Signature Sex Moves

The story of me losing my virginity is so crazily epic that the actual sex has gotten lost in the details. When I tell the story (which I am not going to do here today) I usually forget to mention it. Then whomever I’m telling it to will ask “But how was the sex?” and I’ll say “Oh right – it was good. Really good”.

The thing is though that I don’t really remember the sex in any real detail. I remember that it was also the occasion of my first time giving head and the realization that something I had in youthful naΓ―vetΓ© dismissed as gross is actually one of life’s greatest pleasures. And I remember this: the dude would slowly slide all but the head of his dick out and then quickly thrust the whole thing back in. That shit had me so open I wanted to drink his fucking bathwater. It doesn’t sound like much and others have used this move on me since, but it was executed so perfectly that I have no doubt he spent time and energy mastering it. It was his signature move and everyone should have one.

Your signature move is sexual maneuver that sets you apart from any others who may have been where you are. It should not only enhance the pleasure of the thronx, but be memorable enough that long after your name is forgotten the move will live on. Bonus if you are also able to perpetuate the #swindle that you reserve said move for special customers only.

Let me give you another example. A woman I know is remembered far and wide for having a man fuck her tits. Not the most original move, but what she does is squirt a little flavoured lube between her big bodacious cha-chas and as her man slides his sword between them she squeezes them around it. When his cock pokes out between the top of her breasts, she takes the head in her mouth. Then she breathily encourages him to bust on her face and rubs a bit of his seeds on her nipples. I’m told the reaction to this is epic.

If you don’t have a signature sex move, you’re failing at life. I mean really, even Seinfeld – arguably the least sexual man in the history of time – has a signature move. You don’t want to be worse off than the least sexual man in the world do you?

Now really your signature move should be something you came up with and perfected on your own, but because I love you all so much I’ll throw out some ideas for those of you who are struggling. Learn, absorb, apply – and then come back here and overshare about it.

Possible Signature Moves for Ladies:

The French Blowjob: This is basically sticking one in the stink while speaking on the mic. It stimulates the prostate, which is good but don’t blame me if you get punched in the face for it – I’ve warned you more than enough times about unauthorized rear entry.

The Hummer: Deep, throaty humming while giving head. Too many women are sleeping on this I’m told.

And for the men:

The G Spot Jiggler: This is really just switching between short, hard strokes and long, slow strokes while hitting it from the back. Nothing amazingly complex but, if executed properly, will dickmatize a woman. Trust me on that.

The Orgasm Enhancer: Okay so you’re giving it to her good with your fingers, tongue or dick and she’s loving it. Keep doing what you’re doing but start putting it on her somewhere else on her body. So say you’re long stroking her and then you hit her with a soul kiss that gets more and more intense. Or you’re eating her pussy like it’s a free buffet and then you suddenly start….well, you get the idea, right?

So do I have a signature move? Well if you’ll pardon my boasting for a moment, let me say that I’m lucky enough to be the kind of woman who is really good in bed without having to work at it. I’m not going to give away all my secrets, but there are certain things that I do automatically or unconsciously that have made men turn fool when I put it on them. But as my favourite person told me, with great pussy comes great responsibility – so while I could just rest on my epic laurels, I don’t. So yes – I do have a signature move. I’ll tell you mine if you guys tell me yours in the comments.

bag lady. digital nerd. beauty junkie. shoe whore. i'm a sucker for big words and box-fresh kicks. know a little bit about a lot of things and have something to say about everything.

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  1. this post has the potential to be great considering everyone plays along. i have a feeling that may not happen though. with that said i guess i’ll kick it off.

    signature moves:

    i have this thing where i try to spell my name out on her clitoris. i have the frame of mind where if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then you’re never going to be good at it. i’m pretty fond of it. as far as signature moves concerning licking the love below i would have to go into positions. i have this one position that i would prefer her in while licking her labia.

    also i would say that jack hammering her is not the move so i’ve worked on the art of the slow deep stroke. it takes special “skills” to hit her bottom and have her on the edge of ecstasy. i think the slow deep stroke is a lot more sensual than “rabbit f*cking”. oh and you can’t forget to look her in eyes (if they’re open).

    i’ll be back with more (perhaps).

    1. B_P says:

      Thunderous applause for my e-boo!

      When I read “spell my name on her clitoris” Biggie’s line played in my head “Spell my name right B I double G I E” but I replaced it with yours. It actually fit well. πŸ˜€

      1. B_P says:

        You couldn’t even say thank you for my applause? Oh and how you going to be my e-boo if we ain’t e-effing? I saw your little comment to Dr. J down thread. I want an e-annulment.

        *mumbling* That’s why I need to leave these arrogant ni**as alone…when will I learn!?!?< I thought I had found me a good one.

        *pops collar…and walks away*

        1. i tried to comment twice to you but it wouldn’t let me. (let’s see if this one goes through). and don’t get your e-panties in a bunch. perhaps i should have put “yet” at the end of my sentence. lol

          1. max says:

            Sorry bud. Two of your comments were marked as spam for some reason. WordPress is a hating-ass bitch sometimes.

          2. BP says:

            @ Tu….lo siento papi. You know I didn’t mean it. Te amo the sound of “yet” πŸ˜‰

            @Max, let me find out WordPress is cock-blocking I will be writing an email.

            1. how about you write me an email? πŸ™‚

              1. B_P says:

                Sounds good to me e-boo πŸ˜‰

  2. MzWoods says:

    Great topic! Well for lack of any further creativity on my part I would have to say mine is probably “speaking on the mic” while dude is on the phone…only because my skills are up there anyway but i loveeeeee hearing a dude try to speak while his toes are curling into the soles of his feet…makes me happy and ensures that he will have a memorable experience…especially if the person on the phone catches on to what’s going on which has happened a time or two lol

  3. Miss K says:

    Great topic. First time poster.

    My signature slob move involves, well, slob. I like to massage my man’s piece at the back of my throat (not too much bobbing, just a lot of suction and the occasional hum) to get the saliva going, then i slowly suck upwards and then create a long stream of saliva which i then wrap around the head as slowly and as many times as possible. Slow and sloppy. Pretty simple. Add in Superhead’s double handed twist move and it’s lethal.

    As far as actual penetration, my signature move is spin action: cowgirl-side saddle-reverse cowgirl, or the reverse. The key is not to speed too quickly into the next rotation, to keep the transitions smooth and, for the love of God, not to lose the penetration.

    1. DayL8 says:

      WOW. I just saw that in my mind’s eye….kudos to the dude catchin that heat…

  4. S. Anonymous my ass says:

    O_O I came reading Tree’s answer out of hiding for Nasty Fridays. And considered posting anonymously. Maybe I’ll be figured out? πŸ˜€ Signature moves? Do I have one? I almost feel like I don’t but then again[…wait. Disclaimer nsh*t. I hate bragging so I won’t do it. I’ll just tell the truth.] So yeah. Someone can only be asked, Yo how do you DO that? or be told, Yo, that shit was too crazy but so many times. And I just came up with these names this early mawnin as I wipe the crust out my eyes. Thanks for the wake up Max! Ess Dot Signatures.

    1. The Surprise Holdup.
    While on top and gyrating on his piece to the latest popping most sexual reggae/dancehall song in my head, I insert all the stops and beat drops with either a liftoff and hold on the head aka the Surprise or the Gimme your nut/cum/orgasm “holdup” move aka kegels on the meat that would get the O_O face or the oh sh*t whisper. Repeat at alternating speeds and add an extra surprise (which is a secret) for a magical ending. Both of you die. πŸ™‚

    (LOL I can’t help but giggle and glance at Tree’s response, thinking Now how about you spell out my full 16 letter name plus the 100+ characters in all my nicknames?)
    2. “Seizures, not mine” (as in Seize yours, not mine lol).
    An oral move. Well, the point is to pretty much push him down on the bed while he looks at you like you’ve lost your mind (for pushing him) but like he’s about to lose his (in a good way). And it’s all about seizing him up. (tehehe) Seize the shaft and show it some respect. Nice grip with the TwistnJerks hand motion. And the traction is cool cuz I already took care of the spit or wetness lube necessary. Seize the balls. Seize the head..with focus on just that. There’s the vein around it (under) that pulses the most. And it’s so sensitive. So while I’m wrapped up there, it’s almost like they aren’t expecting much else. Until I let it slip in all the way (with the lube help) and it sits in my throat, which is seizing the head and tight. *shrug* can’t reveal what else after that.

    3. Leaky Hose. (Lmao I’m dying at these names. I hope urbandictionary doesn’t have them!)
    Just when he’s about to release the kids to play, I’ll let my mouth hover over the head and wait til I see the first sight of cream. Then depending on whether I’ll use the tongue or my finger, I let it block the hole the kids are running from and feel the ones that are getting away come out from the sides of my tongue/finger while doing the TwistnJerks with a last pull to get every one out. πŸ˜€

    Okay, that’s all I’m sharing now.

      1. max says:

        I had a feeling you would enjoy Suki’s comment.

      2. B_P says:

        I cried laughing at Cheekz’s link. *grabbing tissue*

        1. CHeeKZ Money says:

          i cried thinking about Suki giving me a ‘leaky house’

          o baby.

    1. Starita34 says:

      The acts and the names. Damn girl. Why do I feel like a proud Mama??

  5. Sam Sharpe says:

    First off, max, you and I must read from the same play book b/c the G-spot Jiggler and the Orgasm Enhancer (as you call them) are two of the go to moves in my repertoire….I can’t believe not all men have them in their bag of trick….

    Beyond those two I have a few go to moves that I bring out depending on circumstance, but I’m only going to share two:

    1. The Transition: I move very slowly when switching from one position (let’s say me on top) to another (let’s say a little woof woof) stopping at certain points along the way and working in some figure 8 motions all the while changing up the pace (almost like the g-spot jiggler). The key here is that while switching from position to position my joint is always, ALWAYS, still inside her and moving. Never fails. Several ladies have said “No one has ever done that” or “How did you do that?”. I’m tempted to say it’s magic, but no, the truth is, it’s me. All me.

    2. The Massage: I usually save this one for girls at or near wifey status. I prop her up against pillows, so that she is kind of sitting up and in a relaxed position.Then I slowly, gently and tenderly massage her outer lips with my fingers. The strokes start of short, sweet and delicate and eventually build up until I’m virtually circling the entire surface area of her outer lips. I’m not even looking at her clit yet, almost like I’m pretending it ain’t there. I don’t go near the clit until the juices are really flowing and the breathing is really heavy. Let me also emphasize the slowly part b/c sometimes I’m at it for a looooooong time. That’s another reason why I usually save the move for wifey b/c I generally don’t have the inclination to put this much time in for just any girl. Anyway, to make a long story shot, this usually ends in lots and lots of moisture. On more than one occasion this has brought women to tears. I’m not kidding.

    1. max says:

      *jumps on subway and heads uptown to search for Sam Sharpe*

      1. emti says:

        those moves call for an emergency cab ride

    2. Starita34 says:

      lil known fact: she was reading this answer when this was filmed…

  6. DayL8 says:

    Someone text’d me @ 0645 (thats 6:45 am for you non military/GMT individuals…wait…did any of you tell a veteran “Hapy Veterans Day?”) to read this post…

    at the reccomendation that I read this post, its fair to deduce that the woman that asked me to read this believes that I in fact have a Signature Move: Im flattered. But I dont know the name of it…we dubbed it something one time but it escapes me. I just woke up. anyway…the move in my opinion is quite simple…

    go from missionary position to her legs on your shoulders, when you really gettin that maximum penetration

    after you really really leanin’ off into her…grab her hands at the wrist, while youre still inside her, tell her to “hold on””, plant ya knees into the bed (or carpet) and throw all your weight back in reverse, landing on your back. (dont do it like a stunt double)

    she goes from being on her back, to being on top of you in a matter of 2-3 seconds maybe, and at that point you should observe her face making funny faces and tryin to not oooh and ahhh and what not…

    dont let her plant her feet on the ground. keep her legs straight, her feet should basically be right besides your ears, face, whatever the case may be.

    place both of your hands on her waist or palm her a$$ cheeks…use your strength to gyrate and move her around on ya d**k. natrually, her hands will be planted behind her at an angle to help with balance.

    or…grab her ankles and push/pull back and forth while she grinds on you. this I think has a bit of a bondage/tied up aspect/effect, espically if youre a big guy.

    dont know what me and her named this move…but it would be nice if she would tell me what it was…

    I feel like I need a degree in English so that I can be a technical writer. I hope I created the right picture, too bad I cant give you a demo…

    1. max says:

      Sweet Jesus Lord.

    2. Damn. The visual in my mind’s eye… Damn.

      1. DayL8 says:

        WOW. you dirty lil girl…but yeah,somnething like that. but thats some wrestlin moves
        mixed in with martial arts, and sex…thats crazy…i think im too big to be rockin like that, im a mess around and sprain something.

        But Im a damn sho try it…lol

      2. max says:

        Good GOD Starita I screamed when I saw this!

      3. Diggame says:

        I think that was the sexual version of the sunset flip!!

      4. CHeeKZ Money says:

        you stole my move……

        shout out the Prince. Arguably the best porn star in the biz.

      5. You have to stretch before you do moves like that. You see chick has on her sneakers. Its not a game…lol

        1. max says:

          That’s the same thing I thought! The move is hawt and everything but I can’t get down with anything that involves being naked with sneakers…it’s not a sexy look.

          1. B_P says:

            I don’t think you need sneakers for the “ten-over”. #justsayin’

      6. BGirl says:

        That is too much!!!
        But I’m sure my chiropractor’s bank account would not mind. That looks like it takes years of practice.

    3. B_P says:

      I had to walk around my office building TWICE in order to calm myself and to kill the smell of dopamine in my nostrils. #helpmeLawd

      1. max says:

        By the way BP the overworld has voted and we decided you need to get on Twitter stat.

        1. i second that motion. *robert’s rules*

      2. BP, you’re not on twitter? Shame on you… lol.

      3. B_P says:

        Maxie and Nia,
        lovely ladies I have REALLY been considering opening a Twitter account…however there are 2 major reasons that stop me:

        1. I have an addictive personality and would be tweeting while I am eating, sleeping, strike>thronxing, running…it could be really detrimental to me.

        2. I just got a promotion that I worked my assets off for and Twitter may be the demise of my career because Lord KNOWS I don’t work as hard as I once did when I stopped lurking and started commenting on my favorite blogs.

        But I think I will open one soon anywaydoe. I think I want to be included in this overworld. πŸ˜€

        1. B_P says:

          *correction* thronxing

        2. S says:

          I don’t blame you. Don’t do it. Lol

          1. max says:

            Suki shut up. Everyone needs to be on Twitter. Including you!

            1. S says:

              πŸ˜› i need a good reason to come back lol

              1. BP says:

                My girl Suki-dukes doesn’t have a Twitter? Really?…..

    4. *stretching quads*

      why am i reading this at work? d@mn.d@mn.d@mn.

  7. DayL8 says:

    We dubbed that move the “Ten-Over” but “T.O.” for short….it really means “ten toes over my ears”. if such a thing makes sense. hell…we named it in the heat of some gangsta a$$ f**kin…if it aint catchy enough, SUE ME…lol

  8. Starita34 says:

    So…I can’t really think of a signature move of mine per se…I know, I fail at life. I do know that this one time I got the greatest compliment (verbally and visually) while giving head and things got a lil extra sloppy and I came up for breath with the whole string of spit and precum trailing from my mouth. He was a fan. A big fan. But that’s not all that special. But I will always smile fondly when I remember his face and him stuttering, “I…I…I love th-that you’re so, g-g-g-ood at th-that” He wasn’t even a head dude and I converted him…I’m proud of that.

    But a move put on me? I can recount a couple of those…
    I’m giving Him head noticing a theme? lol for the third time that night, so we’re starting to spice it up. I’m into it, and grabs me by my hair *shiver* and pulls me off. I try to get back on and he pulls me farther back. Tells me to look into his eyes, but my eyes are rolled back, so he jerks my head, orders me to “open my eyes and look at him”, I comply, as best I could, he tells me that he’s “spoiling” me and that I can’t have it any more…Oh! My! God!…may not sound like anything to ya’ll but I still fantasize about this over and over and over….God I miss Him. of course I was “allowed” to get the idck back…but the tease was oh so lovely

    1. max says:

      Well damn. Can I have his number? Please?

      1. Starita34 says:

        Hell to the no, that’s my Him. If I had it my way I would’ve taken the dick with me in the breakup! Um, let me “find” his number…*pretends to look for it ’til you’re distracted by a shiny object*

  9. Discretion is the key to a great sex life.

    1. Someone kick him off his soapbox. Lol

    2. well i’m not effing anyone on this site so i doubt it would matter. lol

    3. CHeeKZ Money says:

      i with the good Dr…

      my best moves are all surprised base and you never know who is reading….

      1. Starita34 says:

        CHeeKZ, you once said on this here blog during a discussion about music during sex “I don’t want the music to be so loud I can’t hear the sound of you being entered.”
        #OverSharingQuasiConfession – I may or may not have masturbated to this repeatedly.

        You also mentioned various and sundry other “tricks”…so maintain your modesty today if you must, I will still mind rape you at my will.

        1. BP says:

          BUSTED! Get’em Star!

        2. CHeeKZ Money says:

          sweet lady wont you be mine

          the thing is I have overshared to the ends of oversharing. The only thing I have not told on the internets is my signature move. Its my one safety that I am keeping to myself just in case one of you actually throws a bone my way.

          I haven’t mentioned this in e-sex. on Threeways. On SBM. during phone sex. This is my one dirty slightly S&M secret move. And the thing about it is… its foreplay. Unlike ‘the student’s or sam sharp’s move which are technical so even if you know they are coming they still feel good. You can’t know this is coming (pause).

          As a big supporter of female masturbation I highly appreciate you painting your nails to my thoughts. Just know that I am currently going to masturbate thinking about you masturbating thinking about my thoughts.

          **stares deeply at your avatar**

          1. Starita34 says:

            Oh good sir, this is going to be a problem, a circular vortex I fear…I’m supposed to be headed out to celebrate my birthday and that right there makes me wanna stay home a lil bit longer and repaint my nails…

            Keep your secret CHeeKZ…it just makes me wanna know even more I respect you decision. I know how men are with bodies, let my avatar get a lil more comfortable for you…*passes you some lotion and kleenex*

              1. Starita34 says:

                Thank you sir πŸ™‚

  10. The Wet Twister and the Hurricane(a.k.a. Look ma, no hands!). I have a couple others that all seem to involve mouth love. It is better to give than receive., but I’ll top there. And who doesn’t know about the humming. Listerine strips or Altoids add to the fun.

    1. Starita34 says:

      “And who doesn’t know about the humming.”

      I thought the saaame thing.

      1. max says:

        Word on the streets is not enough girls are humming on the mic. They clearly are not spending enough time on this blog.

    2. S says:

      A lot of people haven’t heard about the things menthol does on sensitive parts.

  11. Melissa says:

    I do this one thing that involves the roof of my mouth and a clever flick of the tongue that always illicits a nice response but that’s all you’re getting out of me today.

  12. Starita34 says:

    Ok, Ms. Fab! We’ve shared, now it’s your turn. Don’t leave us hangin’ on that 68 ish…

    *gathers around and waits wide-eyed, notepad in hand to be blessed by the sex Goddess herself* πŸ˜‰

    1. max says:

      Girl I’m not the teacher I’m just the facilitator. You guys have waaaaay more skills than I do.
      And I’m not dropping anything until this post hits at least 50 comments (not counting my own). Right now yesterday’s post has more comments and it wasn’t even dirty!

      1. Starita34 says:

        Hey a good post is a good post. We like you for more than your doggy style πŸ˜‰

        My skills are very limited and function specific! LOL, if I could take a clinic on riding, I would and I plan to, I believe it’s conventionally called a “honeymoon”.

        1. max says:

          Perhaps a Riding 101 post is in order. I think Suki needs to teach us after tha comment.

  13. S says:

    Discretion. Misecretion. Do a 72. [great] sex lives depend on the individual and their skills.

  14. S says:

    Max, I’m never coming back as “Sukez” to another post. Lol all your fault.

  15. MsEsquire77 says:

    I’ve made it to the ripe age of 33 and yet I don’t have a signature move πŸ™

    1. S says:

      You prob do and don’t know it.

      1. MsEsquire77 says:

        Pup, you give me more credit than I deserve. I’m a jack of all trades but a master of none. I don’t think I have a move that I could start a porn career with.

  16. MsEsquire77 says:

    P.S- Max, I know who your first was and he looks like he should be able to put it down!

    1. max says:

      Hahahaha yeah he’s definitely in my top 100.

  17. the student says:

    Through the years, one move has been constant whenever I’m working a clit. To add to MadScientist7 technique, I finish with the….Lets call it “Suck & Swirl”

    To Suck & Swirl: pucker your lips around the stimulated clit and provide constant suction. Lightly start swirling your tongue clockwise or counter clockwise (for some reason, my partners were a fan of either or).

    The advanced Suck & Swirl: Provide constant suction on the clit but start pulsating your lips (creating a constant changing puckering motion while maintaining suction) to massage the clit. Instead of just swirling with your tongue, lightly flick at varying speeds on the clit and then swirl. I like to play with this one and change it up by licking all around her opening, including the taint and then taking all of her outer labia into my mouth at once and licking up & down the opening…then proceed back to the Suck & Swirl.

    1. max says:

      Okay see this right here could make me a believer in oral.

    2. Starita34 says:

      Whenever I’m watchin p0rn thinking about receiving head, I imagine this technique. It looks oh so wonderful. I’ve never experienced it, but I think that it could change my perspective on the receiving end of things. #TeamGiveMeTheD or #LetMeDoYouBoo

    3. CHeeKZ Money says:

      of all the cunniligus tricks that people try to give.. this is the first one where you didn’t need a tongue the size of Mandingo’s sausage to pull off.

      I thank you sir.
      My future wife thanks you.
      And my future mistress thanks you.

      1. the student says:

        You are welcome. Truth is, I wouldn’t be able to do those long tongue moves myself. For the really freaky cunnilingus, your nose can be a useful tool.

        1. Capricorn says:

          Yes. and Yes.

    4. sounds good, buddy. πŸ˜‰

  18. Nick@Nite says:

    So, this is the first chance I’ve had to make it to a computer.. I don’t know about a “move” so much as my signature position.. (I have 2)
    (now thinking about them, they sound tame)

    I’ll try and describe it the best way I can..
    Say a man’s on top.. (missionary, or whatever) I do this thing where I’ll bring my leg up by his ear.. (either one leg or both) and swing them in a way that I can go from being on my back, to being on my stomach without having him come out in order to “reset”.. It’s a lot of fun considering that whenever I pull it he never knew it was gonna happen..

    and the second one..
    it’s pretty basic.. but say I’m up facing the wall getting back action, then I’ll totally bend myself in half.. and put my back up against the wall.. since the back is being braced, it allows for maximum penetration, and it also allows for my ladyparts to be exposed better.. (he went crazy with this one)
    that’s all i can think of for now.. although I’ve been told that my enthusiasm alone is the stuff of legends..
    only one dude was ever worthy of this.. and now I’m off it..

    1. max says:

      Nickerz I tip my hat to you.

    2. Starita34 says:

      “I’m up facing the wall getting back action, then I’ll totally bend myself in half.. and put my back up against the wall.. since the back is being braced, it allows for maximum penetration, and it also allows for my ladyparts to be exposed better.” and you’re in a position to reach up and play with the stepchildren while he’s doing work

  19. The Only Bad Part Of Writing About Your Signature Move Is having To Live Up To It..Some Of Y’all Now Got Nowhere To Go But Down…

    My Move Is Acting Like I Have None.

    1. the student says:

      *Counter Point- Reality is that you don’t have to pull out your big guns every time or most of the time. Satisfaction is achieved with more than a signature move.

      2 cent theory

      1. max says:

        I sincerely hope no one here is busting out their signature move on every Tom Dick and Harry they sleep with. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

      2. Starita34 says:

        You know, I think that you’re on to something there…Him amazed me like 3 times…and that was all it took for him to be forever burned into my memory as The Best I Ever Had #Drizzy. He didn’t have to be consistently mind blowing; just mind blowing early enough that that’s how I always thought of him.

  20. L Boogie says:

    I don’t have a signature move…but I had to come past and say how much I hate you…and by hate I mean love because now I’m at my desk fighting not to make a dirty phone call…smh…

    1. the student says:

      to fight the call…is to fight the call of nature. After all, we are all writing about enjoying what are natural acts.


  21. the student says:

    Truth that hasn’t been high lighted enough, if mentioned at all, is that a person’s signature move or moves will not work for everyone. Truth is, our signature move should be able to create and master new ones for those who deserve them. Max is right, you can’t do your signature moves on any old body. Those things could create stalkers.

    1. max says:

      “Those things could create stalkers”

      I learned this the hard way.

  22. Since We Are Talking About Underrated Truths, Some Of Y’all Probably Should Work On Perfecting The Basics Before Attempting Complicated Fellatio And Intercourse Techniques..

    It’s Like A Kid Talking About Dunking Over A Crowd Of People In His Wheelchair Basketball League. “One Step At A Time Nigga”

    1. the student says:


    2. max says:

      I cannot speak for the other ladies, but I assure you I am well-versed in the basics.

    3. Starita34 says:

      Damn homie, which one of your exes is on this page selling wolf tickets?

      I’ve got lots to learn, but what I’m good at. I’m great at. #ReferencesAvailable

  23. Sukez says:

    I have some handfuls of them. I wouldn’t dish it all out. I get the thing with discretion. Sharing is caring and all but I don’t care though. So those things are basic to me. No more sex talk from me though. Leave it to Max to make me talk -_-

  24. Neil says:

    99 comments, Max. =) Let’s hear yours.

  25. BP says:

    Max! What happened to your signature move? If I had one I woulda shared.

    1. Starita34 says:

      Thank you ma’am πŸ™‚

      Got hit on by a meathead youngin, a drink thrust towards me by another guy while young thing was trying to “flex” (LOL, LITERALLY! Hilarious!), and my ass grabbed by another juiced up dude…not to bad for a 31 year old πŸ˜‰ lol

      I left asking my gf why that ish is in the least bit flattering when I wouldn’t date not one of them *smh* Eff feeling old and quasienjoying random (low quality) adoration that makes you feel like you’re still attractive.

      Seriously though, great night out.

      AND SHARE YOUR MOVES BP AND MAX! Each one teach one! It’s for the greater good of sex in general!

  26. B_P says:

    Happy BIRTHDAY Starita! Max, where is your signature move? BTW, I only have one and it isn’t anything I should be sharing. LOL!

  27. 2_16 says:

    Sooo, I was too much of a chicken to talk about my signature move but making some lurker/Max/or frequent reader/that is catching up will read this one day.

    My SM is this: perineum tongue thrust. The perineum is the area between the man’s Richard and ahole. This move consists of when you are giving a man head you have him prop his butt on some pillow and have him spread his legs. While you are giving him head you slowly lick down his Richard’s shaft to the area between his ahole and his Richard. Push your really,really, wet tongue LIGHTLY on that area. It is a super duper sensitive spot for men. Lick, wet and tickle it with your tongue. Then quickly go back up to sucking/humming on his Richard and then repeat. I have been told the sensation is amazing. If you are a real freak you can go lower.

  28. Capricorn says:

    *taking notes* wow.

  29. Keisha says:

    I actually love this blog. When are you gonna tell the story of you losing your virginity?

    1. max says:

      Good idea! Coming soon to a nasty Friday near you.

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