well that if dude was standing beside them.. they wouldnt even dream of such a thing.

    and there is my 14.67CAD cents.

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