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Personally I like my sex au naturel; no frills, no soundtrack, no condoms, no soft lighting, no foreplay, and no accoutrements. To add these types of garnishes to an already perfect meal is just…doing too much as far as I’m concerned. For me, chexy time is the ultimate “come as you are” party; you don’t have to bring anything but the dirty yourself. However this blog is for everybody and I recognize that some people like their guests to arrive with party favours. So this week we’re examining what we can do to make the mo’better mo’better.

1. Porn

First of all, I should not have to tell you this, but porn should be part of everyone’s regularly scheduled programming. Watching porn is just the responsible thing to do. Plus nothing makes you more ready to get down n’ dirty with someone than to watch other people getting down and dirty.  If porn doesn’t get your motor running you need to seek medical attention immediately.

4. A little slip

Personally I consider lube to be an insult to my womanhood; I create quite enough of it on my own if you’re handling yours properly thank you very much. But lately I keep discovering lubes that come with um, value-adds? You can find lubes that will warm things up, cool ’em down, and you can even find ones that tingle and make it feel like your pussy has been electrocuted. And in the category of over-sharing, let me tell you this: I was recently given some samples of a certain “intense arousal gel”. I was looking at it all types of squint-eyed at first…you guys know I have no problem becoming aroused. But this stuff… LIFE! PSA ladies: try this stuff. Oh and here’s a PSA for my men: get you some of this stuff, surreptitiously rub it on your peen before you go in…that girl will love you for life. Trust Max on this.

5. Wrongness

I don’t know what it is about getting it in with a completely inappropriate person or place that makes the thronx so much better…but it does. Few things in life are hotter than slipping unseen into the bathroom of a party with the object of your desire for a quick grope. Just beware that the streets are watching and you may get caught.  And as far as inappropriate people go, choose wisely. You give the wrong troll a sample of your goodness and you’ve got a guaranteed stalker for life. Trust me on that one.

Like I said, I’m not that into bells and whistles so this is all I can think of…weigh in won’t you? What little extras do you like to bring to secksy time? It’s Friday – overshare.

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  1. MsEsquire77 says:

    A couple things to add to the list (some things I’ve tried, some not yet):

    background music, preferably jazz
    bondage tape, handcuffss or other restraints
    role play with/without costumes
    camera and/or videocamera
    sex toys

    1. CHeeKZ Money says:

      If you want it, I am going to give it to you. With a smile. But I am 1000% with Max on this one. Less is more. I am not against anything you mentioned.
      1)but I don’t want the music to be so loud I can’t hear the sound of you being entered.
      2)instead of using restraints, try holding your submissive partner down with your own body, hands, mouth, or weight. Sure its more challenging to only have one hand free, but that is where the fun is.
      3) cool.
      4)i like a mirror better than a camera. no delay, captures light better. plus less evidence.
      5) and 6)…. I take no pleasure in. You can do that on your own. Makes me feel like I’m useless.

  2. Sam Sharpe says:


    This is it. This list is why I love you. Just the right mix of edumacation and smut. Far too many women are scared of the porn. You need to open a finishing school for the sexually timid. I’ll spread the word.

  3. emti says:

    I agree whole heartedly with all three (5?)!
    But never think #5 is getting past anyone…you ain’t that slick

    1. max says:

      so you always tell me

  4. B_P says:

    “You give the wrong troll a sample of your goodness and you’ve got a guaranteed stalker for life. Trust me on that one. ”


    I too believe in less is more…but I like/need/love foreplay. I can’t get my engines running without a little something. My name isn’t Porsche…I can’t get from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat.

  5. I like my love like I like my Gin… straight up… no chaser.

  6. Dash says:

    I love a mirror. There is something awesome about being to watch your own stroke.

    I also like to use a shirt/scarf/or scarf to get a little choking in.

    I do not really need porn or music, but having SportsCenter or CNN in the background gives me an extra bit of oomph. Dunn dunn dunn, dunn dunn dunn.

    1. max says:

      Oh a mirror is a good look. Literally. Hahaha.

    2. BGirl says:

      Immediate arousal upon reading about ” a little choking”.

      *Puts pants back on*

    3. B_P says:

      Mirror…choking? Looks at office themometer…its getting hot in here!

  7. Nick@Nite says:

    What do I want/need

    eye contact- most of the time, i have a smirk on my face in a “is that all you got?” kind of way.. this will make you work harder, which is the result i’m lookin for..

    talk- but that comes naturally..

    environment- my favorite is when the patio door is open and there’s a breeze through the house.. i like to bask in the sounds, feelings, and light that comes from outside.. especially when the sun is setting..

    anticipation- build up is everything…
    Luckily, these things are all free.. I’m a low maintenance chick.. Lol

    that’s just about it..

    1. max says:

      “Is that all you got” smirk #FTW

    2. B_P says:

      Breeze…with the sun setting. I once made sweet love on an exotic beach location with the breeze whipping my hair all around in the wind. #nothinggreaterthanthat.

  8. Melissa says:

    I agree with all. Plus dirty talk. I don’t need atmosphere or music or lighting.

    1. emti says:

      Dirty Talk -actually any talk or any sound (grunting etc) #FTW

  9. CHeeKZ Money says:

    i’m with max all the way, no new edition. Its not that I look down at these extras. They are all good, as a nice change of pace, esp when you have been in a relationship and have hit every position. But its got to the point, with all the HBO real chex shows, and blogs, and cinemax, these things have gotten so cliche and lose their dirty.


    Instead of watching film of other people. Watch other people live. Invite a couple over. Maybe some friends you know, someone you met on the internet (so less shame afterwards), or you can go to the swingers club. And you can set your own rules completely. Maybe you just watch them, ask them to leave, than get it on yourself. Maybe both couples go at the same time. Maybe you pratice a little soft swap.

    Wrongness: Now this is what I am talking about! The mental rush that you get knowing that you are being bad. Disgusting is beautiful when it comes to chex. Let’s be gross together. Cross the line. Upset the establishment. Shock the world with just how depraved you can get. Maybe it does make you feel like a slu+ to sleep with your sisters boyfriend, but as hard as people try to keep you from doing that.. doesn’t it feel good being one for a little while. All those forbidden fruit moments are what I love for.

    Of course being wrong feels great, you are sneaking around, being extra careful, either at work, or around your family and freind. Your on your toes watching to make sure you don’t get caught, your senses are more heighten. There are so many rules and etiquette, but none of those rules make you feel good. So I gotta tip my hat to the girls/guys/ and trannies who say eff your rules, lets feel good.

    1. CHeeKZ Money says:

      I seriously didn’t mean to type that much.
      Like seriously.

      1. B_P says:

        Sure you didn’t. I just Googled “freak” and your pic popped up along with Sukez.

        And where is Sukez…she MUST have something to say.

  10. thefabfoodie says:

    did someone mention “a little choking?”…*le sigh*..that gets me EVERY TIME. Every. Single. Time.
    I’m not a big fan of the foreplay either, however, Max, your list was on point. I can’t stand background music…I’m already horny, don’t need distractions. When it’s time to get it in, we need to be about the business of making me cum. Period.

  11. ThatChick says:

    Umm so what is the name of that certain “intense arousal gel”? Pls do share girl

    1. SaneN85 says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

      I don’t feel like writing a separate comment, so let me just say that while I’m in the “less is more” category, I will never pass on foreplay (although find myself not needing it much these days). Also, some of these comments have got me wanting to have another lunchtime playdate.

  12. keisha brown says:

    oh maximillion..i love thee..let me count the ways!!!

    i cant co-sign the lack of foreplay..but foreplay is more than just the physical, like you said.. a cunning linguist can get it. but it’s like heating up your car in the winter: it’ll just run better.

    i think the key thing is trust. (yeah..sorry to ruin the heatness). you can do almost anything to me if i trust you. nothing is more freeing than fully giving my body over to you and you are gonna take care of it (and vice versa)

    ps: i’ve lost my sample!! im tempted to purchase based on your detailed account of it. tee hee..i’ll report next week.

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