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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xcept for one very painful period in my late twenties, I’ve always had a bunch of man friends to give me life with their antics.  Don’t get me wrong, girlfriends are great too – there is a special kind of hilarity that ensues when you get a bunch of women together without men – but being the only girl in a group of guys is a beautiful thing.

So without further ado because I have a lot of writing to do today and I can’t spend much more time on this post I give you a bunch of ways that men are more fun to hang around with than women:

1. It’s all about the details.

When it come to sexy talk with your girlfriends, less is usually more. If I tell one of my girls that so-and-so put it on me last night, that’s usually enough detail for them. But you guys know me – I like talking about sex. So sometimes I like to give a play-by-play of exactly what went on…leaving out the identity of the pussy-slayer of course. Men friends don’t get squeamish when you start telling them how many licks it took to…well you know what I’m saying.

2. You can talk to them rough.

I’ve told this story before somewhere, but I met one of my very best male friends 15 times before he could manage to remember me. And that was because the 16th time he said “nice to meet you” I screamed “you’ve already met me 15 fucking times!”. If I said that to a woman she would walk away talking about what a bitch I am. But this man thought it was frigging hilarious and we laugh about it all the time. When men friends are acting dumb you can just come right out and say “you are so stupid right now” and they don’t take offence. Most women need to be told about their parts a lot more delicately than that.

4. You learn a lot.

Everything I know about hip hop and sports I learned about from my male friends. It’s not that women aren’t into these things, but in my experience they consume them differently. With the exception of Reecie and Lala, I don’t know any women who discuss hip hop in much more detail than “I really like the beat of this song” but then again for all I know Reecie and Lala are actually dudes. It’s not that I don’t have female friends who are into sports and music, it’s just that they don’t seem to examine them to the same level of minute detail that men do.

6. A different kind of hilarity.

Men are just waaaaaaaaaaay funnier than women. I don’t know why but they just are.

7. Your ego can be as big as you want

It’s no secret that I don’t really beleive in false modesty. I learned a long time ago that life is a lot easier when you’re happy about your appearance. But saying to your girlfriends “oh my God I look amazing” tends to go over like a lead ballon whereas your male friends will usually agree with you. probably because they think agreeing will give them a shot at sniffing your ladyflower, but whatevs.

5. Dogs, not catty.

One thing that usually happens when a bunch of women get together is that the claws come out. It’s not really my nature to talk shit about another woman’s appearance, but when you get too much estrogen in one small place it can get kinda ratched. I usually leave those kinds of sessions with the same vaguely ill feeling people get when they eat too much ice cream, so whenever possible I try to skip it. With men though you really can’t get away with bitchy comments about another woman’s appearance; they always want to know why you think this girl is ugly or trashy-looking and if you can’t explain it they will call you out for the being the hater you obviously are.

Well that’s my list, but what do you guys think? Ladies do you prefer the company of men or are you a woman’s woman? Men are there ways in which women are more fun to hang out with? Discuss in the comments.

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  1. Nick@Nite says:

    I’m a reformed tomboy. (That’s what I’ll call it). I’m the child that got to reap the presence of my father. We went to the dog track. Went to play dominoes. Went to buy my skateboards. I’m a dude’s chick.
    As I grew up, I realized that I didn’t exactly have much in common with girls. I didn’t like dresses, didn’t like playing with dolls (all day) and didn’t want to spend time putting on makeup.
    I actually spent a lot of time smokin blacks on the corner drinkin St.Ides..
    I often say that a lot of things happen when you get too many pussies in one area.. I’m trying to balance out my female and male relationships. Not saying I like being in a gang of dudes, because that came and went when I was a teenager..
    There’s a certain freedom that comes with hangin with the fellas. I’m sure someone can articulate it better than I am..

  2. CHeeKZ says:

    Men are better. Point. Blank. Period.

    its ok to admit it. We are just plain cooler. I’ll give you that you have the nicer physical form, but between the ears there is a reason why we rule the world. We are just better socially overall.

    I am not saying there are no cool women out there. To be honest, I would rather read LaLa’s opinion on a new track than Eskay. But I think people have to admit women of that level of cool don’t come a dime a dozen. I have said for years, women killed hip hop not corporate America. Seriously, someone had to buy those Nelly albums. Attention to detail makes a good hiphop or sports fan, you have to complicate something simple. Same goes with good chex stories. You don’t know how many times you ladies start a good story in your comment and you leave me with a million questions so I can’t paint the full description in my head.

    Some women can hang, but you aren’t really finding the complete person like when you get a good bromance going. The woman who loves the Roots, NFL, Action Movies, Peter Luger’s, Paintball, Fantasy Football, Politics, Graffiti Art, Action Sports, Comic books, thinks Slam Poetry is ghaye, refuses to rubberneck at a accident b/c she knows it just causes more traffic, hates talking on the phone, knows how to save money, and has a phat @$$ and can deep throat will be too cool to be my GF anyway.

  3. Reecie says:

    hahaha @ we are really dudes. I used to be the girl in a crew of dudes for a long time. the one the guys would say “you’re just like a ni@@a.” College changed that for me. living with girls makes things different, but in a fun way. I love my girlfriends but I still have some really good guy homies too.

    I actually learned what I know about music from guys too. my hs boyfriend was a dj. we would talk music for hours. I’m still not really into sports but I love basketball.

    I don’t think men are better, just different. the gfs I met in college we bonded over being crass together, liking “atypical girl things” and being able to shoot the sh*t just like the guys. it just worked out for us. I’m fully aware of catty, esp being in a sorority, but I don’t really have bad experiences overall. I guess I’m lucky!

  4. honestly i’m kind of wary of women who say they only hang out with men but these are women that i could possibly have romantic relationships with. all the women i hang around are cool to me. it only gets weird when they really try to do guy things. right now me and my boys are in the process of planning one my boys bachelor party weekend. we are thinking about new york. a couple of girls we are cool brought up the idea of coming along. ummm no. this is a guy’s weekend. i know you feel like you’re one of the guys but you in fact have a vagina i know because i saw it. seriously my women friends are all cool people’s.

    1. CHeeKZ says:

      you saw the and didn’t beat?? you are a better man than me

      That is another thing about most men, the vegas mentality. What happens between us stays between us. I have no doubt that you will take the secrets of that bachelor party to your grave. But those girls… are too chatty and will spill the beans to someone. The pack till the death. Taking one for the team. For the good of the nation. All male ways of thinking.

      1. who said i didn’t beat?

    2. Kema says:

      So I should give up my wish to attend (not as the entertainment) a bachelor party?

    3. max says:

      Yeah this is where things come to a grinding halt with my male friends too. It’s all well and good to sit around and talk about pussy but when the time comes to see it all of a sudden at a strip club or a bachelor party, all of a sudden I’m a chick and it’s no chicks allowed.

      I get it, but it sucks.

      1. Sam Sharpe says:

        Absolutely correct. Women have no business being at a bachelor party/weekend unless wearing nothing but a thong. Sorry ladies. Official man party rules.

        1. max says:

          It’s the same thing as not having men at a hen party (I hate that expression but you know what I’m saying).

          1. CHeeKZ says:

            i think there is a difference. If one of my outgoing boys walk into a Hen party they will steal the room and increase the amount of fun everyone is having…

            If me and the team are together the only thing a woman can add to the conversation is boobs.

            1. i agree with cheekz here.

              1. max says:

                I’m not sure I agree. Introducing a man into a hen party doesn’t kill the fun, that’s true. But it alters the nature of the fun so you can’t really compare it anymore.

                1. B_P says:

                  I’m w/ Max because sometimes a man entering a hen party can make the conversation taking place uncomfortable.

                  1. umm i’m still waiting on my email. lol

                    1. B_P says:

                      Oh e-boo I’m a busy lady!!!! My bad I thought you were kidding although I hope you weren’t and I don’t think you ever gave me your e-mail address…

  5. B_P says:

    I love my female friends….there are 4 women in my life I don’t just see as friends but as sisters. I thank God for them often (really, I’m not just being emo) BUT I love my male friends. I have 3 male friends that mean the world to me. I like talking/hanging with my male friends because they are hilarious and give me the truth straight up….no fluff. Only problem is sometimes I have had male “friends” cross the line and try to thronx me ask to be more than a friend. I once dated a close friend and it sucked for awhile b/c it made our friendship weird when we wanted to go back to being friends. Good post Max!

  6. thefabfoodie says:

    Great post! I have some great female friends, but I so enjoy conversations with my male friends more. I feel like I can be as frank and crass as I need to with them without feeling uncomfortable. What really sucks though is that one of my very closest male friends (who I’ve known since 10th grade) is my honey’s best friend, and they’ve known each other since middle school. Should me and honey break up, he will get the friend in the divorce. And now, my friend feels like he is crossing “guy boundaries” with honey by being friends with me. I understand where he’s coming from, but I still think its stupid.

    Among my circle of female friends, there is a group of us that can hold our own amongst the dudes…sports talk (don’t get us started on the Ravens), sex talk…my boyfriend says we sound like dudes. Ehh…

  7. Sukez says:

    Have wonderful girls but guys, you take the cake and you can eat this one too. No strikeouts. Guys are hilarious, think different and feedback from them shines a whole different light on life. I’m just grateful for the ones I have in my life that are actually good for something.

    I respect boundaries too. That (whatever) night football days, stripclub sh*t and guy times? Please, take it. But when I want to give you a mouth hug, you’re gonna take it, cu- arrive and I’ll be on my way.

    Great post Maximus. 🙂

    1. CHeeKZ says:

      so you are telling me all your male friends get free mouth hugs?
      just for being your friend?
      like a present….

      **Suke Rocks**

  8. Starita34 says:

    Men rock. There’s no denying it and it’s not a man v. woman thing. Women rock too, just in our own way.

    ~I love that men will say it plain. Lay it out there. Be brutally honest.
    ~They are effin hilarious but I maintain that our level of attraction to them aids in their hilarity, they aren’t all that funny, but some of them are that fine “Hey…” never mind, not gonna call him out and gas his head up anymore he knows he’s an Adonis.
    ~They are steadfast as hell in their ManLaws, sensible or not, they are loyal.
    ~And that V of happiness that leads down to their D of good tidings and joy…can’t leave that off….

    Question though; I love to talk in vivid detail about the chex to either gender as long as they’re open. Talking to men is cool, but isn’t it because there’s always an aspect of “yeah, you know you’d like to find out”, the thrill of low key turning him on as opposed to the possible judgment received by some women folk? Or is that just me being a dirty lil tease?

    1. max says:

      Girl that’s just you. I just like over-sharing.

      1. Starita34 says:

        Noooo part of you tingles more when recounting to a man that’s listening eagerly picturing himself in dude’s shoes as opposed to a woman that’s listening more for tips/being nosy?
        *cocks eyebrow*

        1. max says:

          Girl I have a hard enough time keeping my male friends off my crotch as it is. I have to balance my need to overshare with my dismay at the fact that these dudes are gonna get at least half a chub listening to my story and then want me to help them work that out. I accept it, but I don’t enjoy it.

    2. B_P says:

      STAR!!! I love your new pic 😀 birthday lady!

      1. Starita34 says:

        Thank you *cheesin hard*

  9. streetztalk says:

    LOL At the bachelor party talk. Yall chicks crazy

  10. hl_bb says:

    I’m a tomboy who likes heels. My friendships with males has benefited me in so many ways (and no, I’m not talking about sex). I have to agree with Max and the ladies who said that being frank is the best part. I could NEVER tell a female friend “you’re acting like a fucking idiot right now” but have said those very words at least once this week to one of my boys. They love me all the more for it and return the favour when needed.

    Dang. Your boys will listen to play by plays? Just about all mine get squeamish; my closest ones say it’s like having to hear their sister talk about it. Meh.

    I knew a guy who went to a bachelorette party…well it was at his house and he hid in his man cave while it went on. He came out of hiding at the end and said that in comparison, the talk in locker room after a game didn’t even come close to the way women talked. (WHY he looked at me when he said that…well, I’ll never know…)

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