Double Feature Day – Looking for trouble

Note: I wasn’t really feeling today’s post, so I decided to make it double feature day. Don’t get used to it – it will probably never happen again. Also I really wanted to hear your thoughts on this one, so don’t let me down.

When I get involved with a new dude, at some point I end up telling him that I don’t like trouble. This usually comes up during the rules-setting conversation that us control freaks like to have. The gist of my spiel is basically “Do what you do wanna do, but be smart about it because I don’t like trouble”.  They usually know what I mean by that. I’ve written about this before: I don’t concern myself with what the man I’m involved with does with other girls on his own time, as long as it doesn’t blow up in my face.

But lately something strange has been happening. If you follow me on twitter, you know that every night around 10:00pm, I start tweeting that I’m looking for trouble. And I am, though I don’t know why. It could be because I’m bored, or because I feel like I have nothing to write about anymore – safe, quiet lives don’t really make for interesting blog posts. Could be that my life is in a period of change and upheaval and I want to feel more agitated than I do. Maybe it has to do with someone I met recently who seems like trouble but whom I am intrigued by. Maybe it’s because I’ve become used to always having some kind of bacchanal going on and lately the only drama I deal with is someone else’s. Whatever the reason, I’m looking for trouble.

The problem is though, that I’m looking for the right kind of trouble. Good trouble, not bad trouble. The distinction is clear in my mind, but maybe not so much to other people.
So let’s examine it – good trouble vs. bad trouble.

Bad trouble – anything that doesn’t have to do with men, sex, or relationships. Going to jail for tax evasion (not that I’m guilty of that or anything) is not the kind of trouble I’m looking for.
Good trouble – anything that gives me a reason to keep my nether regions groomed

Good trouble – throwing caution to the wind and just accepting what life brings
Bad trouble – about 99% of what life would bring

Good trouble – a brief affair with an unsuitable man
Bad trouble – said unsuitable man’s wifey calling my phone talking about “stay away from him!”
Bad trouble – or wifey cutting me, trying to fight me, or throwing acid on my face

Good trouble – sex with an ex
Bad trouble – getting sucked back into a relationship with said ex
Bad trouble – then having to be in a relationship

Good trouble – a “platonic” friendship with a man I desperately want to bone
Bad trouble – having a platonic friendship with someone I want to bone

Good trouble – exploring bi-curiosity
Bad trouble – having to eat…um, yeah never mind

What do you think oh wise ones? Should I indulge my appetite for trouble or play it safe and continue to spend my nights reading and watching bad tv? Advise me in the comments.

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  1. CHeeKZ says:

    Bad trouble – having to eat…um, yeah never mind


    you need more bad trouble.

  2. Heyhomee says:

    I Effing Love this blog! 🙂

  3. maxfab says:

    LOL Cheekz you're too much

  4. WWD says:

    You're genious Max Fab. Love the distinctions. Go on get you some! Oh and take some pictures. I'm the visual type.

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