Baby What’s Your Sign (A Throwback Post)


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m throwing back this post a) because I’m lazy and b ) because I like the topic and a lot of you weren’t around when I originally posted it. I’m assuming I’ll be around with something original and interesting on Wednesday.

Every first of the month, I hit up for my monthly forecast. I like to have a little preview of what might be coming to me in the next 30 days. Then as a new month draws near, I find myself reviewing the current month’s forecast to see whether what she predicted actually came to pass and I start to get antsy waiting for the next month’s predictions to roll through.

Yup, I admit it. I believe in astrology. I know this officially makes me a girl but I cannot lie.

When I’m feeling a man, one of the first things I want to know about him is his sign. Not to tell me whether he’s worth pursuing, but to help me devise a strategy to get him to pursue me. My experience – and this handy tool – have shown me that different signs respond best to different tactics. For example, if you want to seduce a Pisces man, you want to tread lightly with him. If you push too hard that little fishie will swim away. On the other hand, if you want to seduce a Libra man you have to go a little hard at him; we Libras are well-known for our dithering.

But what about once we’ve captured our prey? Does our astrological compatibility affect our relationships? I’m no expert, but I do know this: the last two relationships I had were with Leo men. And they were basically the exact same relationship. Same issues, same fights, same reason for their ultimate demise. There is something about a Leo-Libra combination that just does not work for me. I’ve also had more than one almost-relationships with fellow Libra dudes but two Libras together is also not a good combination – nobody has the balls to make a move.

Now before Sam Sharpe comes to school me in the comments, let me be clear: I’m aware that there are many other factors that influence a relationship and its outcomes and that there are a lot of other things that could explain why I couldn’t make it work with my Leo loves such as they were assholes. But at the same time I just don’t think it’s a coincidence. I know that I am the living manifestation of everything you read about Libra women – maybe because what I’ve read has influenced my behaviour – and I’ve yet to meet a man whose behaviour was diametrically opposed to his astrological profile. So until someone proves me wrong, I’m going to continue to use astrology as the cornerstone of my seduction strategy.
What do you guys think? Does astrology matter to you in courting or relationshps? Am I full of shit? Educate me.

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  1. LaLaBakir says:

    I’m really starting to believe Leo men just don’t get along relationship wise. Like seriously…some of the most selfish men I’ve ever encountered.

    Anywho, I’m with you. I find astrology interesting and I do think there are traits that are present or more dominate in the various signs. #TeamTaurus

    1. max says:

      Leo men….oh my lord. So much work!

      1. LaLaBakir says:

        Girl…after 3 years…had to wash my hands. Both my longest, most hurtful relationships were w/ Leos

    2. Ivanna says:

      #Team Taurus as well and I have been fortunate not to have dated a Leo, but I have been friends with a few; I think it’s better that way.

      Yes, I am known to ask what someone’s sign is because it’s something to keep in mind. Like I knew getting my ex (Libra) a historical book or anything autobiographical would make him happy. Scorpios are a love/hate relationships lol and Virgos always feel like home to me 🙂 It’s funny that I have gotten to the point I know what the sign is before I ask.

  2. MzWoods says:

    I am VERY into astrology…astrological sign is one of the first things I ask or look at and then google the hell out of as soon as I meet someone…I think it is 99.8% accurate and has been helpful in dealing with people. I will also concur and say that LEO men are NO BUENO for relationships…#allhailthe69intheskyCANCER

  3. average chick says:

    I am into astrology as well but I use it more as a guide. You have to consider a person’s sun and moon (how a person thinks)signs as well. My observations:

    Aries – Every aries woman I have met has been bi-sexual. They are demanding and need alot of attention. That goes for men as well.

    Taurus – Are cool people and CAN EAT. Don’t get them angry. Their temper is worse then a scorpio.

    Gemini – Not just moody but split personality. I don’t click with geminis.

    Cancer – Cool people. Possessive and likes playing games.

    Leo – ALWAYS entertaining and creative. They need alot of attention as well.

    Virgo – They find faults in everyone but themselves. They have an opinion on everything.

    Libra – I have never met an ugly libra in my life. They are always looking for something better than what they have. Drama Kings and Queens.

    Scorpio – ALL scorpios are freaks and very possessive. For me a scorpio has always done something to me that I never forget. They are very vengeful and are sneaky.

    Sagittarius – Very honest to a fault and fun to be around. They are the playboys and playgirls of the zodiac.

    Aquarius – Has lots of acquaintances and you must stimulate their minds in order to get in their pants. They are very stubborn people. Not conventional in their parenting.

    Pisces – Very emotional and moody ( I should know I’m one). Extremely sensitive people. All are intuitive or psychic. If they are not it is because they ignore their gifts.

    1. LaLaBakir says:

      Nice run down! Like you said, I use it as a bit of a guide to know what I’m up against.

      Taurus – Are cool people and CAN EAT. Don’t get them angry. Their temper is worse then a scorpio.

      Yes, Yes, and yes….I was just telling my boy this the other night…don’t piss me. While I’m typically slow to anger…once I go left…all bets are off.

    2. MzWoods says:

      On point…tho i try to stay away from the playing games aspect of my personality I think I just fall into games anyway lol

      The aries is very realistic….my mom is an aries and is bisexual and the dude i’m dealing with now is an aries and very demanding and attention seeking lol

      you are missing capricorn though which is the other dude im dealing with (shame on me lol)

      1. average chick says:

        Oh shoot I forgot about that sign.

        Capricorn – They age in reverse. When young they act old and when they get older are more fun. Capricorn women always say they get along better with men then women (I disagree but that is my opinion). Very heterosexual. Very hard workers and strict parents. Extremely guarded about their emotions. They will only unleash their freakiness when they are guaranteed privacy. They are the perverts of the zodiac.

        1. MzWoods says:

          sooooooooooooooooooo true lololol…..

    3. Tisha says:

      Yay Taurus!!!! The temper thing is true and I LOVE food (and wine!) Interesting facts about the other signs

    4. max says:

      “I have never met an ugly libra in my life”


    5. “Libra – I have never met an ugly libra in my life.”

      i can run with this. 🙂

    6. Siniya says:

      I’m a Pisces too and just noticed how moody I am. I think we can be excused on that because we are overly satisfying. It sort of evens out.

    7. Ivanna says:

      Fantastic breakdown 🙂 I was reading your list saying, yep, yep! And lol about Taurus: Basically. When we are nice great, but you really don’t want to be on our bad side. I found that while my words can make you feel all warm and fuzzy, they can also be my a lethal weapon.

  4. thefabfoodie says:

    I think that astrology is a good guide in gauging personality. I’m a Capricorn (woop woop! *throwing up imaginary Capricorn gang signs*) and I had the WORST relationship ever with a Libra. I also don’t get along with Taurus men. My current honey is a Capricorn/Aquarius, and it’s weird because we have similar tendencies and similar faults when it comes to our relationship, i.e. guarded emotions. AC, you hit the nail on the HEAD about us Capricorns!

  5. Funms says:

    I believe in the sign personalities so much and it’s always been true…
    Anytime i meet someone new, i ask for their birthdays first…

    I am Taurus and i agree with “Taurus – Are cool people and CAN EAT. Don’t get them angry. Their temper is worse then a scorpio”
    (we love food 🙂

    And also, we are Stubborn and strong willed so being with my ex who was also Taurean was a bit hard

  6. Starita34 says:

    I guess I’m the lone dissenter. I think that astrology in general is a load. There are just way too many other factors to consider.

    I’m gonna admit thought that that “handly lil tool” that you linked, NAILED my relationship with Him. So maybe I’m just closed minded or ignorant…cause I’m talking that thing was dead on. Scary correct.
    *adds link to bookmarks*

    1. Just wanted to pop in and say….your presence is being requested in this week’s NFL post, explain your Chiefs performance please and thank you..!

      1. Starita34 says:

        LMAO! On my way…

  7. jessiejess says:

    I tried my hardest to stay clear from astrology and letting it somewhat determine the people I have relationships with. But the last 3 or 4 times I described a pitfall with a male; my girl asks about his sign or gives her two cents based on her beliefs in astrology. And she ain’t never lie…..
    I am a Libra… I know that I am a complicated woman, but none the less absolutely worth it. And Max, I have a strong crush on a Leo, and the reasons why I should leave him alone are strong and evident….. (But he’s 6″3, beautiful, black, passionate, sexy, built….. omg, I need a moment.) Hopefully it’s a phase; I am trying to build long lasting relationship.
    I was in love with a Capricorn for six years. And now that we are no longer, I often torture myself finding the reasons why we did not work. So, I recently looked up his astrology and it said “independent, rarely trust others, and they know their capabilities really well so they do not rely on others.” Well I wish I knew that then… lol & smh
    I won’t rely now on astrology, but I am definitely considering it more, simple because it’s been on point lately….
    P.s…. you posts have been so good lately, I can not comment all the time bc of work but, I am staying up nights catching up! Thumbs up!

    1. max says:

      Don’t run from the Leo…I actually think that Libra woman + Leo man is a good combination…we seem to be the only ones that have the patience for them.

      Capricorns…sigh. I have a serious weakness for them. But Libra + Capricorn never seems to work for me. They’re a little too own-way for me.

    2. max says:

      Oh and thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying.

  8. Sam Sharpe says:

    I think there is some serious irony (or something) in the fact that this post comes the day after the one where you asked “Am I Crazy?”….

    ….the answer is yes you are if you put too much (or any really) stock in astrology.

    1. max says:

      I think that’s a typical Pisces response Sam Sharpe 🙂

      1. SaneN85 says:

        Umm, easy now. We Pisces are anything but typical. Well, at least I’m not.

  9. !BB! says:

    I think its fun to read about. I don’t put any real stock in it. All my bffs are and always have been Cancers male and female (to my Virgo) but the one time I actually date a Cancer, all hell broke loose. I think I do best with Libra men.

    1. max says:

      Are you one of those first week of September Virgos? Those are the WORST!

      1. BGirl says:

        Yes I am! We da best! in my DJ Khaled voice lol

        Yes Im judgemental sometimes, but I can run down my list of things wrong with myself just as fast. I only do it cause I care. lol

        No worries everyone who meets me loves me.

  10. streetztalk says:

    Good jawn,

    I used to be heavy into astrology but i think that was a phase. Im into Astronomy, so its only natural the correlation. I think the traits are spot on. Just because youre a perfect match astrology wise doesnt mean that you will work out all the time. I was with a pisces (good match for Scorpios) and that went back and forth until I aborted it, lol.

    Its just good indicators or how you should proceed and common rules of engagement.

  11. emti says:

    I’m a pisces and yes we are sensitive, overgiving, psychic(ask me about my Oprah story) etc etc…it’s pretty much all true lol
    Gimme a scorpio, taurus or leo man ANYDAY

  12. “I’ve also had more than one almost-relationships with fellow Libra dudes but two Libras together is also not a good combination – nobody has the balls to make a move.”

    seeing as how we are twins i can see we would never work anyway. lol two libras could work though as long as both sides make an effort to be assertive.

    i’ve learned from experience that i’m terrible with aries women. just never worked out in my favor.

    1. max says:

      It’s funny though – you sooo don’t seem like a Libra to me. You don’t seem to have any of the qualities that make a Libra + Libra relationship disastrous.

      1. what you mean? i have most of the libra qualities. which are disastrous?

        1. max says:

          Well Libras are ditherers and they’re too much in their own heads. So when you put two together nothing ever really pops off because everyone is too busy over-analyzing everything to make any moves.
          I just don’t see you as a ditherer.

          1. you’d be surprised. lol

  13. Misstee says:

    “I have never met an ugly libra in my life” that is soooo true and I just said that the other day. I don’t think a libra could bear being unattractive so maybe that’s why they are all hot!

    1. max says:

      True. Libras are very full of themselves; that might be why we are so attractive.

  14. Diggame says:

    I met an ugly Libra this morning so I guess that theory goes out the window…lol!

    Aquarius’ we just do our own thing and are in our own world

    1. max says:

      That Libra must have been on the cusp of something. A true Libra can never be ugly.

      1. Diggame says:

        LOL!! I am gonna take a pic and twitpic it to you…plus thats impossible that Libra’s can’t be ugly…is their an ugly sign?

  15. Sukez says:

    Missed this too :-/

    Don’t get me started

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