What I Won’t Do for a Date

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When I called my daddy to wish him a happy father’s day, I ended up getting sucked into the vortex that is a phone call with my mother. My mum (the one exception to my phone rules because it is more painful to get in trouble for not talking to her than it is to actually talk to her) has an uncanny ability to either enrage, infantilize, or reduce me inside of five minutes when I get her on the phone. Virtually every topic we might discuss can be turned into a way to make me feel dry. Her latest topic: why I don’t date more often.

I patiently explained that I rarely meet men and that when I do they usually don’t ask me out. Ever helpful, she began suggesting 9,999 things I could do to increase the number of dates I go on. All of her suggestions were unacceptable for various reasons, but the following four really stood out as things that I just will not do for a date. Right now, anyway. But ask me again after I turn 35 in a couple of months.

So here we are: What I Won’t Do for a Date

1. Online Dating

Whenever I think of being on E-Harmony, Lavalife or Plenty of Fish, my skin starts to crawl. It just reeks of thirst to me. Now I don’t mean for that to be a diss against anyone who does participate in online dating, and lord knows enough people find love that way these days, but for me it just seems so sad. Plus I’ve been following a certain blogger’s chronicles about her experiences on POF and they make me just want to stab myself in the eye. Maybe I could have done this when I was younger and felt more compelled to find “the one” but now? Nah sir! I’d sooner stay single for the rest of my life.

2. Broaden My Horizons

This is a big one. The fact that I get this advice from people other than my mum gives it a little more credence, but it’s still highly unappealing. I like what I like. And even though I’ve had a very poor rate of return on getting involved with the men I like, the idea of going outside my normal extended social circle in the hopes of finding some previously undiscovered gem just does not interest me.

3. Ask to be fixed up

Three reasons why I would never do this:

i. After online dating, this seems like the thirstiest thing in the world to me. To me there’s just something so distasteful about asking someone to help me find someone to bone love. I know that’s just pride and pride goes before the fall and all that but yeah no.

ii. Asking to be set up disturbs the natural order of things. I don’t like to orchestrate too much in my life, I prefer things to happen magically organically. Asking for a setup is the opposite of organic.

iii. I do not trust my friends to set me up. I’m sorry, but I just don’t.

3. Date outside my race

You guys are well aware by now that I don’t do this right? I tried it twice and it’s not for me. At all. Yuck! No judgment at all of those who do, but it’s just not for me.

4. Ask a man out

No matter how many times people try to convince me that this is okay, no matter how many times I’m momentarily convinced that they are right and I am wrong, I just can’t do this. I just cannot. Actually no that’s not true, it’s not that I can’t – I will not. I don’t believe it’s my job, it goes against everything that I believe in, and it’s for homely girls and I believe with all my heart that it permanently tips the balance of power in the man’s favour. We can’t have that can we?

Now I know you guys are just dying to school me on how wrong I am for having these standards and how I will die alone if I don’t compromise, so please do so in the comments. And if you have any things you will not do for a date, please share them so I don’t feel so alone.

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