Throwback Tuesday – The Comfort Zone

Welcome to Throwback Tuesday. Since Google Analytics tells me that most of you are new visitors, I thought I’d re-post all the good ish you missed before you got on board the max-logic train.

So ladies, you know how it is – you meet someone, you start dating, and you’re working overtime to make sure your shit is on point. Everything is waxed, hair is always done, and every date requires a quorum to determine the perfect outfit. And it works, right? Things progress and deepen, you have the talk about exclusivity, and you begin to feel a little more secure. So you take the waxing lady off speed dial, choose your own outfits, and start wearing the glasses and saving the contacts for ‘special’ occasions. Nothing wrong with that. But then things progress a little further, you know you have him on lock, and suddenly you live at the corner of messy ponytail and lululemon pants. You show up for sleepovers wearing your head tie and your zit cream. And we all know you’re not shaving or waxing a place.

Ladies, there’s such a thing as too comfortable. And that is it.

I’m not saying that you need to look like a runway model every moment you’re with your man. A wise man once told me “a woman can’t be on her A game every time you see her”. That’s true, but that does not mean you need to completely fall off your grooming habits.

Please remember – men are visual creatures – they are stimulated by what they see. So please give them something enticing to look at, or don’t be upset when they look somewhere else. And remember what I told you – you gotta start as you mean to go on. So if you start out cute and get lazy, don’t be surprised when he starts out smitten and ends up bored.

Now this does not mean that you have to do what I do dumb sh*t like waiting until he falls asleep to take off your makeup and tie your hair and then set the alarm really early so you can groom yourself and climb back in bed. That’s just silly. Head tying is a necessary part of hygiene and most men will appreciate the effort. But think of it as a trade off:

Head tie + flannel pajamas = not hot
Head tie + sexy pajamas = him probably not even noticing what is on your head.
Bonus points for head tie + no pajamas

Not wearing makeup if you’re hanging at home = fine
Walking around with dots of toothpaste all over your face = fail

I think you get the picture. Am I off base here?

Oh and men – don’t think you’re off the hook here either. You know you get comfortable too. No one wants to see you walking around with strategically-placed holes in your boxers. And yes you have to put lotion on even if we are just hanging at your place (on your WHOLE body please – not just your arms and legs). We women may not be as driven by the visuals as you are, but we still want to see you looking good.

What say you all though? Ladies how comfortable do you get with your man? Men – how comfy is too comfy?

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